I Met Kyle and Carson The Wealthy Affiliate Owners In Vegas

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    Hey folks,

    Just got back from the WA Vegas Conference, where only the top members are invited, and have to say WOW!!

    I could literally write a PDF about everything that has happened....

    but I won't [​IMG]

    Well...first off, the meetings were exceptional, must try and get my notes in some order, and I learned a heck of ton there.To be honest, it was intimidating to be at the group meeting and whilst I spoke very little there I absorbed every single sentence that was said!

    Secondly, the perks of being in Las Vegas, hanging in the SkyLoft, grabbing a limo to the Mirage, and spending some quality time with my Dad (who I treated to a trip over the Canyon) was something I'll never forget .

    But for me, the best bit was just meeting all the gang.

    Kyle and Carson - they are so down to earth it is unbelievable, ultra nice guys...who really are a credit to themselves...these really are the GOOD GUYS in the IM niche

    Travis - he really is da **** when it comes to IM knowledge (ya know what I'm saying) and his offer (top secret folks) that he made to me during our chat by the pool table could really turn out to be a defining moment. Let's say nothing about me trying to teach him Irish!

    Jay- A super guy, made me feel really welcomed the opening night, we've got a connection I think....(what about that Frodo analogy?!!)

    Jennifer - I'll admit, didn't really talk to her until the final night,but boy, is she fun (can't wait to see some of the photos) and a clever clogs to boot. She is so genuine and her husband Lee really is a great guy too (him and Marcus got me hooked on a very potent alcoholic tipple)

    And speaking of dodgy photos taken in Vegas

    Marcus- The rock in a sea of North American Culture Shocks...was really benficial to have someone from the same culture as me over there, as Vegas is just mad. But that description really doesn't do him justice...neither does his insane conversion rate. He's a legend like, another great guy!

    Ryan ''One Can'' Moran - It was great to see Ryan (and Ashley,) as he really is someone I look up to...however...his love for giving man hugs has to be stopped!! But his IM knowledge is really sharp....

    And last but not least, Eddy. Really approachable guy who was the first WA member I met in the flesh (on my way to the Skyloft), and who shares my ideals on man hugging being a ''bad idea''. Nevertheless, he's a wealth of info as well as being really funny in a natural way.

    It's these people that make WA a really ethical and great place to be associated with, and I would have to venture that they are all exceptionally nice people...which shows that good guys DO finish first in IM world.

    Kyle told me a rather shocking story about those gurus who many think are great and uber successful....they're not...and now I wouldn't trade my ethics for whatever money they've scammed out of countless people.

    Rest assured, WA is built on the solidest of foundations like trust, intregrity and support....so if you're a beginner then I recommend it 100%!!!

    My only request though is that under no circumstance that the video of me singing be released (only jokinh) [​IMG].....blame Marcus and Lee for that little espisode..what with the Grey Goose!!

    Live Forever

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    Any questions...feel free to reply![​IMG]

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