I need help with picking a Niche, I didn't know for sure where to post

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by oregoncountry, Apr 7, 2009.

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    this. So I'll try here. I am really comfy with the Affiliate Marketing idea. I find it more interesting and from what I read, people are doing well with it. Everyone is different and each find's what "works" for them. What I am having the most trouble with is deciding which of my passions/interests as far a niche to market. If any of you have seen my blog, you see that I am going in 50 different directions and I knew without anyone having to tell me, that this isn't going to work. For one thing, I can't possibly write about and promote ALL I am interested in[​IMG] I am like that about everything. Im interested in a million things, and a million places. I moved around all my life until the last 2 years. I've done all sorts of jobs. But when I read in the Affiliate Marketing materials, every program(the free stuff I can read on them)says you need to pick a niche.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone else all "over the map" in their writings, thoughts, ideas? I sure never want several websites, one for everything Im interested in.

    Well, I hope someone can sort of see what I'm talking about here. I feel I ramble a lot and think Im terminally unique.

    I'll be around today[​IMG] My internet is working well, thank the Lord,

    OH WOW, I had to edit and put this in. I just went and did a search after I wrote this post and check out this cool blog post I found[​IMG] Woohoooooo!!! Still hope to get some feedback from you all as well[​IMG] Gohere
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    Lol [​IMG]

    If I get a good niche, I would obviously take and set campaigns for that. Why would I be giving it to you. This is the thought of every men.

    No one give niche. And thanks for having a topic named you wanna help for niche and not the niche itself. I am not a pro, but I can give some suggestion. There are a lot of tools for that. Take the keyword tool and then the google serps. I hope you could figure out a good one for yourself.

    Finding a niche is not a one time effort. It is an iterative process where you refine, refine and refine.

  3. oregoncountry

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    Hey Sam[​IMG] Thank you much[​IMG] Yes, did you see the blog post I found?? It's at the end of my post above?? You can hardly see the link but at the very end, I typed Go here. Click on the word "here" if you want to see it[​IMG] I am making yet another list, sort of starting from the bottom again after realizing my blog really isn't flying and most likely won't the way it is. I want to NOT make those mistakes with my new website so today is all about lists and starting to narrow them down to a "profitable" niche[​IMG]

    See you soon,
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    oregoncountry: What I am having the most trouble with is deciding which of my passions/interests as far a niche to market.
    Decisions... decisions... decisions! Seems that's what we're faced with most of the time, and never mind how often we have to make decisions, the process never seems to get easier.

    You are a complex human being (which makes you 'normal') with many passions in a variety of areas. Consequently you can easily get bogged down trying to pick the right passion to explore. So, here's a practical approach to help you through the process.

    1. On individual pieces of paper write down 3 or 4 things you are passionate about.
    2. Fold the pieces of paper and place them in a hat.
    3. Pick one out at random.
    4. That's the one you'll start with.

    See, that wasn't difficult at all. You just made a decision. [​IMG]

    The next step is to do your keyword research and test the viability of your selection.

    If your findings are encouraging, you put the next part of your plan into motion. If the results indicate your first pick is a loser, scrap it and then return to the hat for another piece of paper.

    What I think is important here is that you begin somewhere with something. See it as an opportunity to learn, discover and develop a unique system of your own. It's the system that will guarantee your future success.

    The system is much more valuable than the product.

    When you've got things working to perfection, you can use the system as a model and apply it to any niche you desire.

  5. oregoncountry

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    this is great Hermas and agrees right along with what I am reading, practically as we speak. I've actually made 2 lists. I did this in the beginning and then sort of, well, ignored it and went on to do it "my way", LOL!! Didn't work out well[​IMG] Ok, so, one list is what my interests/passions are, and the second is what I am good at. I like this process so far. I feel I am close to "the" niche and it happens to be quite different than the one I originally thought I would fit into. It took writing things down and truly being as honest with myself as possible. My next step is the keyword thing, just as you say[​IMG] More later.......keep you updated if [​IMG]

    Thank you so much, denise[​IMG]
  6. westfam11

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    All of the ideas are great. The most important thing I believe is actually doing something This is where I had the most problem when I started affiliate marketing.

    There are so many niches, things I love, problems to solve, etc. I was getting stuck on keywords and finding more and finding more. You can't make any money unless you get busy and "do something" with the keywords, knowledge, etc.

    It is easy to keep reading, learning, trying to find that "perfect" niche. Just get started, keep adding, keep writing.

    Just like Hermas said, pick one and go to it. Then pick another one, and so on. Some will work, some will not. Just don't give up and keep working at it.

    Good luck.

  7. oregoncountry

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    I think this is such excellent advice[​IMG] I appreciate you sharing your difficulties in deciding also. I've made my lists, narrowed them down, done some keyword(s) searches. The site I was "following" step by step "niche finding" suggested my keyword search, i.e. fitness, for example, gets searched 37,000 times per month, according to Wordtracker anyway. The general rule of thumb is to pick one that gets atleast 10,000 per month. I know people's thoughts will vary on this number but the niche that is drawing me like a bear to honey doesn't get 10,000, but does get right around 7,000 per month searches. My next step, according to the direction I am following(from this blog I mentioned in my original post) says now I need to look into money-making potential. And that, could send me right back to the old list making, LOLLLLLLLL!!! More later...........thank you all for everything, I'll be back[​IMG]
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    Do you have any hobbies? If you can choose a niche from something you enjoy, that is a good starting point. Perhaps start with your top 5 hobbies, and narrow down from there.
  9. gridellas

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    The hobbies is a good idea. Do you have anything one thing that is your favorite?
    Like wa mentioned before you must start somewhere. It really doesn't matter where you start, the important thing is that you start. Eventually you will be able to write about everything you know and seperate it accordingly. Just start somewhere and then you can gradually introduce the other things seperately so you will be able to keep up with all of it. [​IMG]
  10. oregoncountry

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    Hey all!!!!! That 7-steps worked great for me!!! I found it through that 5 Star Affiliate Site? The link is above if anyone wants to see what I did.

    I actually did it step by step and have a niche that will work for me. I am way excited now. Im ready to build my website. Oh, the 7 step blog post was actually meant for a successful blog but it said that it would work on a website just as well. This is awesome and it was amazing how it turned out to be something I didn't think of before. I am good at it AND love it!!! When Im done I'll get my website link put in my signature[​IMG]

    See everyone later, thank you all for your input. I couldn't have gotten this far without this site[​IMG] and each of you[​IMG] After I get what I want transferred from my blog to my website, I'll delete that one anyway. There are actually a couple things on there I can still use on my site, but mostly, not. Still don't regret doing the blog, learned a lot[​IMG]
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    The first step - as I've already suggested to you before - is to learn the fundamentals before you take a step.

    A good place to start would be the free 30 Day Challenge. Many of your questions will get answered there.

    Learning first, doing, then monetization. Put the horse before the cart if you wish to move down the road.

    ~Newbie Shield~

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