I need help choosing a network marketing company?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Andrew Taylor, May 24, 2014.

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  1. Andrew Taylor

    Andrew Taylor New Member

    So I'm 21 years old male been in network marketing before and I left due to I couldn't drink the shake the company was selling the company was called team beachbody great company but could not drink there shake anyway. I'm looking for a new network marketing company it been 9 months since I left beachbody and been reading books on network makreting just finished mark yarnell how to become filthy stinking rich in network marketing this morning also read go pro and others.

    But I feel like the people who network marketing companies I'm interested in aren't telling me the truth there always something thrown in there we don't know. Like in beachbody it was that I had be on there shake to earn bonuses which pissed me off. Because my mentor did not tell me this.

    Anyway I'm really looking for a network marketing company with the following->

    Low start up cost I'm talking $100 or less

    Low product cost I'm talking $60 or lower meaning something everyone can afford

    Good training

    Multiple countries I'm mainly talking about the USA Canada Mexico and the Uk

    Looking for a company Where customer just place orders online I don't have to do the ordering for them.

    Must have an autoship program since that the only way to make streams of income monthly.

    At least 25% commission

    Simple training

    Something I can learn easily and slowly I have a learning disability and can't deal with a lot of info at once.

    And a company that has good leaders.

    Also where I don't have to store a 1000 products in my house.

    Also ones that don't throw parties.

    But do it threw online.
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  2. Jim Zossmayr

    Jim Zossmayr New Member

    Hello and greatings from Italy,

    I can understand you verry good. I think there are so many systems on the world. In the last years I learned - the first is the winner - and that the product is not so important. Important is the number of People that are in your downline. You can store the products in the Basement, if you sell some product is good, but is verry important...that you find People that find People and all the People are convinced about the System.

    20 years ago I startet with Herbalife, I had to pay 3000 $ to beginn with the Business and I had to find other People that pay the Money - It was to much.

    So I searched and searched to find a System as you described. But is very hard. Now at the Moment is starting a new System, that is very interessting - because it has not start yet. You can preregister now. So I am not shure about the System but I think I can like it - and I could are one of the first. You don`t have to by products. Now you can Register for free and if you want earn Money you have to pay 150 $ once.

    In the next days I will inform me more about the System. If you are interested, you can answer on this post...so I can tell more Infos...

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    YAGOOFT Active Member


    I thought the same thing when I tried the BB shake, but then again, I have yet to find any meal replacement shake I have enjoyed, most tast like paste at best. lol

    Like most, we all are all seeking the best recession proof low cost to start home businesses, and this is what I have focused on ever since recession impacted my traditional business back in 80's. Online home based low overhead businesses are all I research now, and fortunately this strategy is paying off since we are still stuck in a recession as I see it.

    Bottom line, what I have learned is to target recession proof businesses and not waste time and money chasing the next best hyped up money business for what grows too fast never lasts. Look for long term businesses, ones which are not impacted by the down economy.

    Having seen it all, I never stop looking, and generally am attracted to a product or service based business which everyone needs, and is international. When you think about the best businesses, health related supplements have always done well over time, but weight loss within this category rules as far as being recession proof. When a product works as promoted, and the results are guaranteed, then I will take notice.

    My strategy has always been to go for the long term and not the short term like most. Sadly, most people quit after the first couple months if they don't see the results they were hoping for based on the hype behind most MLM companies. I have learned that if you cannot break even and cover your own product purchases with commissions in first three months, then the likelyhood of long term success is dramatically cut. When you have a business which is free to low cost to start, products are under the $40.00 level, autoship is optional, not mandatory like most to earn commissions, and the masses are in need of product, then you have a sure winner. So look for these attributes is my best advice.

    I also like to focus on support tool related businesses, after all, no traffic to site, no prospects, no sales, it is that simple. Since most people who are starting a home business like yourself, you have to develop or use a system to generate traffic to your website which will build you a prospect list. Lead systems are the best way to build your list, and then once you have a great product or service to offer, now you have a system which self perpetuates which is the key to success. You have to have a solid strategy to make it in any home based internet business, so start your research using the above strategy in my best advice.

    Success to all,
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  4. luvinarizona

    luvinarizona Member

    Hey Andrew,

    My name is Coach Marcus. What are you passionate about? I'm asking because you need to be passionate about the product or service you market if you want to be successful.

    For example, I used a product called Skinny Fiber and lost 60 lbs. Which made me become very passionate about helping other people get healthier and lose weight. 3 years later, I have helped over 300 people get on their weight loss journey.
  5. Travel Gal

    Travel Gal New Member

    Don't limit yourself to $100 start up fee. Some MLMs charge slightly more to sign up but then you don't have to buy product. I work for a travel company that is like that. I agree with Coach Marcus. Whatever it is you choose, you should be passonite about it.
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  6. Brandon Lukas

    Brandon Lukas New Member

    Here's my advice for you.

    People Don't Join Opportunities They Join People!

    People Don't Care About Your Opportunity They Care About How They Can Build Their Business!

    With that being said, instead of worrying about what company to join, worry about:

    1. Building a online web presence that brands YOU not some company.
    2. Find 5 Top industry earners, check out their websites, and see what they talk about (what value do they give away)
    3. Model after one of them, learn what they teach or talk about, implement it, and then share it yourself! (not word for word)

    This is why I started with the above statements... Everyone that is new or that has been struggling, is doing so, because they are too focused on the company they joined, and don't have the "Entrepreneurial Mindset" to understand how to make the business grow in the first place!

    It's all about Attraction Marketing. Top earners in any industry or company, etc... Never pitch, they always give away value, which attracts people to them.

    Follow these principals before you join any company.

  7. ownabiz

    ownabiz New Member

    Hi Andrew,

    I have tried shakes before too. With herbalife, but did not join their ranks as the shakes did not work on me. And in between the past few years I have heard of several companies and tried other products. Basically I wanted a product that can help lose weight and it has to taste nice.

    When my dad came across Jeunesse, I couldnt be bothered to hear him anymore. I have heard my fair share by then. Till I saw him lose his tummy! I went for a sharing session on the wealth side of it and I was hooked.

    Jeunesse uses a binary system, which I think is one of the best system around. PM me if you want more details.

    And I think my team on Jeunesse grew together, so it makes us closer. Besides, I am still doing it for passive income, so nothing to lose.
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  8. mellisalouise

    mellisalouise New Member

    If you're into health and wellness companies you might like to try ONNIT, its free and has amazing products without all of the crazy rules and sales quotas that other companies have. It's not a traditional network marketing company but you can build your own team with it and earn commissions on your team members sales. There really is no catch to it, if you work hard to promote it and build an online presence then you will do just fine. It's super popular in the USA and is gaining popularity in other countries like Canada, Australia and UK. Treat it like a network marketing company and you could build a huge income by offering your team members training. It really is the best affiliate program and it is a company that I believe in. The products are fantastic and really do what they say they do.
  9. You can message me, I'm new to mlm so I know how you feel. I can give you all the details. Otherwise good luck, wish ya the best :)
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  10. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Never limit yourself to how much it takes to join a network marketing opportunity.

    Even if it takes $500 or more, it is worth it.
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  11. L Basheer Hasan

    L Basheer Hasan New Member

    Hi Andrew,

    I have forgotten more nutrition mlm's that I have been in than most people has been in in
    their entire life.

    I do not get into nutrition companies to make money. I get in them for the health benefits of
    their product.

    Let me ask you this question, Andrew....

    If you could earn $100,000 Dollars a year, by opening a savings account with $150.00,
    and add $65.00 per week to that savings for 12 weeks, does that sound like something
    you would be interested in knowing more about?

    When you have an income like that, you don't have to worry about selling stuff, my friend,
    you just go buy what you want.
  12. Andrew Taylor

    Andrew Taylor New Member

    Thank you for the advise guys I have yet to find a MLM but have contacted a MLM Legend named Richard Kall to coach me in this business. Thank you guys
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