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  1. Kris Crosby

    Kris Crosby New Member

    The company is called Iggly-Biggly, which is a name brand of sandals. You can do your DD on google using Iggly Biggly and Lisa Middleton.

    The owner Lisa Middleton had a nation-wide clothing business and a couple of years ago her business did over $300,000,000 in sales. In 2007 she fell victim to a natural disaster when a tornado destroyed her warehouse and her inventory. She is now putting the pieces back together and out of that tragedy she is rebuilding her business that will do even greater things.

    This is where it gets really exciting for us. Lisa Middleton the woman behind this company needs investors to get her already successful company going again after a tornado destroyed her warehouse and inventory and we are being given the chance with a small investment of $20.00 to become a part of this fun ground floor opportunity.
  2. Kris Crosby

    Kris Crosby New Member

    There is a nightly conference call at 8:00 p.m. EST 212-461-5860 pin 28328. The call usually lasts about 25 minutes
  3. Kris Crosby

    Kris Crosby New Member

    The Iggly biggly pay plan structure is basically a simple 2 x 2 matrix which is a way to purchase samples and also earn money. When the website is completed in the next few weeks, distributors will also have a replicated retail website and customers can go and place orders for the flip flops at your website. This is not neccessary however it is another way for you to earn. The back office will be complete with ad copy, downline viewer and many other amenities.

    Iggly Biggly - Fun and Different - Affordable for All

    This amazing opportunity is affordable for eveyone as it takes only $20 to become a distributor, it is based on an established brand named product and company managed successfully by the owner. For $20 you also receive a pair of these cool flip flops and a potential of earning $480 over and over again, as many times as you like.

    -This is a great compay with a terrific lady at the helm. It is so much fun to share with others because of the reputation of Lisa Middleton and her past experiences. You can google or yahoo Lisa Middlton and read all about her. You can also hear her on our nightly conference call at 8:00 p.m. EST 212-461-5860 pin 28328#

    -You do not HAVE TO sell anything.

    -You CAN sell the product if you want to and earn a lucrative income - it's up to you!

    -In this economy, people really need a low-priced business opportunity that has so much potential for payout, that this could become THE program based on that alone. With the way it is taking off like wildfire already, this seems more likely than the opposite outcome.

    Now for the FUN part - How we make the money!

    You become a distributor for $20, receive a pair of flip flops, refer 2 people. You are then placed into a 2x2 matrix with the $20 distributor fee you paid; you refer two people and their two refer two. You are then placed in the cycle area and cycle out of the $20 2x2 into a $50 2x2. You cycle out of the $50 2x2 and are sent a check for $100. You are then placed into a $150 2x2. Cycle out of the $150 2x2 and sent a check for $380, receive 2 more pairs of flips flops and receive an automatic reentry into the $20 2x2 matrix and start the process over. Essentially, your team builds 3 - 2x2 matrices and you earn $480. This is very simple. Think about it, do you know 2 people that would like a pair of these cool flip flops and the potential to make $480???

    A little more detail, from what we know so far. (We will know and understand much more once the site is ready and online):

    The 1st matrix

    $20 $20 $20 $20 = $80
    - $30 Paid to the company
    - $50 Puts you in the 2nd matrix

    The 2nd matrix -

    $50 $50 $50 $50 = $200
    - $50 Paid to the company
    - $100 Paid to you
    - $150 Puts you in the 3rd matrix

    The 3rd matrix -

    $150 $150 $150 $150 = $600
    - $100 Paid to the company
    - $380 Paid to you + 2 pairs of flip flops
    - $20 Re-entry into the next matrix

    Lisa will not divulge all the secrets of the matrix. However, she has had experience with this in Europe so she knows it works.
  4. johnjimat

    johnjimat New Member

    sound like interesting. can non US join this?
  5. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Is there a site where a person can actually see the flipflops?
  6. topcat1954

    topcat1954 New Member

    Hello Kris and hello everyone in and soon to be in Iggly Biggly. Wow what an explosive start to a new unique company which has a proven track record in the off line world and Lisa Middleton will be soon rocking the online world. My wife joined as soon as she found out she can sell reeeeaaaaallly cool flip flops. We ain,t young mind you, not old either but we will be sporting cool flip flops. Or at least she will [​IMG]. Could there be mens in the future or are there enough generic ones we all will be happy. lolol I simply send out the easy ads and people literally are jumping on board since it is easy and low cost to join. Get in now!!!
  7. chibiz5

    chibiz5 Guest

    sounds interesting and they have been doing some good promoting
  8. Kris Crosby

    Kris Crosby New Member

    Just wanted to let you know that they will be turning Iggly Biggly on this coming week!!!! YAY!!! It was announced on the training call today if you happened to tune in. So here's what you need to do to get ready:

    1. Log into your back office and agree to the distributor forms (you will need to type in your name twice) and submit. These are distributor agreement forms.

    2. When we go live, you will see our payment processor (the company that will be paying us) in the back office and you will be asked to enter in your social security # or EIN or you have your business under a business name - US residents only. For international members - it will require whatever your country requires. They need this information because they will be sending you a 1099 at the end of the year. This is no different than having a job where you get a W-2. You will have the choice of ordering a debit card to have your earnings deposited into or direct deposit to your bank account. If you have any questions about this procedure, let me know.

    I will keep you posted as I hear updates but realize we are getting very very close!!!!

    Happy Mother's day - No calls tomorrow!
  9. Kris Crosby

    Kris Crosby New Member

    This is an exciting time for Iggly Biggly, there has been lots of action in the last few days. Here's some important information that was announced on last nights call.

    The company started to download the matrix into the back office of www.igglybigglysales.com this past Sunday and are hopeful that the matrix will be up and live by the end of the week. There are around 8500 distributors! Lisa went over the purchase agreement and has asked that everyone sign that in the back office. Please go to www.igglybigglysales.com and log into your back office with your username and password and agree to the forms (you will type in your name 2 times), you need to do this in order to get paid. Lisa is hoping to announce that we are officially in a Pre-launch mode by the end of this week, meaning that on the Igglybigglysales.com site we will be able to send our referrals to join and pay from one site. We will also have a link in our back office to the company that will take care of paying us and we will be able to either have our funds deposited to a debit card or directly deposited to our checking account. At that time, they also will be requesting our social security numbers or if you use a tax id number, because they will be the ones that send us a 1099 at the end of the year for US members and for international members what ever your country requires.

    We have the official launch to look forward to in a few months. When we officially launch we will have a product backend and a product retail site that will be self replicating. Lisa explained a little about the flip flops and how she would be going overseas relatively soon to start creating the Iggly Biggly line that we will have on our retail replicated website.. There will be a shopping cart that will be a .net site where you will be able to send customers, friends and family who want to purchase Iggly Biggly products. (She did mention there would be flip flops, watches, bags, purses several different products that Iggly Biggly will offer in the future.)

    Until the matrix is finished downloading, they have temporarily closed the registration process from the IgglyBigglySales site, it was causing glitches in the registration. Please, Please continue to refer new members! We don't want to stop our momentum! Just complete the first 2 steps, pay their $20 at www.igglybiggly.com and email their sponsor information to powersgroup@yahoo.com (* if the sponsor has not yet registered and doesn't have a username, just make sure they put in their sponsor's first and last name). When the matrix is finished downloading, we will let them know to go and register and sign the purchase agreement. Lisa has hired 10 new customer service representatives for her office and they will begin training tomorrow.

    The call is evry night at 8:00 eastern and at 10:30 eastern time on wendsday be sure to dial in so you can hear all the exciting things going on with Iggly Biggly right now!
    212-461-5860 pin 28328#

    We are getting so close and growing daily - This is a fun and affordable opportunity for everyone. [​IMG]

    Take Care
  10. Kris Crosby

    Kris Crosby New Member

    Debit Cards are on the way! If you have signed up be on the lookout. [​IMG]
  11. LauraLicata

    LauraLicata New Member

    Hey Kris,

    You are doing an awesome job with informing everyone about IB! I will be looking more into this when I am finally moved in and settled in my new home.

    Best of luck to you!

    Take care,

  12. Kris Crosby

    Kris Crosby New Member

    Hi Laura Thanks so much! I hope you had a good trip and are enjoying your new house! [​IMG]
  13. ronnafarrll5

    ronnafarrll5 New Member

    Hi I was actually trying to contact you in regards to the other post about needing someone to help you run your online store, could you please respond to me and let me know if the position is still available. Thank you Ronna
  14. Kris Crosby

    Kris Crosby New Member

    The matrix is now up in the back office. You can also join and pay from the igglybigglysales.com website. [​IMG]

    We are moving forward and are in Pre-Launch! The official launch is not far off! This is a great opportunity thats lots of fun! [​IMG]

    Have a great Holiday weekend!
  15. Kozysmom

    Kozysmom New Member

    Kris, can you email me - I want in on this opportunity!
  16. Wilkins

    Wilkins New Member

    Hi Kris,
    If there are members that haven't Join Iggly Biggly... Why ?
    WE (kristina & me) are helping our downline .. We understand how hard it can be to get a Referral. As long as the members in our downline are trying. We want each and everyone to have success.

    here is how it works!
    The Compensation Plan

    Iggly Biggly Inc. consists of three 2 X 2 follow your sponsor matrices.

    1. Become a distributor/wholesaler ($20.00 cost) , sign Purchase and Independent Distributor agreements ( for 1099 at end of the year), receive wholesaler/distributor's packet, your own retail reseller site, and brochure.

    2. Enroll 2 people and help them each enroll two people. Then you will receive a pair of flipflops, re-enter the wholesaler20 level , and move to the wholesaler50 level.

    3. Continue building your business 2x2, and your wholesaler team (your 2 plus their 4) will move up to the wholesaler50 level to cycle you out of wholesaler50 where you will receive another pair of flipflops, $100, and re-entry to wholesaler20. You also advance to wholesaler150.

    4. When your team ( your 2 plus their 4) advances to the wholesaler150 following you, you cycle and receive another pair of flipflops, $380, and re-enter the wholesaler20 again.

    5. If you work, you earn. The faster you work, the faster you earn and qualify.

    6. Pay it Forward WORLD, even helping those underneath you to qualify will push you faster through the matrix, and you will earn faster and have helped someone more than you would ever know.
  17. skydancer

    skydancer Banned

    Sounds like a great program. Is there any monthly fees after you pay the $20.00? Is the business up and running. Any info. will help.
  18. Kris Crosby

    Kris Crosby New Member

    Don't Forget

    Training Call today at 1:00 EST.

    212-461-5860 pin# 28328#

    Lisa will be answering questions so try to be on the call to stay up to date!
  19. Kris Crosby

    Kris Crosby New Member

    Hi all it's saturday! YAY!!! Just a reminder we have a training call at 1:00pm eastern today there may be a BIG announcement!! 212-461-5860 pin# 28328#

    MISS KITTY New Member

    Hi Kris,

    I have been looking at the Iggly Biggly info--I have a question. If I joined and I only have to get 2 people, if I have 4 or 5 people who are interested in joining--would they all go under my name? Or would they go under someone else's name. I am just curious, because I do know more than 2 people that would join--if I do.


    MIss Kitty

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