Identifying Work at Home Scams

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  1. Vishal P. Rao

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    The first thing you should do to avoid being a victim of a work at home scam is to become aware of types of opportunities that are most commonly scams. Here, we discuss some examples of such work at home scams, so that the next time you come across such a sale letter or advertisement, you will be well-equipped to differentiate between the genuine and fake ones.

    Chain Letters/Emails

    If you are a frequent visitor of the Internet, you might have come across chain letters or emails promising that if you send a specific amount to the top addresses on the list and pass them on to more addresses, you can get your name added to the list, and thus you can become a millionaire because other people will send you money as well. Well, these mails are framed in such a manner that only the top names receive all the money, leaving you trapped in cases of fraud.

    Typing At Home

    If you are a frequent computer user, then your typing speed is bound to be good, and what better way to capitalize on it other than getting to do some typing work at home. Well, don't jump on all such opportunities, as most of them are deceiving. Such advertisements send you a disk and printed information, for a fee. All you need to do is to type these home typist ads, place them on the Internet, and sell them to more people like you. So, you see this scam is trying to turn you into a scammer.

    Well, besides these two work at home scams, there are many more baits lying there for you. So, here we give a list of some of them.

    * Email processing ??“ Just read emails and get paid $3/per mail.
    * Craft assembly for $600 a week. You have to call them and they send you a pamphlet with 100 companies to call, these companies will ask you to send $20 or $30 just to get the start up kit.
    * Email processing
    * Typist- All you need is a computer and internet connection. What they omit to tell you is that you have to post the same add you responded too.
    * Newspaper clip assembly. Get your local newspaper and send particular clips for $5/clip.
    * Stuffing envelopes for $2. And the list goes on.
    * Pyramid schemes

    Besides most work at home scams do not offer salaries nor do they guarantee a regular income. For some of them, you have to invest a small fee to be part of the members or buy the product and they neglect to tell you that you have to work quite a few hours before you can ever see a penny. Never give out personal information. You can check the credibility of the company via the Better Business Bureau and see if they are legal or had any complaints or you can check with the FTC (The Federal Trade Commission) call them toll-free at 1-877-FTC-HELP. That's 1-877-FTC-H-E-L-P.

    Note: If you feel suspicious about an opportunity, do a search on with keywords: COMPANY NAME Scam. You'll most likely come across discussions pertaining to the opportunity, if it's a scam.

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  2. scambuster

    scambuster New Member

    18 Feb 2007 23:18 - Attached on merging:
    Beware of work at home scams

    Have you seen these types of ads on adsites:
    These are bogus ads.

    The advertiser has nothing to do with the opportunity. It is a part
    of the assignment which company gives to its members.

    Home Based Employment Now..........
    Real companies hiring home workers.
    Work for as many companies as you like for a weekly income

    Now Hiring Work At Home Staff.
    Various positions available including:Typing, Research and Processing.Work as many positions as you like for an increased weekly income

    Originator of these ads is typeinternational. They claim to be a part of scamfreezone. Scamfreezone is a site run by administrator of
    typeinternational only. The site itself is a big scam.

    Indians. Beware of this site. The site has recently deleted its
    1000 Indian members. They fabricated a story of cheating by a member.

    Infact they were just trying to avoid the huge payouts/payments
    to Indian members.
  3. coreyjroman

    coreyjroman Silver Member

    That's very informative! It sounds as though the scammers are finding new ways to protect their interests by hiding behind self proclaimed antiscam sites and ads for what they call legitimate businesses. I wonder what they will come up with next? It's funny in a way... we are trying to protect ourselves from scammers and scammers are trying to protect themselves from appearing to be scams!...LOL

    Have a great day!
  4. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you for the information :)
  5. photomom04

    photomom04 New Member

    Can I add something here? The number one way to tell if something is a scam is if they are asking you to pay to work for them. If there are ANY fees such as a one time membership fee, a fee for "training materials" etc., it is probably a scam.
    When you are looking at starting a "business" such as in direct sales you will have start up costs and that is normal but you should never pay for a JOB.

  6. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Very true Connie [​IMG] I don't know how I missed that. One never pays to get a job in real world too!
  7. microdermxuser

    microdermxuser New Member

    I tried one of those chain letters that promised 6,000,000 and I got one whole dollar whooo off!!!
  8. gary99

    gary99 New Member

    Pretty much the answer is that age old adage. If it seems too good to be true, it is. Starting your own home based business is a lot of work.

    Anyhow, good luck everyone.

  9. philena30

    philena30 New Member

    I glad I'm dealing with some smart people on this board. It's true. All of it. I wish I would pay for something I can get for free if I search for it....duh... But that's what scams are! Any business opportunity that's says, get rich overnight or while you sleep, is a bunch of bolony. I always tell people, no matter what business opportunity you decide upon, please check with the better business bureau, before you lay your money on the table!
  10. rrscottm

    rrscottm New Member

    Hi Everyone, I just want to interject that legitimate network marketing opportunites are not scams. Network marketing is a very good way for an individual to begin a home business with a small start up cost and we mus remeber that in order to get into your own business there is always a cost involved.
  11. philena30

    philena30 New Member

    Yep.. But sooo many people fall victim because of impulse buying. Those are the ones that get hurt the most. Sure we all are told by uplines to, "Keep control of the conversation... don't let them think just do... If they ask too many questions, you don't have the right posture..." I think it's all a bunch of bolony(eaten by a dog and pooped out bolony) I never done that to people, and still will not stoop that low. I develop my business just fine and now my upline has left me alone. I like making friendships and leaders, not suckers and numbers.
  12. magix66

    magix66 New Member

    So many "work from home" opportunities, I too have been mislead and scammed many times.
    I suggest you never join a system untill fully reading and understanding it's workings.
    After many failures I finaaly found the most lucrative realistic work from home dream for me.
    It offers all the information UP FRONT and you can read into it all to make a real decision in your time.
    I wish all of you the best in your ventures.

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  13. made51k2005

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    I agree that not all network marketing are scams. However, most will hike up the price of the product that you can buy down the street and if they are mlm, the people at the bottom usually suffer the most when the company goes under.

    I put in $5,000 to sell water filters years ago and lost it all. That gave me such a bad taste in my mouth that I never touched one again.
  14. taityl

    taityl New Member

    I personally experience this type of 'Home Typist' job scam, look at my previous post at the discussion on

    Even when you can get someone to answer your phone call and answer your question with a real person; or even when they can give you a bank account, if they as you to pay in order to work for them,you better don't take the risk.

  15. knilesh

    knilesh New Member

    Hi Friends,

    To me, always be carefull when someone ask you to pay to get work at home.. True genuine Work-at-Home must be free, i believe.

    - thanks

  16. ann

    ann New Member

    Quoting: philena30Yep.. But sooo many people fall victim because of impulse buying. Those are the ones that get hurt the most. Sure we all are told by uplines to, "Keep control of the conversation... don't let them think just do... If they ask too many questions, you don't have the right posture..." I think it's all a bunch of bolony(eaten by a dog and pooped out bolony) I never done that to people, and still will not stoop that low. I develop my business just fine and now my upline has left me alone. I like making friendships and leaders, not suckers and numbers.

    Hi -- I'm SO glad to hear you say this - that you CAN build a network marketing business by being nice and upfront about it. I am just starting out and I'm excited about the potential!! Ann
  17. Nessloch

    Nessloch New Member

  18. Hey guys,

    I actually thought it was important enough to include scam and legit on my blog post today.

    I have heard so many questions about this type thing, I decided to at least list the good and bad from my own experience.

    Good Luck,
  19. Sonelle

    Sonelle New Member

    I find scams very easily! They display themselves at once with this strategem (emphasis on the syllable 'gem'!):
    Marketer: "All you have to do is invest $100.00 and you'll be rich!"
    Me: "I believe you! But I don't have the money! Tell you what I'll do... you send me the materials now, for free, and I will send you double (or triple) the investment price in one month, IF I make what you are guaranteeing I'll make! I will even sign an promissory note to that effect! Fair enough?"
    Marketer "N-nooooooooooooo....(fill in all the 41,000 reasons he does NOT want to make triple his investment in 4 weeks)!"
    That's when the little blinking light "SCAM!" "SCAM!" "SCAM!" comes on, on his forehead!

    Works EVERY time because if they're legit, the know they'll get a great deal of cash back, but if they know their deal is a fake, they will lose that initial investment! And if what they say is true, you will easily afford the amount.

  20. Adon

    Adon New Member

    Beware when a business opportunity is trying to entice you into buying NOW by saying something like "...this product will only be available for $29.97 until March 31, then the price will go back up to $58.97.." This is a red flag! I've seen several websites like this and the only thing that changes is the date! One time I got duped by this trick and saw that the deadline date had already passed. I contacted the scam artist and asked him to please make an exception for me as I was sending in my payment today. Of course, the crook agreed and the next day he had extended the deadline date on the site. The crook is not going to reject you buying the product at the "hook price". This is the intention all along and the "you better hurry up and get in on this opportunity now at this price" tactic always works on people who are taken in by the "business opportunity" by making them think they have to rush to purchase it. He got me!

    It works the same way in retail establishments when they put things on sale for a limited time. But at least you know if you rush to Walmart and buy it before it goes off sale, you've got the product you wanted. It doesn't feel good when you've bought into a supposed web based business opportunity thinking like this....and it turns out to be a scam! Been there done that!

    If you see this tactic being used on a business opportunity website, take my advice and click that X in the upper right hand corner of the window.


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