I am looking for peer reviews of the AGEL Business Opportunity.

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by Alan, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Alan

    Alan New Member

    I recently got involved with AGEL Enterprises and think that this is going to be the next multi-million dollar company. can Randy Gage, Eric Worre and Randy Schroeder all be wrong? Let me know.


  2. benoit

    benoit New Member

    Well, me too I sought it will be a great company, but if you want a good advise, do your homework and stay objectif.
    Lucky I realise that Agel is not ethical. you can see my Blog to have a more complete story.
    Agel can be legal but definilty not ethical and I want to put my money where my heart is.[​IMG]
  3. wanda

    wanda New Member

    Totally agree Benoit,

    From my experience in being in Agel since the get go, its not what its all cracked up to be , believe me!

    Just like you Alan, we were sucked in also, spent mega hard earned money on product, the hip hop conventions, and sadly to say hardly made any money in 9 months.

    Thank GOD we found what we did to dig us out of the hole.

    If your still active in Agel we wish you all the success in the world!

    We really think your gonna need it to make it big like the Randy's and Eric!

    Bob & Wanda
  4. woodydone

    woodydone New Member

    wow glad i found this site online looking up agel, not like i can spare $1000 u.s. at the moment on something that is sounding a bit off, also enjoyed benoit in australia blog comments on same topic, wendy
  5. tmatheis

    tmatheis New Member

    I am looking into Agel and was wondering if you could tell me if you used the internet for any of your prospects, or if you only spoke to your "warm" market, i.e. family and friends?
  6. bottomfisher

    bottomfisher New Member

    I know heavy hitters who left Agel because they said the product did not have that many nutrients. The program appears to have died. They got a lot of up front money from distributors before they launched, like $1200 each, that was a red flag to me, I did not join.
  7. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Man, it looked like a fast-builder to me. I didn't join though I had some heavy pressure from big recruiters. Sorry to see it went down.

    To be honest, I though the little plastic packets were just too weird.
    A friend with small children said gel vitamins weren't new at all, just the targeting of an adult market. Whats the real product? Its the opportunity. MLM is a great concept and there are some fabulous companies and products sold. Why do people really do it? 95% want the big money. Thats why there is often so much prelaunch hype.
  8. i_retired_at_31

    i_retired_at_31 New Member

    I almost joined Agel in late 2005 and am SO glad I stopped and thought about it.

    It seems there are so many problems with Agel that someone needs to expose.

    By the way, I am successful at network marketing (I retired from being an employee at age 31) and am very cautious and wary about all "groundfloor opportunities" as 95% or so of them shut down within a year or two or three.

    In forming this opinion about Agel, I have read through several Agel websites many times, seen their videos several times, been to a live presentation, tuned in to several web-casts, spoken with numerous Agel distributors, read their magazine twice and their book called Ageless Nutrition twice. I have spent well over 30 hours looking over Agel very closely.

    Agel's pay plan:

    Despite the hype, Agel's pay plan is relatively poor when you sit down with pen and paper and analyse what you can make. You can make commissions that are twice as high with other companies than you can with Agel.

    A comparison:

    For example, you can make 16% with Agel for the fast-start bonus. The customer pays $1230 US for the Executive Pack and you get just $200 US. However, you can make 35% commissions with Usana. The customer pays $700 US (for a Builders Pack) and you get $250 commission. In other words, the Usana customer (or new rep) pays 56% of what they would with Agel yet you get a 25% higher commission with Usana than you would with Agel.

    Likewise, you can make up to 20% commissions from your downline volume with Usana compared to just 10% with Agel. Plus Usana bonuses are more generous and far easier to qualify for. You get them based on YOUR results. Whereas with Agel your bonus income depends on OTHERS in your downline being MLM champions too. That really sucks. You can only qualify for Agel's Silver Director (and get access to a small bonus income: "car and expense allowances", a trip to their leadership conference and a bit more from their "matching" bonus) if you have personally sponsored 2 MLM champions that have built a big downline too (inside your downline). We all know that to find 1 MLM champion is a triumph. But you have to sponsor 2 of them yourself (early on so they're high up in your downline) in order to get access to the small Agel bonus income.

    By my calculations to earn around $2000 per month from Agel autoships you'd need about 450 people in your downline with Agel. That would be 450 or so people on a 100 point autoship. By way of comparison you could be earning $2000 US per month (just from autoships) with only 150 to 200 people in a Usana downline. Of course, you'd be earning more because of the new startups joining each month.

    Agel's 100 point autoship costs $120 US.
    Usana's 100 point autoship costs about $110 US.

    Proportionately more money is going in to Agel but seemingly less is coming out and going to the average distributor.

    Another important MLM advantage for companies like Usana here is that many people are already buying shampoo, conditioner, skincare, sunscreen, soaps, supplements, omega oils, weightloss products, nutrition drinks and fibre protein bars. So for them to do a Usana business they can replace supermarket items with Usana items. So if they already spend, let's say $50 per month on similar items, subtract that from $110 to get $60. Whereas with Agel, they're not replacing anything they're already buying - it's an extra $120 per month going out of their pockets each month.

    Agel's products:

    As for products, Agel products cost about 10 times more than comparable products. Agel's MIN costs $90 to $110 Australian per month - depending on if you're an Agel rep or a retail customer. Centrum costs only $10 Australian per month.

    According to the label, Agel's MIN (apparently) contains similar amounts of nutrients to Centrum. I say "apparently" because as far as I know Agel products are NOT made to the level of pharmaceutical grade ie. Agel does NOT satisfy Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). I gather that Agel products do NOT satisfy the US or British Pharmocopeia guidelines for potency, uniformity and disintegration. What does this mean? That Agel products are seemingly only food grade quality and as such there's really no guarantee that what Agel says is in the product actually is.

    So why pay 9 to 11 times the price to get Agel (and risk a taste you don't like) when for far less you could get Centrum? As you may know Centrum tablets are tiny and easy to swallow. If you can swallow half a raisin you can swallow Centrum. Why are they so small? Because it's a very LOW amount of nutrition. Just enough to help you prevent scurvy and rickets and pellagra.

    As for myself, I wouldn't even use Centrum because I want to lower my risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis, eye problems and so on. To help one do that medical studies show we need 10 to 50 times the daily amounts of nutrients we get in Centrum or Agel's MIN.

    Now get this, Usana's "Essentials" multivitamin is cheaper to buy than Agel's MIN, yet it provides more than 4 times the amount of nutrition plus it is pharmaceutical grade and meets the US or British Pharmocopeia guidelines for potency, uniformity and disintegration.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    In summary, which MLM option makes more sense?

    Let's say you want to earn a reliable $2000 US per month from your downline's monthly autoship orders. We'll ignore the fast start bonuses you can get when new sign-ups join (having noted above that you receive more income there if you're with Usana)

    Option A: Build an Agel downline of around 450 people who each order $120 US a month for a choice of just a few jam-like products of dubious value with apparently no scientific tests to support them;
    Option B: Build a Usana downline of around 200 people who each order $110 US a month for a choice of over 40 pharmaceutical-grade supplements, skincare, bathroom and weightloss products that have extensive scientific backing.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    I agree with others on this post that the end result of Agel will be a lot of angry people who ought to have done what others did: some basic research and analysis before spending $1230 US or more on expensive jam that doesn't even taste any good. As the song goes: "Don't believe the hype!"

    I think Agel will leave a huge black eye on the entire MLM industry.

    If you'd like to obtain my free e-Book "How to Select a Home Business" see my web-page or drop me a line.

    PS - for more on the many problems with Agel - like the nasty chemicals in their products - see http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=12510
  9. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I think the MLM industry already has two black eyes. What a great, informative post, above.

    I don't know is Usana is the best opportunity, but it is certainly stable and respected in the industry.

    Prelaunch hype usually doesn't pan out in this industry. If an experienced company is launching a new, life-changing product, thats a good horse to back for quick growth.

    One very experienced mlm'er told me that one of the most important things to look at with an mlm is "has the company leadership dealt with crisis effectively in the past?" If they haven't, watch out.
  10. Dabee4444

    Dabee4444 New Member

    I can't believe all the energy you guys put into slamming a competitive company. Do you actually believe these false rumors and gossip? Do you think this will get you further with your marketing efforts? Agel is a good, strong, thriving company that does not believe in speaking bad about other network marketing companies--highly ethical, unlike some. Good luck!
  11. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I really don't see what is unethical about the observations above. If they hurt your recruiting efforts, that unfortunate for you. I don't promote nutrtionals at all, primarily because the hype is so rampant.

    Agel is a new company, apparently experiencing fast growth, but we shall see if it rises or falls. If it succeeds, some people will get rich.

    Usana, on the other hand, is older and experiencing slow, stable growth. It will take longer to get rich with Usana, but the company will most likely be around in 10 years. Agel has no track record of longevity yet, so people looking for that may wish to look elsewhere.

    People are entitled to research opportunities to see what works for them. Agel is not a good opportunity for everybody and neither is Usana. Its a matter of education, choice, and leadership.
  12. normanmacleod

    normanmacleod New Member

    RE AGEL - I read with interest the post from I RETIRED AT 31 and his demolition of everything Agel.

    For someone to spend this much time, research and effort to try to cause such terminal damage to ANY company, then you can bet your boots he has a vested interest in doing so. Log onto his website and you'll immediately qualify for his 'autoresponders' - ie junk mail, so somewhere down the line, he'll hit you with his sales pitch.

    While you're there, have a look at his hate list where he tries to discredit everybody from Amway to Herbalife right thru the alphabet, A to Z.

    If you look into ANY Network Marketing company you'll find negative feedback from all sorts of people, often those for whom the system hasn't worked - they feel bitter and an easy way to let off steam is to post their anger on a site like this. That's normal and I don't blame them.

    But for this person to use this site to discredit EVERY network Marketing company EXCEPT the one he's going to pitch is disgraceful.

    I too have studied a lot of NWM companies and there's nothing wrong with Herbalife, Amway etc. - but I have chosen Agel. I could have chosen any, but Agel's the one I picked and I took the time and expense to travel from Spain to Sacramento to meet with Eric Worre personally BEFORE I joined Agel.

    NO responsible business person EVER makes it by slating the opposition, and worse still, trying to TERRIFY customers from even talking to the opposition.

    Sorry to go on for so long, but I truly despise people who use a genuine forum to A) promote their business and B) slag off any other business that they're not promoting. Surely he/she is in breach of the rules of this forum?

    [Post edited - Admin]
  13. promagi

    promagi New Member

    This post refers to the Blog entitled i_retired_at_31.

    It's most interesting that the person who wrote that left out more than half the Agel pay plan! The Leveraged Matching Bonus is another 25% bonus on people personally sponsored!

    He mentions 10% vs. 20% with Usana. Remember that in a traditional Binary plan, the hottest person you sponsor you will never get paid on. In Agel it is quite different. You get the 25% on what they make for team volume commission and it doesn't matter which leg they are in.

    He also neglects to mention the executive bonus (company profit sharing of sorts) Car bonus, Travel Bonus, etc. All of this is where that paltry 10% goes that you do not make in your lesser leg.

    Randy Gage is up to 70k+ per month in Agel after 10 months. Show me anyone in Usana doing that kind of volume in that short period of time. I realize that using him is an extreme example but it shows the strength of the comp plan.

    I was in S*****e for over 15 years and this comp plan is far and away superior when compared to the stair-step breakaway plan that actually punishes people for developing leaders.

    Just thought I would set the record straight on this.
  14. LafAgel

    LafAgel New Member

    Agel is the best MLM opportunity. The ship has sailed on all of those other guys. This is a completely new concept, with new products on the way. If the "rip and sip" gel is already out, where is it?? That's right, b/c it's patented by Agel, and no one else has it. That is why. That post above left out all of the compensation plan. Go to [Link removed - Admin] and see it for yourself. I have been in Agel for 2 months, and made my initial investment back in a month, and am on my way. It must work, as I have friend who retired from his full time job only after 7 months in Agel. IT DOES WORK!!! I have no idea what that guy above is talking about. For a part time job making that kind of money, it's a no brainer. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! Do not listen to people who have no idea what they are talking about. Peace!!

    [Link removed - Admin]
  15. wanda

    wanda New Member

    Heres my story and Im sticking to it because its my own personal experience and yes I do know what Im talking about![​IMG]

    We joned Agel back in August/05, worked it hard and heavy for 9 months. At the end of the 9 months we were no further ahead than when we had started. Spent a fortune on trying to make a fortune!

    Knowing what I know now that no one should ever have to pay to have a home business because there are opportunities out there that are free to join and even supply your own free website.

    I love things that are free and thats why Im doing what Im doing now![​IMG]

    Dont get me wrong here, we learned alot from our experience with Agel and yes there are people making it and my hat goes off to them!

    We can all learn from each others experiences here and I would hope that this forum doesnt end up a bashing one!

    Bottom line we all breathe the same air, just some of us are breathing fresher![​IMG]

    Cheers to EVERYONE'S Success,
  16. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    The hidden problem with promoting free opportunities is that they attract people who are only interested in free stuff. These folks seldom have the committment to building a serious business that people who are invested have.

    Any real business takes capital and sweat equity to show a profit. The cost of getting a hot dog cart up and running is probably $10-15k when you look at all the liscenses required and codes that must be adhered to.

    These internet marketing businesses offer and amazing opportunity to run a lean, mean home based business with low overhead... But all business has overhead and requires capital to market.

    I spent a couple of months promoting a free-to-join bizop, as a test. What did my marketing dollars and sweat attract? Free-to-join junkies, 49 of them. And did one of them recruit anybody? Yes. One person recruited one other person. Pretty lame. I learned my lesson.

    I only work with serious people now. Starting a business is actually not a realistic way to solve immediate financial problems... But it is a way to control one's financial future. Thinking should be long-term, especially with regard to profitability. Most MLMs pay out in such a way that you have to build a real, duplicating organization to actually make money with them... Thats ok, if you understand this is the reality of it.

    Direct Sales is actually a far more effective way of generating cashflow and anybody building a portfolio of online business ventures would do well to take a serious look at the direct selling industry as a valuable means of generating the cashflow required to stay in residual-income progams long enough to turn a profit.
  17. promagi

    promagi New Member

    Sorry Agel didn't work out for you Wanda. There is a root cause and I fear it's not Agel.

    I would be interested in what you actually did to build your Agel business that cost you so much money? Because the fact of the matter is that all of the training deals with building in ways that cost almost nothing outside of the Choosing Success Magazines".

    In all my experience, the reason people fail in MLM is basically due to lack of proper training. I emphasize training right from the "get go". I point them to the team training sites and the team training calls. Also, I make the effort to place people into thier organizations as fast as I can so that they see some measure of success early on. I don't know if your upline was doing that and if not thats ashame.

    I have to agree with the above post that free opportunities attract all the wrong people. I was like most people early on thinking that I would sponsor anyone that could fog a mirror but have since learned that what you really should be aiming for is like-minded people who are willing to use the products and help you create a culture in your organization. If you do that there is no way you can lose.

    I and my team are currently opening several countries with Agel as we speak and things never looks so good in my decade and a half in the MLM industry. It's all about mindset...put yourself in the proper frame of mind and the sky is the limit.

    My sponsor Randy Gage would agree [​IMG]

    Wishing you the best of success!
    Bob Gallo
  18. markwall

    markwall New Member

    UK - Agel about to enter the european market. I have not joined, still doing my due dilligense but some far eveything look good to me.

    It seems MLM and therefore Agel is about selling the plan. Selling the product which seems to be a side issue. If this observation is true then Agel have it by the b@lls. the plan is great.

    As far as the product goes ... well it seems know one is really prepared to totally gaurentee thier product will do anything ...including the self appoint guardian USANA.

    When you look at those driving the Agel thrust they are mostly ex USANA big hitters. What does this mean, USANA was not woking for them anymore? Why?

    I have more questions than answers at the moment. And really where couls one go to get a honest appraisal? Yes it is up to me to decide. If yes, make it work. If no, never look back.

    Good site. Good thread. Good work.
  19. promagi

    promagi New Member

    Hi Mark,

    I am willing to provide you with all the information you need. You can contact me though the website below.

    Wishing you the best of success,
    Bob Gallo
  20. Nel

    Nel New Member

    Its unbelievable the negativity that circulates when a new company starts up.

    Did anyone know that Amyway's products are used by the fastest man in the world and they have great products that work, yet someone will always have something negative to say. Why is that?

    I am not involved in Amway at all, but as a business owner myself, the first rule of thumb is to never be negative towards other mlm companies.

    Agel is a fast growing company, and there is a lot of hype because there is something to be hyped up about! Why not, if thats what keeps people keen and motivated, why should anyone from any other business stop that?

    If you must know the number 1 Usana leaders in Australia are actually now part of Agel, isn't that surprising?

    If you really want more information on a growing business opportunity, you can email me at smilla_bo@yahoo.com.au

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