I am 47 years old and have never before been involved with MLM.

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    I am 47 years old and have never before been involved with MLM.

    I made my living playing online poker for 6 years, but in our "free country" we are now the only country in the world that the activity of online poker is illegal.

    I have recently looked at a bunch of things from energy to nutrition, etc... to give MLM a shot. I see the benefits of alot of these programs and the potential to make big money, but like many people these days, was short on cash for startup.

    I looked into free MLM's and really didn't find anything worthwhile until I found one just now for electronic payment processing. I have visited many sites and talked to many people over the last few weeks, but couldn't bring myself to get involved in anything. Through an internet search today I found a website for this electronic payment processing free mlm for which I signed up immediately. I am still reluctant to sign up family and friends, but it cost me nothing to join... and will cost them nothing... so what the heck.

    If I make some money with this, I might pursue other MLM options that require capital, but am OK with this to get started.

    I appreciate any advice an MLM "veteran" could give a newbie... and am I actually making a mistake by going with a free program?

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Kevin, the only big mistake you'd make is not taking action and unnecessary risk. All business has its own risk involved. Also remember that it may take time to get significant results. By coming on this forum is a step in the right direction. You are becoming resourceful. There's a lot of information out here on the web, so be carefull as well. Regardless of your age (i'm 41), there's always something for everyone. Just gotta find what fits you. Free enrollment is fine but other than that, think of an enrollment fee as an investment. There are upgrades available in some companies. They come with incentives/benefits that could increase your compensation. Also it's crucial that you find someone to coach or mentor you for long term. This type of business is about networking and not being alone. anything else i can help you with, i'll be happy to do what i can. Wish you the best on your journey to success. [​IMG]
  3. Just2EZ

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    Yes Free MLM: am I actually making a mistake by going with a free program?
    Only if it cost more than it pays, free or not. Cash flow is king.

    For the record, my son Kevin Fox is only 32. Imposter![​IMG]
  4. talfighel

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    When a program costs nothing to join then I don't recommend it.

    2nd, if you do find a good program that does require a one time and monthly fee then you will need to find a mentor that is doing really well with it and learn all you can from him because you can be passionate about a program and can think positively but if you are running east looking for a sunset, it does not matter how enthusiastic you really are.

    You will need to take massive action and do exactly what you mentor says.

    Find one good company and then do what ever it takes to succeed. When you are making a good full time income, then you can find other companies and create multiple streams of income.
  5. hobofloyd

    hobofloyd New Member

    talfighel: When a program costs nothing to join then I don't recommend it.
    talfighel Man you summed it up right there. I am 47years old & MLM is all that I do now! It is not a get rich quick business! It takes time to build & consistent/massive action to gain your freedom. I kept a full time job while building my business & now I have no job! So, it works! Another note about no investment opportunities: If you have nothing invested, how serious are you going to be with it? The more invested(generally) The more $$ invested, the more motivated you will be to work it!(my personal experience only). Just remember to treat your business like a real business & not a hobby & you will be okay! Get you a mentor that has proven results & do what he or she does.
  6. kanonig

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    Don't mistake this Kevin, some great business programs might allow you to sign up for free and make some money. But there would be some strings attached like you need to upgrade to earn higher commission, you might not have all access to some information or tool and so on.

    As a matter of fact, the best programs to be are the once that offer a free startup and you can upgrade when the income start coming.
  7. ibuzzmentor

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    Treat any business you join like a business and not a hobby. Too many people do not realize it takes marketing, prospecting, and closing to run a business and most people do not have all that time for it. In my 8 years making great money from home I believe in full leveraging and delegating of these duties. You have to hone your skills if you are going to do it alone and that takes time. Join a team of like minded successful individuals that has a system in place that is truly duplicatable. Too many people in this industry fail because all of networking is SALES. People buy people and you must understand that when you pick the right business to join. I would always join a big ticket business instead of an MLM because when presented properly it is just as easy to make a 2000 sale then a 20 dollar sale. You usually get what you pay for. I would rather get paid 1000 on a 2000 sale then need 100 people on my team to make that same 1000. Choose wisely and good luck.
  8. sk999

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    MLM is a good option,but you need to keep one thing in mind.Don't enroll in more then 2 programs.MLM is such business where you require more members to make huge profits when go on registering one after the other you won't be able to justify your effort.Try only
    forced matrix or some special programs
  9. FreeCashMan

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    Here's the challenge with going with a free program like matchplus. It's good for residual, IF you get the residual going, but that takes time to make the kind of money people would need to make a living.

    So the solution is to diversify and have other opportunities that can allow you to put the necessary thousands in your bank account while trying to build the monthly residual.

    Most lost cost biz will give you little money out, so realize that. There are some exceptions, but not the norm. Typically you need at least a medium ticket biz to make your efforts worth while.

    Free is not always what it claims to be when it comes to making money, in fact most times. Unless pennies are your interest.

    But definitely have mlm in your portfolio because other than trading financial markets there is no other leverage "game" that is worth the time you put in for the success one seeks.
  10. wheels90

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    If you dont know how to market your business, you will fail. You need to know how to market it, thats the secret [​IMG]
  11. Mflaclair

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    Network Marketing is still the Greatest Opportunity in the history of the world. Look for MLM's that capture your interest. I don't of many FREE network programs that are worth while. Take your time and do
    your research in products/services that capture the real you. Cultivate relationships and go for it. Never ever give up. You must have the right marketing in place. Most network marketing companies are very weak in that area. In conclusion, find your niche and the best ways to market. Good Luck!
  12. christinec

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    HI Kevin, I hope you are continuing to do well in your business. Marketing the business is key. Take a look around this forum as there are many great suggestions for how to market and find leads. There are also many ways to do the business from the old style offline presentations to automated webinars and companies that actually close your sales for you. The one thing we can never get enough of is the personal growth we experience and training. Sometimes we get with a company and then say "now what" It is important to have a good sponsor who takes the time to answer your questions and most importantly discover "why" you want to do the business. They will be there to remind you "why" when or if you get frustrated. Good luck to you.
  13. rmfine

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    A lot of good comments here:

    Basically you need 5 ingredients for success:

    1) Solid proven Company
    2) Solid Product-asset
    3) Easy Duplication Marketing System
    4) Excellent Compensation Plan
    5) Experienced Sponsor to Help and guide you

    And of course you must be willing to put in the effort to make it work and don't give up. There is risk in all ventures, but you should try to minimize that risk as much as possible.
    Online or work at home businesses are definitely the best but you have to know how to run it.
  14. talfighel

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    I would also make it very important to read motivational books to keep your mind thinking RIGHT.

    Here is a short list of books you should read:

    Think and grow rich
    The magic of thinking big
    Enthusiasm Makes the Difference
    Grow Rich while You Sleep
    What to say when you talk to yourself
    The tonge: A creative force.

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