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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by drum4fun85, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. drum4fun85

    drum4fun85 New Member

    It is short but It has important and strong information in it, that's just my opinion, My question is.....
    Does anyone who how to go about making a sells page? Do I need a website? I was planning on putting my guide on clickbank. Also where do I go about creating a great cover like so many other people have for their ebooks?


  2. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    drum4fun85: Does anyone who how to go about making a sells page?
    You need to have an understanding of human psychology, copywriting skills, and thorough knowledge of the product benefits. Then you blend elements from those three components into a compelling and persuasive story that moves readers towards purchasing your product.

    drum4fun85: Do I need a website?
    If you plan on marketing your ebook yourself, it's best to have your own website or blog. It gives you more options.

    drum4fun85: Also where do I go about creating a great cover like so many other people have for their ebooks?
    You can pay a small fee to have someone design it for you at Guru.com or Elance.com. If you have any graphic design skills you can create one yourself. There is affordable software available online and at the eBizInfo site in my signature. [​IMG]

  3. drum4fun85

    drum4fun85 New Member

    Ok thank you, I'll get working on my sales page asap. I am watching some photoshop tutorials as we speak. I think can make a cover.
  4. Gloria Joseph

    Gloria Joseph New Member


    Hi, You can try www.Fiverr.com. Here you will find people who will do things for $5.00. You can find some body who will help with your e book.

    Good luck

    Gloria Joseph

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  5. drum4fun85

    drum4fun85 New Member

    Thanks for the pointers. I actually just found out about fiverr. I made a guy a drum beat for his song. It came out really well.
  6. Margo Tuul

    Margo Tuul New Member

    1 question: how much research you did, when creating this product. Just stuff what you think are good, or you actually created a product based on what people want. If your research was basic, or nothing, no point getting a decent sales page, as nobody will buy it. I have had good few products failing because my research wasn't enough and i created something i "thought" will do well. Well, i failed. Then learned from mistakes and made a better and succeeded.

    Also, If you thinking to get a sales page for $5, or anything under $500, then better leave it off. You can mess things so so up, that nobody will ever visit/promote your product. Even you can throw something together and hope for best. Your sales page NEEDS to be good and convert, otherwise you have no chance. Well, you might get few sales.

    I would NEVER promote anything, with crap sales page. There are couple of good copywriters in Warrior Forum, if you need names, i can search for you. They also have options for people, with small budgets etc.

    But price for a good or decent sales page, lets say medium size, not too long, not too short, is going to cost between $500-$1500. And you can expect, that this sales page WILL convert. I have seen sales pages up to $10,000. Traffic Ultimatum and Google Sniper from George Brown are quite expensive sales pages. If you want, take a look to understand how good sales page should look like. George earns close to $190,000 per month (age 19, or 20 by now), so his sales pages are always top range.

    Another thing is how good is your product, and based on that, you get refund rate. Get this too high, and you are done. Nobody is going to promote your product with high refund rate.

    Ebook covers you can do it yourself. Photoshop can help you, if you have it. Also search in Google for ebook cover software. WF has many good designers, who can do sales page design and covers for $50.
  7. prohomeworker

    prohomeworker New Member

    Why not try selling it on Amazon Kindle... I dont think its that hard to get on there now as you dont need is ISBN number... Also I think its more professional and as a result helps your readers trust you and helps sells....

    Just a note Kindle format can be viewed on PC, Mac, IPad, IPhone, Andorid Phones and of cause the Kindle Devices....

    Good luck with it all...
  8. martyinmaui

    martyinmaui New Member

    Here are a couple of websites where you can buy low cost squeeze (sales) pages that you can customize - at least they might give you some ideas. (I have no interest in or affiliation with either!) You can find either easy by just Googling them.

    Easy to Use Squeeze Pages
    Killer Video Squeeze Pages

    Good luck!

  9. cjmo75

    cjmo75 Guest

    I have a ton of sale spage templates that I use to make great little pages for my ebooks. In fact, I just completed an ebook as well.

    Some advice I would have for you is to give your product Master Resell Rights and let other people resell it. embed your affiliate links and a link to your squeeze page inside and you'll be able to get massive exposure.

    You can get some really nice templates for your sales page cheap at Tradebit or any site that sells MRR products cheap.
  10. easiestbiz

    easiestbiz New Member

    If you are thinking about posting it on Clickbank - you will need three things:

    a sales page, a thank you page, and a download page. Your thank you page can be your download page.

    Use wordpress and this plugin (I am in no way affiliated with this business, I just happen to use their plug-in and love it.) to get these pages up in about 30 minutes. Don't waste your time learning photoshop and stuff. You don't need it. Plus there's all kinds of free templates out there. Photoshop will just fracture your time needlessly. What you need to do right now is just set up a sales page and drive traffic to it.

    You will find by using Wordpress and this plugin together will save you days of needless work. It's so simple.

    I also agree with the other poster above, get a couple of really good books on sales and copywriting.

    If you want to get good at copywriting now, I'll tell you my secret. Create a file on your desktop called "swipe file".

    Now, go spend about three days reading sales pages all over the internet that are selling all kinds of products. Only save the ones you like that make you want to buy something. As you come across sales letters that you love, save them to your Swipe file.

    Now, go here: [url="http://www.internetmarketing...netmarketingcourse.com/freeheadlinegenerator/[/url] because your headline is the most important thing - and spend some time playing around with this free tool. You will save so much time using formulas that work.

    Next, send your ebook to about 5-6 people in your general industry, people with great websites and ask them if they'd write a testimonial for you for your new book. You are sending them a review copy (so the testimonial is legitimate) and let them know you'll give them placement on your sales page with a URL link back to their site. They will love you for it. Include a sample testimonial (a different one for each person) make your email warm, friendly and tell them what you liked about their website and why you chose them out of hundreds of other people. You'll usually get about 75% response rate and BAM instant credibility. Some of them may even want to sell your book to their audience in a JV.

    Now finally - get out your word pad. You want to take bits and pieces of the sales letters that really got you, but rewrite them to fit YOUR product. Highlight the BENEFITS and HOW your ebook solves your audience's problem.

    Think about who would want to buy your product and write to them as personally as you can.

    Then sprinkle in your testimonials, and walla - instant sales letter. In about 3 days.

    Best of luck in your venture

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