I found a real honest to goodness JOB - not an Opp... a job.

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by beccala, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. beccala

    beccala New Member

    You may have heard of this company before and no you are not going to make $1000s every month and only work for a couple hours a week. Nope - this is a real job for real terrific ppl and I am enjoying it.

    Parameds. com

    I'm happy! [​IMG]

    Now that I have some consistent money coming in again and working from home - I am going to be back with this new "Opp" I found and am hearing good things about. But I want to sign up myself first - so you all can sign up "under me" of course, if you so choose. Does not take hundreds of dollars to get into either - not even close.

    So I will be back! THNX!!!
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    So, what else can you tell us about it???
  3. islandboy

    islandboy New Member

    How did you find work with them? I just accessed their site and there is no link I can find for job offers.
  4. ravi

    ravi New Member


    iam intrested to work at home, plz suggest how can i do it.
  5. britty23

    britty23 New Member

    try this site....www.wahm.com they have alot of legit jobs listed....I just got hired by verafast
  6. beccala

    beccala New Member

    on their site (parameds.com), go to the flash or HTML presentation and (you can skip intro if you like) and then you have a contact link where you can inquire about employment.

    I didnt do that - they contacted me from my resume posting on Monster... but I believe they may be hiring.

    Good luck! [​IMG]
  7. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    So what is it that you do, beccala? Their name makes me think it's some kind of medical organization. How much did you have to lay out to start?
  8. beccala

    beccala New Member

    NO No no... no money to start? This is a JOB - not an opp. They hired me. It is an organization that is contracted by insurance companies to gather medical records for people who are applying for policies, be it health insurance, or life, disability etc. I am assigned cases from various insurance companies and I am given the basic info (patient name and contact info) and their Doctor's info (all across the USA). I contact the DR and order the records by sending them the signed release of records authorization the insurance company has gotten executed by the patient and provided to us. Parameds (or PDC Retrievals) has a very nice on-line system that is all automated that I log onto everyday and go to work. I go thru my cases and see that the records get to the home office in NY. I am paid per case completed. I am avg. about 7 to 8 days for every completion (start to finish) and I work about 75 cases at any one time... hopefully more when I get fully up to speed.

    I know this may sound complicated - but it isnt at all. Its easy and NO you are NOT going to make thousands of dollars... not even close. But its something legit I can do from home and still have time left over to indulge in other investment type programs and have some money coming in - not just going out
  9. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    Okay, thanks for the info. Do you have to have a certificate in medical transcription or health information management, etc? I'm currently taking classes for a degree in HIM, and hope, when I'm done, to be able to contract out of my home. To pay bills now, I freelance and write, but I would like also to have something that pays on a regular basis.

    Good luck with your job and have fun!
  10. beccala

    beccala New Member

    Nope - I have no cert in med transcription. I wish I had training in MT - it is in HIGH demand out there and the pay rate is pretty darn good. I have looked into a couple of home-schooling options and there are several, I just didn't want to spend money on that right now. But may feel I have to in the future. I have come across LOADS of REAL job listings for medical transcriptionists - way more than any other listing by far.

    Good luck to you! [​IMG]
  11. jobinfoway

    jobinfoway Guest

    pls suggest me for stareting home based business. I want to start immediately it.


  12. beccala

    beccala New Member

    Ricky ~

    I am assuming the English is your 2nd language. In order to find a decent position, you are going to have to read, write and spell English a lot better than from what I see in your post.

    I cannot "suggest" anything that I haven't already written about.

  13. twnuck

    twnuck New Member

    That's interesting that medical transcriptionists jobs would be so plentiful - wonder why?

  14. Hello everyone.
    Beccala. Thanks for the info. That's great that you found a good at-home job. I agree that when you start a business opportunity or "opp" that you have to have some type of consistent income also, until you are financially stable and ready and are willing to leave the "job".

    Ricky (jobinfoway), if you are interested in some opportunities, I have many contacts, and I would be willing to help you find something that would be best suited for you. If you speak another language besides english, I speak 2 other languages and there are at least 10-15 different languages spoken amongst the people I work with. I know how it feels to be looking for something, and I'd like to help you.

    Todd (twnuck), regarding your question,"That's interesting that medical transcriptionists jobs would be so plentiful - wonder why?"
    I believe the answer is because more and more people are understanding the importance of getting life insurance (and also health insurance, etc.) for themselves and their families because most families are under insured or don't have anything at all or nothing outside of what they have at work. And once they may lose that job or leave it, then they don't have anything, and as we all know, something can happen to us at any time.

    This website / forum is great. It's a great way to network and see what others are doing and how successful everyone is doing.

    If any of you have any questions or comments, and if any of you are interested in why I am so passionate for my business, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Take care out there and have a great week! =) May
  15. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    The medical field is and ALWAYS will be a place where skilled people are needed to fill important positions. I just want to be able to work from home, but in the medical field if possible.

    I know that this field will always be needing new blood, so to speak, because we will always need medical care and have to deal with doctors, insurance companies and pharmaceuticals. Each one of those people or places need people to deal with the overwhelming mass of paperwork that entails...
  16. eandresfrog

    eandresfrog New Member

    Hi May (Engineer2Entrepreneur) i would like to have more info in what you do and how I can start working with you.
  17. tamib45

    tamib45 New Member

    I saw your post about the Parameds.com jobs. I received the contract today and am looking for more information about the company from someone who works for them. Such as do you have to pay any fees to work for them such as training fees or training material fees?
  18. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Does Parameds pay per case or per hour. There seems to be some confusion, so could anyone working for them help me out?
  19. justinack

    justinack New Member

    Sounds interesting tell us how you get on did you receive your payments on time and I might look into adding to our online job database.

    There are a lot of these type positions advertised on clickbank only they usually have a catch of requiring payment and it's usually typing adwords ads or similar. So it's good to get feedback about genuine opportunities.
  20. svoight

    svoight New Member

    Any update on the "Opp" you mentioned back in March? How's the Parameds working out? Any additional information you can provide on Parameds would be great as I am currently looking to work legitimately from home after just losing my job.

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