I need some help generating more traffic.

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by ksc492, May 8, 2010.

  1. ksc492

    ksc492 New Member

    Hello, I started a website about two weeks ago and have been trying everything for traffic. However, according to my google analytics i have only received ten visits in a little under two weeks. I know it takes time but i've done articles, newsletters, giving free stuff away (with alot of value), forums, etc. Not sure where to go from here...thanks for the help!


  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    ksc492: I know it takes time but i've done articles, newsletters, giving free stuff away (with alot of value), forums, etc. Not sure where to go from here...thanks for the help!
    You are right, it takes time... you say two weeks? It takes much more time than that. [​IMG]

    Don't get discouraged. Look at it no different than owning a store on main street. if you put up a sign or two and run a few ads advertising your store and only a few people stop by the first few days, are you going to give up and decide it isn't going to work?

    Nope, you are going to keep running ads, and doing whatever it takes to keep potential cusomters coming.

    Keep writing articles and adding new content to your site, do something every day , even if it only takes a few minutes. It is the consistency and persistence that pays off in this game.[​IMG]
  3. samda

    samda Member

    Hey KSC, come on buddy, patience is virtue [​IMG] Its been just two weeks...

    Ok, here are some old school techniques.
    1) SEO - Takes time, but everlasting traffic. It has been said that SEO yields the best targeted and high volume traffic.
    - For SEO of course there are lot of things to do like link building, content copy writing etc.,
    2) Articles, Press release - Do it in the write way. Create viral copies of articles / press release that go viral in internet.
    3) Email marketing.

    Cool and new era techniques:
    Social media marketing - Brand yourself in social media.

    Bottom line - Unless you are a guru, who creates a new website and links all his reputation to it, you can not create ton of traffic in no time. If you are sure, you need this I advice PPC, I mean advertising your websites. Obviously you will get ton traffic based on your budget.

    All the best. Keep us updated!
  4. ryanbiddulph

    ryanbiddulph New Member

    Keep writing, and writing, and writing. To receive traffic give value. It's a simple equation that's often overlooked. People will come to your site when you offer something to them and offering value or knowledge of your craft is what eventually draws them like bees to honey because everybody seeks an authority.

    Write articles, write blog posts and continue to use sites like twitter and Facebook to promote yourself AND other people. For every 5-10 tweets send out at least 5 - 10 RT's. Again, by giving, you receive.
  5. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    My sites are improving using Traffic Bug.
    I plug in every article, blog post, related mini site.

    It is a great tool!
  6. CarrieLyn

    CarrieLyn Guest

    Hey Kody, don't get frustrated...it does take time.

    Unless you've been doing PPC you should actually be happy with the 10 visits you've gotten so far. You'll notice as you write more articles and post in more forums your visits will continue to increase until you hit the point of critical mass. That's when you're having lots of visits every day.

    The great thing about writing articles and creating videos is that they're on the net forever driving traffic to your site. That being said, Samuel gave some good tips on long-term focus for you. Once you write an original article submit that to the site you use that demands original content. Then send it through an article spinner to submit to more directories.

    There are a lot of services out there and I've found one I'm really happy with so if this is something you decide to do just send me a message and I'd be happy to share what I've learned.

    The Key is to have a lot of really good content out there that points back to your site so obviously the longer you're at it the more content you're going to create and that will create more opportunities for people to find you.

    Good luck, make sure you let us know how things grow!
    All the best,
  7. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    ksc492: I know it takes time but i've done articles, newsletters, giving free stuff away (with alot of value), forums, etc. Not sure where to go from here...thanks for the help!

    You've probably heard these sayings:

    "Rome wasn't built in a day."
    "You've got to creep before you can walk."

    The meaning of those idioms can be applied to online marketing. Never mind the hype and slick marketing tactics that promise instant traffic. The reality is, it takes more than two weeks to build up any meaningful web traffic right out of the box.

    The seeds you've planted need time to take root before they can sprout and grow into mighty oak trees.

    Continue doing what you are doing, but make sure you are following the necessary guidelines to squeeze the maximum benefit out of each approach you use.

    Articles: Titles should be snappy and engaging. Opening paragraphs should grab the reader's attention. Secondary paragraphs should expand and explore whatever is promised in the title. The resource box should encourage the reader to perform some action in order to get more useful information. And so on...

    Newsletters: Content should be valuable to the readership you are targeting. Delivery should be on a consistent schedule.

    Free Stuff: Should be useful and relevant to the main product/service you are offering.

    Forums: Your contributions should demonstrate your knowledge, experience and skill set as it relates to the subject being discussed.

    You need to be consistent as well as patient. The more you do, the easier it'll become. You'll get better at it, and the results will surely follow.

    Don't watch the clock, watch what you're doing!

  8. jeffreysloe

    jeffreysloe Member

    mountainmom5: Keep writing articles and adding new content to your site, do something every day , even if it only takes a few minutes. It is the consistency and persistence that pays off in this game.

    Above are great words of wisdom!

    Anything worth while takes time and hard work. Success does not come overnight. Stay with it and never give up. If you feel like you're banging your head against a wall, keep on banging, eventually you'll break through the wall. Persistence does pay off!

  9. Margo Tuul

    Margo Tuul New Member

    You can try something like this: take your articles, and put them together as ebook. I assume, that you are focusing on 1 niche. Try to drop few links to your ebook. Not many...just few.

    Next find sites, where you can submit ebooks for free. For others to read and use them as free reports.

    Worked for me pretty good.

    (some people don't even read this ebook and are sending it out to their list...with your affiliate links).

    You can use your affiliate links on ebay. Classified ads. Will cost you $10 i think for 30 days. Set it up right, with right keywords etc. Im sure you get really nice traffic.

    In long term:

    1. Do a proper keyword research or hire professional to do it. If you want, i can recommend cheap and REALLY good one. He will do top10 site competition research too for his favorite keywords. Any niche.

    2. Build content based on your researched keywords.

    3. SEO, backlinks. Create a plan and do it. If you don't know much about SEO, there is guys out there, who will do it. You can get really good service from warrior forum. I have some favorites there if you want. Last time i got myself web 2.0 package with $87. Really happy with results...
  10. Richertalk

    Richertalk New Member

    Wow, there's some great information here!

    I've been at this internet marketing for around 6 months part-time and I'm just starting to get traffic, although I must confess my affiliate earnings would just about buy me a bowl of soup right now! But hey, I'm making progress and like CarrieLyn rightly says, once you reach critical mass things will really start happening.

    The trouble is, so many products and programs conveniently omit the learning curve from their l-o-n-g sales letters. keep taking action and moving forward just like everyone else, one step at a time, and success will be yours.
  11. yasser

    yasser New Member

    ksc492: Keep writing articles and adding new content to your site, do something every day , even if it only takes a few minutes. It is the consistency and persistence that pays off in this game
    I agree completely[​IMG]
  12. carterstory

    carterstory New Member

    Not sure if you are talking about your goodincome site or not..
    Focus on larger companies that the members may want to benefit from your and maybe do an article / forum post / etc that will tie in

    Do you have a blog? This way you can write about things that may be banned on article sites (Like direct links to your sales page, or overviews / reviews of the system you are selling)
    It takes time.. It took my site 2 weeks to get indexed by google, so 10 hits in 2 weeks is a start.. you'll get there/
  13. Sahan Asad

    Sahan Asad Guest

    Kody you haven't really mentioned if you are targeting a competitive keyword, or low traffic keyword etc

    This is what I do:

    The keywords I use to start of my web site to find LOW competition keywords with HIGH traffic. Then once I rank for theses keyword I start to go for more competitive keywords.

    I analyse the ON page SEO & OFF page SEO of the top 5 rank sites that has my keywords to see if they are beatable.

    If they are beatable I'll submit EACH page of my web site to directories 10-20 times each of PR 3+

    Next stage Blogs and Forums posting. Have my anchor text (my keyword that I'm targeting to rank for) posted on HIGH PR sites. NOT their homepage, the actual page you input your anchor text MUST have a high PR. Having a high homepage PR DOESN'T count! I'll do this 10 time for EACH webpage of mine.

    Then submit my articles to high PR sites. I will spin my article 100's time and submit them with my anchor text.

    Then come edu, video, web 2.0, social etc

    Good luck

    Sahan Asad
  14. Teddy

    Teddy New Member

    WOW some really good information but being a newbie I am getting brain freeze... Would you use a blog to link to your "static" selling page or website? I have a static selling page and also a blog and should I be posting on my blog to try inrease the links to my other website?

    Thanks for all the info and help.

  15. Sahan Asad

    Sahan Asad Guest

    Would you use a blog to link to your "static" selling page or website?
    Yes blog is a good way. However you want to get traffic from many sources, you don't want to restrict yourself. Forums, Articles, videos, web 2.0 etc

    I have a static selling page and also a blog and should I be posting on my blog to try inrease the links to my other website?
    Increasing links to your one page site via blog posting?!
    I think you mean increase traffic to your one page site via blogging, right?

    I see you are trying to promote through your blog 3 different products which lead them to your static one page site. Then it leads to a high quality sales page which has opt-in box to collect customer emails (I hope you are collecting those email lists, not this company).

    I don't want to dishearten you Teddy, or want you to waste your time and think web business don't work when your marketing strategies is completely out dated. You are guaranteed to fail with these strategies which are 5-8 years old. I know I have been there!

    You have started with your wrong foot out; it's a massive subject for me to explain all this to you. You see your blog has no credibility, no opt in box in your blog, no freebies etc

    Money is in the list; focus on building your list first. Give customers free quality information to opt in to your list, give them VALUE. Build a relationship with your customer, build trust; this is the path to success. It takes 7 emails on average for customers to purchase from you!

    I promote many products, but only products that work for me FIRST! The link I have on this forum promotes just a ONE PAGE WEBSITE that does NOT SELL anything!

    I just ask for their email address if they want to learn via a book how to create a one page website to make $250 a day.

    After customers have opted in, the next day I'll give them a free video version of how to create a one page website as a bonus for showing their trust in me. Always over deliver to you customers. [​IMG]

    On top of that I'll email customers FREE newsletter once a week on how to get free traffic for their one page website. I don't send them every day or customer get information overloaded and would not end up doing any think. You have to look at your customer's best interest, that way customer will do their task.[​IMG]

    Can you see I still haven't sold them any think!

    Once customers start to see they can make money they trust you even more, right?

    That's when I sell high quality products to my customers, showing them how to make even more money from their one page site.

    Be patient ??“ build your list ??“ the rewards will be long term.

    Hope this helped you.

    All the best.

    Sahan Asad
  16. trish777

    trish777 New Member

    I have been marketing using safe-lists and list builders. I get a pretty fair amount of traffic and am getting new sign ups almost every day.

    I have been promoting the same site for several weeks. I was not having any luck until I made my email post very short.

    I think that is important to getting people to stop and read your email. Of course you also need a catchy subject line. Often asking a question works.

    I know myself I do not have the time or patients to read a long email. I think the same is true about blogging and article marketing.

    Condensing the information giving the most information with the least amount of words people will be more likely to stop and read.

    I know that is how I am anyway.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Success to us all!

    Trish LN.............[​IMG]
  17. mrgami13

    mrgami13 New Member

    i think you should read and research about the new algorythm of the search engines. i think tha fastest way to create traffic using search engines now specially google is to provide good content on to your site.
  18. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Teddy: Would you use a blog to link to your "static" selling page or website?
    It depends. Those sales sites are made by people that know what they are doing to get sales.... so when you can, link directly to the sales page - but there are places where it is better to link to a blog first, like if you place ads on Craigslist, or if you submit articles to certain directories with stricter guidelines...

    If you build Squidoo pages, just link directly to your sales page.

    The reason for building a blog is that it is a free website, if you will, that gets traffic from google searchers ( if built right) , which will then drive traffic to your sales page for you and anything you get out there that will be working for you 24/7 using free methods is really great.[​IMG]
  19. cdl123

    cdl123 New Member

    Safelists and traffic exchanges are a good way to get traffic to your website.
  20. eworker

    eworker New Member

    ryanbiddulph: To receive traffic give value
    I agree with ryanbiddulph.

    First of all, the big brother google must index the most of your content.
    Then you must build good backlinks to your site. You can exchange links with related sites o publish articles in directories.

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