I feel like giving up

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by JPaskie, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. JPaskie

    JPaskie Member

    I've been spending so many years thinking of ways I could make an income online, but I've never got anywhere... I'm expecting to receive a response of 'Change my attitude/Try Harder' but I thought I'd post here in one last attempt anyway.

    Thing is, I'm quite disabled and I guess I just have trouble with finishing what I start or getting things done, I get overwhelmed and disheartened. So maybe I'm just not healthy enough to do the work.

    If a sympathetic soul reads this... I'd really appreciate a mentor, someone who would take me under their wing... Thanks guys...
  2. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    It is hard to find someone who will fly you to the moon.
    This forum is full of ways to make money regardless of your health.
    The key is finding what stirs your passion and having realistic goals.
    Instead of "spending so many years thinking of ways" set some goals.
    Not goals like "I want to make a million dollars this year"....
    Goals like "I will post one ad a day to promote my business", etc.
    Then just do it!
    So what if you fail, failure is the stepping stone to success.
    Earning comes with LEarning.
    Failure is the best teacher.
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  3. JPaskie

    JPaskie Member

  4. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    JPaskie: *chuckles* Are you trolling?
    [​IMG] no, I got an email of a new comment on another post.

    Just reading and learning from others here, and try to help where I can.
    My real life is helping people create business and personal websites since 1994.
    Not because I have "credentials" but because they asked for help.
    Some make money and some are "non-profit" by choice.
    You might say that is my passion, what is yours?

    Use it to create the future you want.
  5. JPaskie

    JPaskie Member

    Ok, seriously you have to be trolling lol. You sound like a motivational speaker from the 80's.
  6. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    JPaskie: motivational speaker from the 80's
    LOL, fair shot, I was selling their training tapes back then.
    I have learned from some of the best - and still do.
    I can count several among my personal friends.
    They programmed me to share what I LEarn.
  7. JPaskie

    JPaskie Member

    Is there anything you can share that you've LEarned that deals with the practical side of working online as opposed to the mindset side of things?
  8. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    There are many threads on this forum about using your own website for profit.
    That is what the majority of work at home on line people do.
    Start with answering what YOU want to do to Earn money.
    Then use the search button on this site to find answers.
    Thousands of people have contributed their knowledge.

    Learning to create your own website is my #1 recommendation.
    Brand yourself then find products to recommend to followers.
    OR just place one ad a day like I said in the first place.
    There are Billions of people on-line, some are buyers.
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  9. JPaskie

    JPaskie Member

    Ok thanks, you've convinced me to quit. Oh well, was worth a shot.
  10. Kyle_K

    Kyle_K Member

    A few things here:

    First, you claim to be tired of trying to make working online a viable possibility and state you want to quit. Why on earth would anyone want to mentor you if you have already professed to wanting to quit? That is a defeatist attitude and you would likely be impossible to work with.

    Second, a forum member who has been here a LONG time and has several hundred valuable posts with heaps of good quality contribution to this site comes along and offers you some advice and you claim that he is a "troll". Seriously, why would you do that? Do you honestly think anyone will help you now?

    Third, only YOU can choose to quit. Nobody has convinced you of anything, but yourself. If you think working online where you are your own boss is tough, good luck with a real job where you have a real boss. With your attitude you won't get very far.
  11. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    JPaskie: but I've never got anywhere...

    JPaskie: So maybe I'm just not healthy enough to do the work
    Step 1: Stop making excuses, people with worse have done more.

    There is no easy get rich quick program out there. There are however lots of programs where if you WORK you WILL make money for the WORK that you do.

    There are WORK at home JOBS that pay a low rate.. There are business OPPORTUNITIES that many people are successful with and can provide more than a work at home job but without the guarantee.

    Just2EZ Spent his time trying to help you.. And you respond mean. Not cool.

    At this point, if you quit you quit. If you seek out easy money making you should just quit and not waste your time.

    If you want to build a REAL internet business people here will always help you. If you want to complain the world is unfair to you this is not the place to do it.

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  12. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    JPaskie: Ok thanks, you've convinced me to quit. Oh well, was worth a shot.

    Also, if you are willing to let people get in the way of what you want this business is probably not for you.
  13. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    JPaskie: I've been spending so many years thinking of ways I could make an income online, but I've never got anywhere...
    You'll never make any headway if you are content to "sit and think" about making an income online. You need to have a clear objective, a plan to get you there, and most important, you've got to get up off your duff and DO something about it.

    JPaskie: I'm expecting to receive a response of 'Change my attitude/Try Harder' but I thought I'd post here in one last attempt anyway.
    If you are serious about changing your circumstances, you've got to jump start things with a change of attitude; otherwise you'll continue to languish in your cozy cocoon of mediocrity and wonder why the world and opportunity keep passing you by.

    Success is not achieved without some measure of consistent effort, unexpected setbacks and persistence. If your mindset cannot be expanded to embrace that reality, then you are doomed to perpetuate your current set of circumstances, and making an income online will continue to elude you.

    And "feeling like giving up" is not an uncommon inclination among people who are trying to generate an income online. It's perfectly natural. The danger lies in submitting to the idea. That will certainly seal your fate!


    [Edited to add the last paragraph]
  14. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    JPaskie: thinking of ways I could make an income online
    Thinking doesn't make you anywhere in the field of those who are doing it and are still not making any money.

    2nd, you got to find a program that can take you far and not deal with those that are just there to help you fail because they are programs that don't really teach you anything and take your money.

    You need to do the following things if you want to succeed online.

    1. Do personal development like reading motivational books all the time.

    2. Find a good and solid program that is real and can teach you how to earn a real income online.

    3. You got to never give up no matter what. "Quit" should never be a part of your words.
  15. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    some people's kids....





  16. simonfunhouse

    simonfunhouse New Member


    My name is Simon. I read your post and I thought I would introduce myself to you.
    I was in the same situation as you. My attitude was terrible and I spent many hours online trying to make money with no luck.

    But you know what ?
    You have to fail to succeed

    How else will you know if what your doing is working or not ?

    Having a positive attitude helps, but you must believe in yourself as well.

    I think I can help you but I would like to know more about what time you have available to spend on a project and how experienced you are with a computer.

    I run several programmes that may help you. I will leave you with one more piece of advice. If you find something you like stay with it !

    I hope this helps.

  17. Mikenivez

    Mikenivez New Member

    My only advice to you is to not quit,and stop giving excuses. Learn more about how to generate income from such forums and then apply them. It's pretty much the mentality of becoming successful online.
  18. WahIdeas

    WahIdeas New Member

    Jpaskie....I can totally and completely sympathize! I've been working from home for nearly 10 years and I have to say that some days I feel like I am taking more steps back than forwards! Take a break, breathe the fresh air, clear your mind! [​IMG] Sometimes I overwork myself...by taking a small break you clear your mind and you may come up with some new ideas. Keep testing new things...Always! Stick with it, eventually it'll work out! [​IMG]
  19. robpenn

    robpenn Member


    If you are finding it hard going to get things done or to finish things maybe you need to just keep it simple.

    Carry on doing what you are doing now. Find a product you like, share in the forums and put your affiliate link in your signature. That is simple advertising.

    Mentors will only be useful to you if you are able to apply the system they teach.
  20. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    What have you done so far? I suggest that you pick ONE METHOD and stick to it until you see results. Ony then you can scale things. If you really need a mentor I suggest you google chris farrell membership. He will take you by the hand and show you step by step how to build a buisiness.
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