How you get traffic to your website?

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by kabko, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. kabko

    kabko New Member

    Hi guys,
    Im absolutely new here, Im glad that i found this forum, have been browsing around it a bit, and found a lot of cool information here.
    I have managed to open a website about 2 years ago, selling DVDs, well, mostly Michael Jackson DVDs and other stuff. The site was doing well, especially when he died, even if the site was not intended to be created for that reason! Now the site is falling down in ranking, in sales...dont know why, maybe there is not many people interested in MJ anymore? Well yea, there is a lot of competition as well...
    This year I have also opened another website with my friend, (i cant place a link here, so I will just mention it is an auction site with no fees for selling), the site is already ranked somewhere around 350,000 according to Alexa, but it seems to be stuck in that rank for too
    I was wondering if I can get any suggestions here from you guys, what is the best to promote my site, as I already placed links to forums, adwords is running, facebook ads is running, and posting everywhere I can.
    The thing is, that even if people visit the site, they dont sign up, even if the sign up is FREE, and you even get 5GBP to your account to spend if you are a seller (thats not promoting, just trying to explain)...
    I dont know what else I should change, or what should I add, so that people will start joining the site and start selling, listing items...etc
    Any suggestions will be highly appreciated...
    Thank a lot in advance...
  2. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Hi Peter,

    Welcome to the forum.

    The best advice I can give you is that you can not rely on your traffic only from the organic search engine. I have a website and if I relied on free traffic from the search engines only, I would not get very far.

    I really do recommend that you learn the ins and outs of how to do Pay Per click. This is a must if you want more visitors and yes, more buyers.

    2. I would use Google's search tool to see how many people are searching to buy MJ's CD's. This should tell you how many people are searching to buy MJ CDs. e=2#search.none!ideaType=KEYWORD&requestType=IDEAS

    Also, this is what I found for you:

    michael jackson albums- 110,000 searches
    michael jackson- 13,600,000 searches

    Do this same search and this should show you that people are still doing a lot of searches for MJ.

    Hope this helps.

  3. kabko

    kabko New Member

    Thank you Tal,
    have just added some keywords to my adwords campaign using your link...

  4. sstacy

    sstacy New Member

    hello boys =) I go on with social bookmarking mainly to add traffic to my site,,,,,,,,, it's not only useful but also interesting =))))))))))) [​IMG]
  5. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Have you done articles and press releases about the site and/or contents?

    What about videos?

    Searching or figuring out who's pursuing ebay alternatives and start marketing to that targeted audience.

    Targeted traffic is the best. You could also, do a spin, something like, Maximize ebay listings with this alternative....

    Overall, consistency in the right targeted audience should be effective. It has worked effectively for countless others.
  6. metalsguru

    metalsguru New Member

    hi Peter!

    I think we have many way to get traffic to a site.
    1. you have to pay: just use pay per click. the more you pay, the more traffic lead to your site. you may use pay per click from Google, Yahoo, MSN, or Facebook.

    2. Free: it force you have to work harder and harder. you may do SEO for your site. write blog, update the content of your site. and use Social Network channels to increase the visibility of your site.

    ........good luck.........
  7. f5mtadas

    f5mtadas Guest

    I am trying to master VIRAL traffic.

    I think VIRAL traffic is most important methods to get traffic, but I know it is hard to master it that your viral campaign would be proffessional. Need testing, patience and experience.
  8. Shane476

    Shane476 New Member

    Have you tried advertising on other websites? I addition to the methods you've used, this is what I do with my site.
  9. wlrahilly

    wlrahilly New Member

    article marketing
    social network sites
    online classifieds
    social media sites
    forum signatures
    list building

    These are some ways...for online marketing
  10. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    kabko: Thank you Tal,
    have just added some keywords to my adwords campaign using your link...

    You are welcome Peter. Not a problem.

  11. Dcharles

    Dcharles New Member

    Drive some traffic to your site do some book marking. book mark alll your page whit (socialmarker . com) that will make it more easier and save you time.

    make some youtube vids whit links back to your site bookmark the videos whit socialmarker this is good because youtube shows up high in google.add all your videos to all video sites like youtube,Myspace video, Vimeo and book mark them all ok

    then write a article a day around 400-800 words whit links back to your site the best one is ezines

    And you will get fanatic traffic to your site and its all FREE
  12. mreese601

    mreese601 Member

    Another good way to drive target traffic to your site is directory summit. I would buy a domain name for the top mj searches that hasn't already been taken. Then build a blog around one of your best selling items. Then summit to the social site and alone with directory summit this will help you with you SEO and that will drive more traffic to your site. You would link from your blog to your main site.
  13. lindawood

    lindawood New Member

    You can get traffic from back links, Bookmarking, Articles and forums.
  14. Selling7116

    Selling7116 New Member

    Go some where, where you can build. I have tried so much stuff out there. I found out years later that I was waiting on something that was never going to happen. So I went from program to program thinking that it was the program, come to find out it was me. I did not find a place where I could build the program. Once I found a place where I could build. Then I found people that had the same interest. Then it was easy to market my product. Once I realized this I found out what everybody else is doing.

    So if you have just started out I would go with this one word.(EASY) Go to a site where it is easy to get traffic or or targeted leads for that matter get in there and get active. Believe me it will change your life in less then a day!!

    Websites that know they are good will let you sign up for free. Once you see that it is working for you just upgrade the program it's that simple.
  15. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    One overlooked boost is a premium account on US FreeAds.
    Took a recent ad 3 days to hit #4 on Bing/FaceBook search,
    with #1 and #2 being the company's own website.
    That alone is worth the $10-$15/mo for unlimited ads.

    The other surefire boost is to use WordPress!
    Every post and edit is pinged in real time.
    Start a separate site with content to attract readers.
    The advertising should be secondary to confidence building.
    Once you have their trust the rest is Just2EZ as I say.

    If you want to start an auction site you really need trust.
    Even eBay can't quite master that one.
    A 3rd party endorsement would help.
  16. nhavuong

    nhavuong New Member

    could anybody here give me a favor to list what basic ways to do SEO for a new website to get more traffic day by day?

    As i knew two ways:

    1. Website optimaization.

    2. Making Link Building.

    You can visit my own website:

    it operates in real-estate field.
  17. kane1976

    kane1976 New Member

    When it comes to driving traffic to your website, you really can not beat the power of article marketing.

    Yes it involves writing articles, but if you can get that down then your home free.

    I struggled to get traffic to my websites for some time when i first started out online.

    I tried many different ways, and with hardly any success at all, that's until i came across article marketing.

    If you can get good at it and write 1-5 articles per day, and then post them to all of the top article directories, you will soon see a great increase in regular targeted traffic.
  18. katereber

    katereber New Member

    metalsguru: I think we have many way to get traffic to a site.
    1. you have to pay: just use pay per click. the more you pay, the more traffic lead to your site. you may use pay per click from Google, Yahoo, MSN, or Facebook.
    I agree with that.. you can use also the direct traffic, it refers to the traffic enters directly to the website not via search or some other referral.

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