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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by carrief, May 20, 2008.

  1. carrief

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    Hi, this is not a "work at home" scam per say, but as legitimate work at homers, you MAY run across this so I am swallowing my pride (because I AM embarrassed I fell for this bull) and trying to get the word out just so if you didn't know, now you will!

    My roommate kept telling me about this awesome book he had. He finally gave it to me to look at. It was an outdated copy of Matt Lesko's book about grants and money and resources for among other things, small business. So I figured, it's probably not going to amount to anything but I should invest maybe 20 mins and take a look.

    Since it was outdated, I went online to research some of the government sites to access info on these. The government sites are hard to navigate and read, and I came across a site which had all this info in one place. I skipped over several sites that seemed "scammy", and came to one that was $1.50 to try it out. I thought, hey, $1.50, for 7 days, I'll give it a go. I read their agreement twice. I went to the checkout page and never found ANYTHING that made me say "hey, I don't want to sign up for this, it's a binding agreement." I am VERY alert to being scammed, and I should have known better but I didn't find ANY red flags. So I gave it a go. The site kind of stunk and I left, but hey, it was $1.50.

    Well, no it wasn't. Today I found a $49.50 charge to my bank account (I used debit). I called the company, and of course they said I had signed an agreement to a 7 day trial and I HAD TO CANCEL WITHTIN 7 DAYS or I had agreed to be a member for $49.50 a month. I said I had never seen that anywhere and they pretty much said "how could you miss it, it was right on line 2 of the agreement." Sigh. It wasn't. Oddly, I can't even GET to the web page I originally landed on to sign up, to even double check myself. The lady I first spoke with hung up on me (I did get mad, but still). I called back to confirm that my account was cancelled.

    Then I found TONS of info on these scams online and was heartened to find one person reporting a similar scam and she argued until she got them to refund the money. I called back and did my best, which just wasn't good enough. The guy called me a liar, pretty much flat out said he didn't CARE about if I was a happy customer or not when I told him I was his customer and not happy, and wished me good luck getting my money back from my bank since I had given them my credit card information and "signed an agreement". He was apparently the 2nd person under the people who owned the company because I asked for a manager and he said he was the manager, then I said well why don't you get me one of the owner's and he said he was an owner. I got to the end of what I could do and had to settle for asking him how he slept at night with such a black soul and reminding him that karma IS real and it IS a bitch, so enjoy the high times now.

    So now I feel really stupid. Upset. Mad. Worried that I am down $49.50. Defeated. My ONLY consolation is that I am going to tell EVERYONE I can about this so NO ONE makes the same mistake! Stop giving these people your money! It is a waste. They are thieves. I filed a complaint with the BBB, more as an FYI. I'm SURE they had that disclaimer SOMEWHERE in a TINY font so I'll never get that money back. I'm sure my bank won't back me up (I hate my bank too but that's another story). As that jerk off so snidely pointed out on my third call "I gave them my credit card info so good luck." Thanks for stealing from me and then rubbing my nose in it too. REAL nice customer service.

    Here is the website I went to (except I cannot find the page I saw originally where you "sign up")

    This is another page which is the same company. (advertising the "free CD" which apparently never comes in the mail and then magically costs $49.50 /mo) www.grantresearchguide.com

    I have found SO many complaints online about this company and others like them. DO NOT EVER USE THEM. If you have had trouble with THIS company here's their address and file a complaint with the Las Vegas, NV BBB!

    Grant Resource Center
    Grant Instructor LLC
    3155 East Patrick Lane
    Suite 1
    Las Vegas NV 89120

    I got the last guy I called to SAY that he doesn't CARE what I think about the company, and that nothing I could say would hurt their business, since THEY'RE on the INTERNET. Well, I'm on the internet too, so PLEASE LEARN from my mistake. Don't give these evil people another cent!
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    Sorry about your terrible experience. I think we have all had some not so good experiences while searching and looking for our home based businesses. There are still a lot of good, honest, legitimate businesses online, it is a shame that some have to give it a bad light at times. There are bad businesses (scams) off line, too.

    If you are still looking for another home business I am sure you can find what you are looking for. Just check some of the signature lines on this forum and you will find what you are looking for.

  3. metalheaded

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    Hi, Carrie- well, I went to the links you provided, and they in fact DO say what they said to you about the 7-day Trial Period in their Terms:

    " If you have not cancelled the free bonus within the 7 calendar day trial period (if offered on product purchasing) from the purchase date, you are agreeing to purchase the bonus material and/or service at a monthly reoccurring cost. The resource center is billed at $49.50 monthly."

    However, I am still wary of this "opportunity" and will not ever try it...if for no other reason than your testimonial about their customer service. Thank you for the warning!

  4. Homeboy

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    Yikes, I really feel for you on this one. I probably wouldn't have shouted at the guy though, or said all that stuff about karma and everything, lol. But I would be very annoyed at having lost fifty bucks. [​IMG]

    In any case, no need to feel bad, I've wasted a ton of money myself on silly things like this, although granted I didn't really know any better at the time....

  5. A8ch

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    The embarassment we initially feel when we believe we've been scammed, only sizzles for a moment. But then it eventually settles into the valuable wisdom that can only be earned from experience, and we resolve to be even more diligent in the future.

    While I believe this operator could have been more transparent in disclosing the trial period and monthly recurring billing, it seems he violated no law since these stipulations were published in the fine print on the Terms & Conditions page.

    This is a great reminder that our "buyer beware" radar should always be turned on when we're in the marketplace, and shows that even the most careful among us occasionally lets something fall through the cracks.

    Recently I made an online purchase for a software product that cost over $200. It was to be delivered in two (2) CDs by parcel post. I was excited about getting this product and after 10 days I called the company to find out why delivery was taking so long.

    The customer representative was very professional, checked my order number and informed me the product was scheduled for shipment the following week.

    A little disappointed at having my wait extended, I asked why did it take so long to ship. She explained that was about how long it took for the product to be prepared, packaged and delivered. She added that that information was included on my Order Confirmation page.

    And it was. It said I should anticipate a period of 1-3 weeks for delivery. In my excitement I hadn't even noticed it. I've been doing business online almost 10 years. [​IMG]

    And so it goes...

  6. getagrip

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  7. Hemjoe

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    Sorry to hear about you experience, i guess all you can say is at least it wasnt for more. Having such vital information so hidden seems unethical and it is compainies like these that spoil the opportunities for others.

    Thanks for the heads up and i hope you find the real opportunity you deserve [​IMG]
  8. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    I am so sorry Carrie!

    When I was a newbie, a total beginner I purchased magic software from actually a very, very reputable marketer (at that time).
    After 6 months it was not working still ..this was last July,... I hear it does not crawl keywords to this day. I had tell them I would have to file an online FTC complaint just to get a refund! Finally I was offered my refund.
    It is good you got it out..that sometimes helps!
    Law of Attraction will take care of them..you try to move on okay?
    We all have been there or most of us!
  9. RayvinAndRob

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    carrief: So now I feel really stupid. Upset. Mad. Worried that I am down $49.50. Defeated.

    I doubt you'll feel this way for very long. You're a very bright person. And I sense you'll bounce ack evern stronger and wiser.

    Aim high. Reach for the stars! Dream BIG! Everything will work out just fine when you find the right opportunity. Yes, there are scams and scammers out there. That's life.

    And I want to thank you for being brave enough to risk telling us about it. You're doing a great sevice by sharing your story and your experience. It serves as a good reminder to all to be careful. Double check EVERYTHING!

    Rob Nyte



    Live and learn, that is what life teaches us, so no matter how smart or careful you are, you are not immune to getting scammed. I would suspect every single entrepreneur here has been scammed, some of a few dollars, and some of many thousands, that is the danger we all face when looking for legitimate business opportunities.

    The most important lesson is to never give up or quit, even if you have been scammed several times, this only shows that you are determined which is critical in the success equation. You have to learn from each and try not to repeat your mistakes. Believe it or not, being scammed will pay off in the long term for it is an invaluable lesson.

    The one thing I learned long ago in business is to never quit looking for the next best opportunity. I get bored and have sold several successful businesses to move onto something more exciting, and that is when it gets fun, when you are doing what you want to do and getting paid to do it.

    Good luck to all, Mike
  11. HiAchiever

    HiAchiever New Member

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

    We all learn from experience. We've all learned from your experience so we don't have to fall into the same trap ourselves with this group.

    I nearly always try to find comments about products or services on the net before I pay money to try them. It often helps me avoid problems. Your comments will help others seeking information about free grant money.
  12. lethalboom

    lethalboom New Member

    Sorry to hear that. Something should happen to these scammers, I don't know how they can sleep at night,
    Thank you ever so much for the heads up though, means a lot [​IMG]

  13. opendomain

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    incidentally for anyon this eve happens to I would try to work things through my bank after they responded no. I"ve been in this boat before.

    I signed up for a program that had a 10 day trial period and then 49.95 would be charged. On day 8 called as it was a Friday only to learn the call center was closed. When monday came around I tried to cancel and they said my 10 days was over and my card had actually already been charged.

    I called my bank and told them these guys didn't want to cancel and they simply charged it back to my account.

    Not that this will work everytime but it is another avenue you can pursue.
  14. FredVDL

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    Dear Carrief,

    You are NOT alone... But, 50 bucks is not a great deal to pay for all the education you received. Both, from the experience and all the advise and support here! Stick with it... Good will come your way!

    Oh, one tip... Bookmark ANY site (where you make a purchase) you visit before you leave. (you can delete it later if you need to)
  15. o00roxygirl00o

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    I'm glad I'm not the only one who got scammed by them. It seemed so legit too! At least you were able to get ahold of a call center. I was told that I had a 14 day trial when I signed up and I sent them an email the next day saying I wanted to cancel. The only way to send an email was through their website and you got no sort of confirmation. When the charge showed up on my credit card statement 6 days later I tried calling the number on the statement and got a generic recording telling me how to access my account and then got disconnected. I ended up having to go through my credit card company to get the money back. They were great about it but it could have been a very costly mistake if they continued to charge me every month. I don't even pay that much for a gym membership!

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