I know it usually takes money to make money, but.......................

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Cap1107, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Cap1107

    Cap1107 New Member

    I was wondering if there is any business's out there that let you start for free and make some money before investing into anything. Also if you know anything like that could you please help me out. I am forced at home to watch my kid since I cannot find work. thanks.
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    You can try Cognigen.com - they don't have any sign up fees.
  3. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi Cap,

    First thing to do is to get an education for what ever you are looking to get into. Identify what is involved and learn it well before you try anything.

    What type of thing are you looking for, general online marketing?

    If you are looking for a free intro you can try Bum Marketing from:


    ~Newbie Shield~
  4. Cap1107

    Cap1107 New Member

    Thanks ill try both of those sites out. I was attending everest online for web development but I lost my internet then the comp broke down. so I just could not keep up, I always wanted to start my own security business but with my credit I cant even get a loan.
  5. johntanyishin

    johntanyishin New Member

    It is possible to earn money without investing any, in the internet today. Adsense is one of the example, blog is free, adsense pay you via checks.

    Of cos there are other obvious ones in the internet. But most of them, without investing money in it, you will require to put in more effort or time into it.

    Time = Money

  6. aplina

    aplina New Member

    how baout writing . if you are into thatyou can use elance or ehow
  7. Cap1107

    Cap1107 New Member

    Yeah I would not mind doing some freelance work. Right now I just signed up for Bum marketing, it looks really cool because I have an clickbank acount. Now I am trying to learn how to get those articles out for free with them looking good.
  8. Seth

    Seth New Member

    If you want to try Online marketing check out my sig below it doesn't require money to start no hidden fees , monthly fees or upgrades its totally free..

    All you have to invest is "TIME" time to learn on how the program works and if you're a newbie in marketing you don't need to figure out everything by yourself because we have live trainig and support held twice a week its also free...
  9. auctionarena

    auctionarena New Member

    I always tell people in your situation that eBay is the way to go. You can start with no money... Sell things around your house to get a little start up money and then go from there. That is EXACTLY what I did. I sell over 250k a year on eBay and I have never put a penny of my money into it... I have built it from the money I made off of stuff around my house. Also, I still to this day run my eBay business from my home (though I am about to take the plunge and move it outside my home).

  10. RayvinAndRob

    RayvinAndRob New Member

    One false step, one wrong turn and . . . .kaput.

    Do your research.
  11. paxkine

    paxkine New Member

    I've heard great things about free online cash system

    not promoting it yet but went on the 45 min call and it makes sense

    be prepared to pour in a lot of sweat equity, at least 5-10 hours per week but I know several people actually making money, maybe not millionaires but still good
  12. fatman

    fatman New Member

    If you want to get into article marketing, that is a good idea. I started with a program that explained everything to me in details, and that is really helpful, but you don't need a program to start. Check out the link Newbie Shield posted for bum marketing. Go through the lessons and join some places like Amazon, Clickbank, or Commission Junction. Find out the basics of what to do and start your work. I have been doing this for about a month and have only made about $80 so far, but I think trying harder will have good results. Good luck with whatever you do!
  13. Cap1107

    Cap1107 New Member

    Thank you for all of you responses. I am trying the Ehow freelance thing right now i wrote my first article but how do i make money for it?
  14. jpolito830

    jpolito830 New Member

    Ehow is tough to make money from it, since a lot of the content there is BS or stupid LOL.
  15. Cap1107

    Cap1107 New Member

    Yeah thats true, I went throught the bum marketing course on saturday, does any have any tips about writing and know a website i get help?
  16. seeyalater72

    seeyalater72 New Member

    There are plenty of opportunities out there where you can start without making any investment or paying any fees. I'm involved with several such businesses. In this day and age, it isn't necessary to invest huge sums of money to make money. But you will have to invest time and effort.
  17. marperrr

    marperrr New Member

    Hi, There are a few things on my site that are free to join and you can start making money right away. However, nothing worthwhile is actually free (except the story of Christ of course) and you will need to work your tail off to make it happen for ya.

    I wish ya good providence in whatever you choose [​IMG]
  18. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member


    Spend a few months reading about online marketing (including article writing) before you try to jump in and make money.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  19. polo234

    polo234 New Member

    it doesnt take a genius to know that it takes a lil money and wisdom to make money. Once you are on a wise team that can coach you and you are coachable urself, then everyone is on board and ready to start making money online
  20. Cap1107

    Cap1107 New Member

    I recently was sent a few ebooks & I was wondering what, if any book would be useful reading.

    The Rich Jerk

    Writing For The Web - Internet Copy Writer Business Success Website Marketing Online Sales Design Profits Money Income

    Business Plan - On Target - The Book On Marketing Plans

    Bum Marketing Ebooks

    Nich Marketing On Crack

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