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    I used to do quite well with affiliate marketing, with blogs and websites. I had actually used SBI for a platform for many of my websites, then monetized with affiliate links and adsense.... I had met Robin on here. She went by Carolina Robin back then. Not sure if that's still her handle on here or not.

    That is.

    Until Panda and Penguin hit.

    If you don't know what that is, or was... don't worry. They were not some fuzzy warm zoo animals.

    I lost most of my income, so I just gave up. Sold my websites and pretty much quit. Oh, I dabbled in some blogging and stuff over the past few years, but just never quite got back into the game again.

    And then I met Robin again on Facebook. And she seemed to be having success again. I started stalking her a bit ( it's kinda creepy, I know.. but everybody does it over there :) ) and learned that she too, had lost most of her income when the Google critters were released a few years ago.

    BUT unlike me, she did NOT give up.

    She not only figured it all out again - she came out with THE BEST affiliate marketing course I have ever seen. And believe me, I bought a number of them over the past ten years!

    Pajama Affiliates. You need it. I have friends that have been blogging for years and have been making decent money ( I would say $500 - $1500 a month is decent, wouldn't you?) and even THEY are all excited about Pajama Affiliates because of what they are learning with it.

    She is my new hero. Because of her I am now back on track.

    Just had to come here and shout out into the hallways - in case anyone else like me, is out there, searching for the answers.

    See you around! I'm back to stay for awhile. When I'm not posting to my blogs that is. THIS IS THE TIME TO BE BLOGGING to take advantage of the holiday shopping rush. ;)
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    OMG! Thank you Mountain Mom. Best endorsement ever!

    She is right though! I have some amazing and committed clients that are killing it with Affiliate Marketing. I am grateful and I am blessed.

    Never ever give up. The road might be rough, but the freedom is worth it! I lived on Beanie Weenies after those zoo animals and about lost my home for the second time. I stayed the course, and made it!
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