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    ICANGET2 Has Just Launched, and as one who evaluates every new marketing strategy ever introduced, you should check this out. We have all seen technology change the face of marketing over and over again. It all started with direct mail, TV and radio, and of course print media, the basic advertising everyone uses in any business. And of course, the most hated advertising, cold calling. lol

    As one who has tried it all, when fax machine marketing was introduced, it dominated the industry for several years, but like all advertising, what worked yesterday does not assure it will work today, never mind tomorrow. When fax blasting saturated it became useless, so then we have email marketing, and this to this very day is still the most popular means for businesses to advertise, but does it work as well as it use to. NO. Spam has gotten out of control, and if you haven't noticed in recent months, email volume has dropped off significantly as a major push to block email marketers is killing the industry. I know I read nothing from anyone I don't know any longer, just don't have the time to wade through hundreds of emails daily. So again, you have to stay ahead of trends in marketing.

    Then we say the explosion of smart phones and the power in these cell phones has put a big dent in PC sales as more and more use their smart phones for everything. We have all got hit with texting explosion and no doubt this is also being exploited to target prospects like never before. Text ads can target you just before you make a buying decision with GPS tracking, you have certainly seen this technology at work if you have a smart phone. Now the newest kid on the block is SMS prospecting with a new app called ICANGET2 which is no doubt the next step in media marketing and probably more powerful than all the past methods combined. With billions of smart phones around the world, this is the technology everyone will want to evaluate for themselves. Better yet, very low cost, and if you can refer just 2, you are on your way to free membership and a long term residual income. Do you know two who need more prospects and more sales? Check it out, I am glad I did, and when you see how powerful this new smart phone app is, you will see the power of SMS first hand.

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  2. SaeedKhan

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    Yes, this app is quite interesting, haven't seen many others that are doing what this is offering. However, when it comes to marketing through SMS, the only limitation I'm thinking is that SMS may not be fully available globally right now because I've come across a few SMS services where they say they are only available in US or UK or limited to specific country.

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    Yes, it is true, some countries may not have SMS service, but billions do, so in time everyone will have smart phones with SMS technology, just a matter of time.

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  4. John Vianny

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    Sms is the past. Now app like whatsapp, telegram etc, could be more suitable for advertising.

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