I would like some sound advice please. RN of 28 years now disabled

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by pamrn, Sep 7, 2011.

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    Hello: I am new here and hoping for some sound advice. I am an experienced RN of 28 years, my specialty is maternal child health, labor and delivery, childbirth education (15 years teaching), newborn care and well baby care, premature birth newborn care, lactation educator/consultant, natural childbirth lamaze method and so on...

    I am now disabled due to 6 open heart surgeries, now cardiac stable (2 artificial valves but had multiple complications that took a great toll on my health, so am unable to do clinical hospital practice anymore) and then in a severe auto accident caused by a woman on her cell phone that ran 2 red lights and then ran over and on top of me. Pinned for 45 minutes and had major complications develop from this accident.

    I am very intelligent in the health care field, very well educated, well informed, have active license (can compact with 14 states) ...meaning practice across state lines of 14 states without having to pay for a license to practice as an RN in each state, (compacting common now in all 50 states to keep from maintaining multiple licenses, esp. helpful when you live less then 30 min. from a major metro area such as I do)

    The problem I have is I can't work outside of my home and stay healthy, I have tried 3 times and ended up in the hospital each time, yet I need an income to survive.

    I am honest, of highest integrity, give 110 percent to my patients and am a strong patient advocate, my patients have and always will be who and what I will and have fight and fought for.

    Can anyone help me with working from home? I have many ideas, thoughtful and well thought out ideas that are very much needed in our healthcare system today, but need help implementing them.

    Any and all help, advice, direction and support will be welcome.

  2. mountainmom5

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    pamrn: I have many ideas, thoughtful and well thought out ideas that are very much needed in our healthcare system today, but need help implementing them.
    Have you thought about building a website where you can add PAGES of information for others, and monetize it at the same time? There are a variety of ways you can do that. I like the SBI program as it teaches you how to build your pages so searchers can find them thru Google, plus it has a simple block-builder system where you don't have to know much html.
  3. A8ch

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    pamrn: Can anyone help me with working from home? I have many ideas, thoughtful and well thought out ideas that are very much needed in our healthcare system today, but need help implementing them.
    Hello and welcoime to the forum, Pam!

    Can you tell us a little about the nature of your well thought out ideas, without giving too much away? This way you'll be able to get more practical and meaningful suggestions.

    With your wealh of knowledge, extensive experience and qualifications in the maternal child care field, I can envision you writing ebooks and creating training courses and video tutorials in different areas of that discipline.

    You could promote and market these from a website that could easily become a go-to site for expectant and first-time mothers.

    That's just for starters! [​IMG]

  4. kanonig

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    Do you have a niche you would love to go into? You can begin by using "google keyword research tool" to find out if your niche will be profitable.

    Once you have your niche, you will need to optimize it for the search engines using your keywords and probably monetize it with ad sense or affiliate program.

    You will want to look into link building too.

    Secondly, you can offer your service as a freelancer and writer articles for your niche.

    Click bank, CJ, Amazon are good affiliate programs that you can tap into as well.

    Let know exactly what you want from all this or what you have in mind and lets see if it can be transformed to business online.

  5. stephhill

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    Hello Pam,
    If you plan to work from home you need to understand that unless you are involved in something that guides you to do something specific, you need to be a marketer.

    There are millions of places to go and many are legit.
    But at the sake of shamelessly promoting my site, you will need to do homework.

    I hope you find success and take care of yourself....

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Pam, i read somewhere that nurses are the ones that keep doctors from killing patients. To some degree it was a joke but it does have a serious point to it. Anyway, welcome to the forum and i beleive you have found a great resource to learn from. It can be overwhelming so try not to be, well, overwhelmed. As far as ideas are concerned, you may want to look into "Intellectual Property". Bill Gates had an idea, he then put it on a disk and then made copies. Your idea may possibly do this. You would'nt have to do the labor. Many things can be outsourced. The point is, protect your idea(s) by understanding patents, copyrights, etc. Hope this helps.

  7. aniket

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    Hello Pam and welcome to the forum...
    You seem to be very well versed in your field..health care is multi billionaire and evergreen industry..
    you can look into building a website and providing services...

    since u are from medical field i am guessing this internet stuff might appear overwhelming in the start....no big deal ....its difficult initially even for regular users..

    u can start by learning how to build simple websites....
    write content ...then there are various products related to your expertise which u can promote and earn commissions...

    since u are highly qualified ...u can provide good and unique suggestions in maternal child health and related things...

    or u can come up with your own product which might take a little time...
    u can do a quick search what types of products are available on the net related to ur field of expertise and then u can decide further...

  8. FreeCashMan

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    Work a home business using direct response marketing such as postcards. I do and its profitable if done right.
  9. pamrn

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    Thank you ALL for the great replies. As for my "ideas"
    1) Offering a service where I advertise for RN's, LPN's, CNA's, and non-medical care persons to care for those in need, I gather their resumes, do background checks, reference checks (for a fee) on all applicants, then I turn around and advertise (or do both advertisements at the same time, just not in the same advertisement section or piece) for persons needing care for someone they care about or love, for instance elder care in home/or in institution, respite care, nursing care and so on, the applicants looking for a qualifed care giver also are charged a fee, then I have a meeting place (hopefully for free or reduced amount, church basement, hotel (I have lots of 'favor owed' and strings I can pull to get places for free or reduced discount) then combine the applicants with the persons needing my service, and in the end they meet, greet, talk, and the persons needing care take home a copy of the resume or resumes of the applicants I have done background/reference checks on, and I retain a copy for my files for future use, salary is discussed by the applicant and person needing service, and all I ask for and certainly would do is follow up with both to see how the experience goes, my liability is nill as I don't hire anyone, I have done criminal background and drug test that is through the STATE not one off the NET, then my responsiblity is done, by them meeting and greeting and choosing whom they want to contact (no contacting or hiring that meeting, MUST be done on each others own time), based on what others see, they will be in a happy work situation, or see they need to re-work their resume and interview skills.... and by me having copy of resume and getting feedback either good or bad, then I would have a resume base to build on for next time. This could be done not only for elder care, but also for handicapped children/babies, etc...not interested in connecting anyone up outside of healthcare, such as babysitting, house sitting, pet sitting and so on....as the website I mentioned does them all and I think more....?

    Second idea, WOULD love to do tele-care, where as an RN I am at home answering patients questions, answering service, appt. setting/reminding, referal to ER if necesary, basically do what is done in call centers, but I do from home.

    Third idea and have been told "I have the golden egg on this one" by a well known and extremely well versed and experienced RN of over 30 years that is now a multi-millionaire as she charges for helping nurses or people start their own care facilites and hiring services, she gave me great advice for free as she was "kicking herself for not thinking of this idea herself" I just thought it had not hit the mid-west yet and was surely on the East Coast or West Coast, BUT I posted this on a forum and she contacted me as she's on the forum board, to tell me to remove my posting before someone stole my idea.

    Can't say too much except I would be a long-distance body of knowledge when someone's loved one is in a long term care facility, or even an assisted care unit all the way down to a full care unit, I would be the eye's, ears, knowledge base on the care that is being given to the loved one and audit the charts, checking for medical errors, level of care, check in on patient, all for a fee, there is much more I have that I want to involve in this and it is definately something that is needed.

    With this one I just need someone that understands my concept and would be willing to work as a partner with me, I don't partner with friends nor family as that is NEVER an idea to go into business with any friend or family member unless you want to kill that relationship, have seen it too many times. I close to Omaha, NE so huge market for all of the above.

    And yes all the computer "speak" is a bit overwhelming and I am willing to do my share of homework, I already have, there is an internet site that offers the same sevices "sort of" of my meeting idea, connecting care giver with those that need services, but it is strictly internet based, and you go by area (inserting zip code) you don't get to meet me, or the person you could possibly be hiring and you have to pay to even asscess their background check, employment history, and the rates go higher and higher the more info you want to know.

    Personally I would never use the internet to meet and hire someone to care for my loved one, or for respite care, and you don't have any idea if they truly have been checked out or not, I was in management for a long time and did my fair share of interviewing, hiring, not hiring (even when my boss thought they would be a great fit, I stood my ground until I found the right nurse, physician, CNA, and so on for our facility, and was not wrong one time, not tooting my own horn, I just knew what was best for us, and who would work best with our staff...

    And I had to cull more then a few employees when I took this position to re-work an entire OB department, then med-surg, ER, and ICU, moved people where we and they were happier and several times, had to break the news that it was simply time for someone to move on and I always helped them if I could, unless it was for reasons of unsafe care, and even then I would help them find a nurse refresher course, care taker refresher course ....if I could.

    I had to re-work each policy manual for this hospital that had not been updated since inception in 1959 (this was in 97) of course I could not do this monumental job, so I put up sign up sheets for groups to do this, easy concept for me, the hospital had left this crucial item go because they did not know or even begin to entertain the idea of forming groups to do these types of things, replaced equipment from same age, and all with no budget, at one point, we were out of pens ( budget allowed no more money to even buy pens) so I put up fliers that if everyone would look at home/car, kids bookbags for our hospital pens and bring them in (shoeboxes placed on each nursing department and in every other department) with a "prize" of a month of free meals in the cafeteria (cost me 19.00 for one month of "free meals" made up coupons for the winner to use, and in two weeks I had over 1500 pens, pencils, markers you name it returned to the hospital, problem solved for a whole 19.00.

    I think on my feet and am very detailed oriented and have excellant critical thinking skills, and I miss nursing (staff) very much, but life has given me a challenge and I still have bills to pay.

    I have also thought about going back to childbirth ed, as there is a great need for mom's who don't want a medicated birth and as my daughter is pregnant right now she told me that her midwife told her that "not to bother with childbirth ed classes as they all promote epidurals and don't' focus on natural childbirth at all anymore"

    This coming from a midwife, who I personally know from days gone by when she was a labor and delivery nurse, then lactation consultant and now a midwife, I COULD not believe she gave this advice to my daughter, so I am now working with my daughter and her husband, and also going back as a lactation consultant, I love public speaking and do well in it, I taught childbirth ed and newborn care for over 15 years, and that really made me mad to hear that no one is teaching natural births and I did do my homework on that, there are very few certified childbirth (independent instructors) in this entire area, all are associated with individual hospitals.

    And of course have checked into becoming a certified doula, as they get 600.00 per birth around Omaha, but that is an on call life and I am not sure if I could handle 24 hours of Doula work, but I do love to be with my patients in labor, not sitting at a desk watching a remote monitor.

    And yes it is true, nurses do actually know more then doctors in respect that we spend the time with the patients when they see them once a month or so and I can spot a pregnant w
    oman headed for pre-eclampsia from a mile away, have spent 12 hours with a patient in labor or just "watching her" and figured out something is or was wrong and alerted the physician before disaster struck, and it has also gone the other way around, we have a train wreck delivered to our OB door with symptoms of great concern who had just been to see her physician that day or soon before entering our department, and I or we could not believe how he/she (the physician) missed such blatent signs of "trouble a comin" , and the problem is growing worse today due to lack of prenatal education, busy practices, not enough great OB docs anymore (too litigious of a society now) everyone expects a perfect baby, and despite all of our tests and too many tests, all our best efforts, sometimes life just deals you and your baby a bad hand, personally I have never had a bad delivery turn out to a bad outcome and I have had some hairy situations, but thankfully my training and experience and just good nursing judgement and critial thinking skills we got thru them.

    So that is it in a nut shell, if anyone wants to contact me you may do so by giving my your personal email addy, contact info, or I can give mine if I can here.

    And it anyone lives in the area I would love to get to know you and maybe form a partnership or if anyone has leads on tele-care from home and or my other phone ideas I would welcome them, I know nurses do this from home, just can't find out how to get my foot in this door. Besides going door to door and finding physicans, midwives, etc.. or for that matter anyone that could use such a service, to me it makes more since then paying for a large "pager" company to take messages for physicans and such, as I have had to answer many of these "pages" and the info you get from the person taking the message is alot of times of no use to you, and you have to decide who needs to be called back first and with a poorly taken message this is sometimes impossible to do, and I know they are at home as I have heard dogs, kids in the background as I am listening to the message, which I think is HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL to have background noise and be an
  10. pamrn

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    I am SO sorry, my post was too long I saw after hitting "post message" so here is the "rest of it" so sorry I was so long in tooth, but at least too much info is better than too little I guess, won't happen again, please be patient with me [​IMG]


    answering service, I have none of that, and have two phone lines, high speed wireless and of course my office has only one window which has blinds for privacy purposes and can be closed off from the rest of my home.

    So see I have lots of "ideas" sorry just did not make them clear enough in my first post, but so many have offered to much advice, I know I have found the right place and am glad I am here !

    Sorry so long, won't be so long next time.

    Have also thought about becoming certifed to teach CNA's classes, Certifed Med Aide classes and so on...There is nothing like that in my area, and have just thought about looking in to this after I saw an ad from another state where a woman is doing this and had an ad in it every week, too far from people in my area to travel to and there is a need for this as I see more and more MA's and CMA's replacing nurses unfortunately, no slight out there to anyone employed as such, hospitals and doctors just can't afford to pay and RN or LPN when they can get someone who can work under a physicians supervision for 1/2 what they would pay a nurse, but I think some physicians simply take too many chances with this and it will come back and bite the health care industry in the long run with the amount of newer and newer complex drugs on the market, to me nurses need to be in charge of calling in prescriptions and dispensing medications, but I understand wage/cost need.

    Hope to hear more soon,

  11. Leah Mom of 3

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    Wow, what a wealth of information you have! As a former forensic scientist, I thought of this idea too.... You could always look into becoming an expert witness for medical cases. But that might require you showing up at the court house, so maybe you'd prefer to be at home at all times. But you could be a consultant at the very least!

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