Idea - E-Book Series on manufacturing Garden statues from Scratch

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by JoeW, Jan 8, 2009.

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    My name is Joe and live in Adelaide Australia. I am think on making an E-Book Series that details all my steps into creating a Design for a Garden Ordanemt to making the master and then continue with Moulding, FibreGlassing, Pouring the Product, Ageing and Painting, And Selling it and all doing it in you back yard as a E-Book Series. Just buy what ever part that you need.

    I have been making Garden Statues for nearly 12 years and over the time you so of fall into a habit/pattern on how to do the job. Everyone does this and that is why there are so many ways and methods to producing your perfect statue. however every manufacturer has a secret and i will tell all and explain it in simple easy to follow step by step instructions. I will explain on how to make a business from home and still not have a backyard that looks like a factory or war zone.

    What do you think? Will people be interested?
  2. daveshouse

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    Hi Joe,

    If that is your niche, that would be a great idea. Once you create the ebook, advertise it on Clickbank, Paydot, or whatever link exchange you want, and people like me can promote it for you.[​IMG]
  3. Newbie Shield

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    Hi Joe,

    Welcome to the forum. I would imagine that there would in fact be an interest for that topic and idea.

    You'd have to test the market yourself to be sure.

    Have a peak at this Google's free keyword tool to see if you can determine if there is demand:

    Let me know if you have any trouble using it.

    You can also type phrases into the search box on the Google home page to see if any sites are selling anything similar.

    I remember someone coming through here last year with a similar idea.

    Let us know how it goes,

    ~Newbie Shield~
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    Hi Joe,

    I'm up in Qld. [​IMG] That's a clever idea. To really determine if people would be interested, you need to do some keyword searches. You can find out by using some of the free keyword tools to get an idea.

    You want to be sure that there is reasonable demand (searches per day/month). It doesn't have to be just for the term 'garden statues' but for a combined range of terms related to that theme.

    If the demand is there, your best bet would be to build a website around that niche topic. Each page would be focused on one of the phrases that people are searching for. You provide them with good info. on that subject and then as you build some traffic, you can offer your series of e-books as a product solution.

    It takes a little time and effort in the beginning, but it could be a really worthwhile business. You'd be able to add a few other ways of monetizing, too, if you like. You could find companies that sell the supplies and earn commissions on referals, maybe add some adsense to site and even sell your own garden statues to your own local market.

    Sounds like a very interesting business.

    If you discover that there IS good demand, but you just don't want to build a website, you could approach other garden related sites and ask them to promote your ebook series for a commission of the sales. (Of course, you can do that even if you do have your own site).

    I did a very quick keyword search, and it looks like you should have enough demand to make it work.

    All the best,

    Newbie Shield: I remember someone coming through here last year with a similar idea.

    Actually, I do believe it WAS Joe, but the forum was acting up and his post disappeared and has now suddenly reappeared. [​IMG] Fortunately, I had saved my comment to him in notepad so that if I was able to locate his post I wouldn't have to re-write my answer. [​IMG]

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