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Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by rbrock12310, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. rbrock12310

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    Hello Everyone: I need someone's help. I am trying to start a new business. I have my website up and running, yet I cannot get any to apply for the jobs I have. I am a work-at-home gift basket company. It's called Dick and Jane's Gift Baskets, and our moto isusing the past as our role model in how we do business, like the
    Dick and Jane books we all learned to read with; and using now and the future to do this work in. Our baskets and products are wonderful, and with the hundreds of ads I have ran, I have got no replys. I am on facebook, Indeed, jobspider, google ads, and just about any free site that I can find. The job I am trying to fill is for consultant, where the worker will take orders for giftbaskets, and help the customers choose the correct gifts. Its work from home, and its honest, and exciting. Can anyone help me? my name here is giftgirl. Thank you
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    Engage in conversations and develop relationships with people.
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    Hi giftgirl and welcome.

    There a variety of ways to get started interacting online - one of which you just did by participating in this forum. [​IMG]

    I would love to add a page about Dick and Jane baskets to my site if you would like to write about it. It's a simple way to get another method of information out on the web for YOUR site.

    Here's how it works:

    You send me a well written ( not copied from your site!), informative article about your company along with a few pictures, and I will add a page to my site that is ONLY about your company ( Truth-on-MLM dot net) with links pointing back to your site.

    I also submit that page to a social bookmarking service I use, ping it to google among other little things I like to do to get it 'out there' quicker.

    It is easiest to use the form on my site but if you can't find it, send me a pm and I'll send it to you. [​IMG]
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    Create a fanpage on FB. Put up some of pics of your baskets and discribe them. Update the site reguraly with what you are offering include some valuable free info aswell. Not sure if that answers your question for a consultant but it will help your business.
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    If you're looking for someone to be a consultant for you then sites like Facebook aren't going to be too overly helpful. I would start looking around for some job sites. Also have you tried craigslist.org? You can put job listings there.
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    your post is so confusing and it is difficult to derive an advise from your OP...
  7. ResidualQueen

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    You need organic traffic (people searching for your product or service in real-time). Organic traffic comes from the search engines. And you need SEO (search engine optimization) to successfully establish your business online. Check out my signature below. These guys can do magic with a small budget. They also have a great job directory featured on the home page of their site. You can post your work from home opportunity there.

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