Iggy's Response to the ASD Scam or Ponzi Scheme Accusations

Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by iggyigette, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    Internet Chat Forums are filled with Rumors, Gossips, and Opinions (including this one)...

    What every person need to determine when going through all the Posts and comments is to answer this question: Is this statement a FACT or an OPINION.

    You'll find that the overwhelming number of statements made about ASD are Opinions not grounded on any real facts...and if you ask the person making the statement to provide real factual data to support their statements, they will typically ignore your request and move on to the next "Opinion Statement".

    ASD's Chief Counsel Attorney Robert Garner has put out on the web a for the Public a Legality Statement that EVERYONE can read, including every Regulatory Agency in the USA and Abroad, the FBI, CIA, ...available to EVERYONE...

    Robert Garner has a Law Office and is online:


    If you go Online to his Law Office, it is VERY CLEAR that he is a SEC Attorney, who have clients in multiple locations including outside the USA.

    SO...ask yourself this question:

    You have a real life Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Attorney who has his Law Firm's Reputation on the Line (www.garnerlawoffice.com) making a Public Statement to support ASD's Legality that EVERYONE (EVERY ATTORNEY, JUDGE, FBI AGENTS) can read.

    Does it make sense that a SEC Attorney put his whole Law Firm's Reputation, Credibility, and Potential Jail time over a well known PONZI SCHEME as some ASD Basher's have claimed?

    Who has more credibility?

    The Published legal statement of a SEC Attorney putting his Law Firm's Credibility and Reputation on the Table or the "Expert Legal Opinions" of ASD Bashers on the Discussion Forums?

    So the next time you read a person's OPINION that "ASD is a PONZI Scheme" or ASD is "Illegal Scam", ask them a few questions such as this:

    If ASD is an "Illegal SCAM" then either:

    A) Robert Garner is either an idiot SEC Attorney who have no clue what a Ponzi scheme is (but does business with the SEC)...or

    B) Robert Garner is intentionally and purposely part of this SCAM and is putting his Law Firm's Reputation and Law Career out there with an "Illegal ASD Legality Statement" for every Judge, FBI, and Regulatory Agency to SHUT DOWN and land him in Jail.

    Would they choose Choice A or Choice B?

    Feel free to Copy and Paste my questions/statements whenever you run across an ASD "Ponzi Scheme" Accusation on the web and let us know if folks choose Choice A or B or Ignore your post completely because they don't have a real factual answer...
  2. freebird658

    freebird658 Member

    Yes, the accusations are spreading! I just got this email from the admin of Intellibanners a new banner rotating exchange.

    Hello IntelliBanners Members,
    I have learned that two illegal programs are gaining popularity in the traffic exchange industry. The programs are scandicdollar.com and asdcashgenerator.com which are both based on a pyramid scheme structure. Pyramid schemes can range from "investment surfs" to "randomizers", but they all use funds from new members to pay the existing ones. Since they are illegal, these two programs are banned from IntelliBanners and I also recommend for all traffic exchange owners to ban them.
    On the brighter side, my traffic exchange at http://fivehits.com now has over 12,000 members. If you are not yet a member, I recommend for you to join and see why FiveHits is such a unique traffic exchange. As far as I know, no other traffic exchange gives you more hits per click.
    Thank you for being a member of IntelliBanners, the original banner rotator and co-op. Please let me know if you ever have any questions, comments, or suggestions.
    Josh Abbott

    Owner of IntelliBanners

    Soon all the exchanges will start banning ASD advertising as well![​IMG]
  3. Morelans

    Morelans New Member

    I hope ASD is getting wind of all of this .. either way they need to be aware and do damage control.

    If we can rarely get the site to work properly.. and ASD is starting to be BANNED as a pyramid scheme.. we are going down in flames!

    Truth or Not ASD needs to put these rumors to rest once and for all so ASD it not penalized more.
  4. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    So are you surprised that a Competitor would try to discredit ASD and then try to promote their own "legal" site?

    I would think a site with only 12,000 members is a little upset at another site growing at 1,000 membership a day and would do whatever they can to not be left in the dust!
  5. bluedog24

    bluedog24 New Member

    Somene I know has a bank of America accountant banker enrolled in ASD and he is very positive about the future of this company. He claims he has researched Andy and the company upward and backwards and didn't find anything for him to believe that they are nothing but very truthful, legal, and a credible company on diferent levels...
  6. vikingfan

    vikingfan New Member

    The 3 part video on Youtube of Andy and Robert the ASD attorney should be posted everywhere. Can someone post that for everyone to watch? It will clear things up for many. Thanks.
  7. Tweek

    Tweek New Member

    Garner is a lawyer for the accused company who runs his "law office" from a pobox.

    His paycheck comes from the person he is defending. Does anyone actually believe he is credible just because he has filed some SEC documents a couple of times in his life (any idiot lawyer can do that, it doesn't make him trustworthy or special)

    1 year from now Garner will be in a jail cell next to Andy.
  8. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Great post Iggy,

    Internet gossip is just the same as offline gossip - it just travels a bit faster.

    For some reason, some people seem to think that it is true, just because it is on the internet. However, this is a naive approach.

    The internet and forums especially are a very uncontrolled medium. Anyone can set themselves up as a self styled expert and even do it anonymously. And count on peoples' gullibility to get their 5 minutes of credibility.

    Look at the person who claims to "know" that Quincy Street is in fact Andy Bowdoin's home! LOL It contrasts a little with the information from a couple of members who have posted information after their visit to the offices. Guess what? Noone saw him coming out of his office in his pjs with a toothbrush in his hand! LOL But I'll bet even money that someone out there copies and pastes it as a "true statement"

    I was without a computer for a couple of days - but I am sure that someone out there will take my lack of response to their question as the fact that I have no answer! Go figure.

    The many admin problems that ASD has experienced because of its awesome and rapid growth have ironically taught me more about the organization and given me less reason for concern. I have had to have far closer contact with many people working there, than if it had been running smoothly. It is this contact that has reasurred me even more that the fundamentals of the company are good - instead of the reverse.
  9. Vaussie

    Vaussie New Member

    With limited resources due to 2 to 4 times expected growth, would you put your attention on DEFENDING NON-CREDIBLE crap, or STAY THE COURSE and focus on keeping up with your success?

    The internet has brought many wonderful opportunities, but it has also brought the opportunity for people with no factual backing to say whatever they want as if it were fact. In other words, the internet has brought an amazing flood of b/s!


  10. maryjanedoe

    maryjanedoe New Member

    To anyone who can settle my concerns,

    I have a question concerning how a person actually makes money and where exactely this money comes from? I have been to a couple of presentations for ASD and at the first one I was extremely excited, by the second one I became more cautious. Now I simply want to know if someone can reassure me that this is not a scam of sorts. I get the general concept of how a person makes money. BUT, here's my deal.... so all of these people sign up, purchase adpacks and the people who are buying in are the ones viewing these ads, doing the clicking, buying more ads and so on, and so on, and so on...ect.. SO....isn't it money that's just being shifted around, from one to another in the business? You're buying in and I'm getting paid from money you paid to buy in. Or what can someone tell me that will make me think differently. In ponzi shemes a person makes an initial principal investment, then is paid their monthly returns out of monies that later investors make. So...how is this not a similar concept? I am NOT slamming or bashing ASD AT ALL. I have considered doing this as a business, but want to make sure it's all on the up and up. Please help me to understand how it works. Maybe I'm missing something???

    BTW..... iggy, your responce is just that, there is nothing that can truly state that this is not some sort of scam or ponzi. SO, what can you tell me that will make me feel secure about ASD? Unfortunately I and many of my family and friends have been affected TERRIBLY from a serious ponzi scheme, and have lost THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars. It affects every aspect of your life. The worst part is that you trust what people are telling you, do your own searching to try to assure yourself that the "deal" is on the up and up. YET, even lawyers, busniessmen, Godly men, can get caught up in money making. Greed certainly can get the best (or worst) of a person.

    Just wanting some answers or reassurance, if possible.
  11. Investigator

    Investigator New Member

    Several days ago I sent an email to Andy requesting answers to many questions I had concerning his company and suggested that he call me before I released the information to the papers. Last night I received a phone call from a person who said that they were Mr. Bowdoin's Attorney (Robert Gardner).

    Mr. Gardner said that Mr. Bowdoin was unavailable to answer my questions and that according to the terms of service I could not release any information to the papers and if I did they would sue me. Well, I had to pop his bubble since I informed him that I was not a member of their scam and he could go right ahead and sue me. It was at that time I asked him if he was going to be the Attorney of record since I would be counter suing. It was then that I got the spill that he was a lawyer in good standing with the Florida Bar. Bubble number two popped when I told him that he was not listed with the Florida Bar. He hung up and ended the conversation.

    All my questions have been answered!!!! SCAM!!!
  12. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member


    There is a raging Debate in many online forums between 2 camps:

    The ABs (ASD Bashers) vs the ADLs (ASD Defense League).

    I have read and followed many of them.

    The arguments are the same...back and forth...tit for tat...

    "where is the money coming from?" "It's coming from here"..."I don't believe it"..."I don't believe you"..."you're an idiot"..."you too"..."takes one to know one"...blah blah blah...

    Most People in either camps have already made up their mind and formulated their opinions...it doesn't matter what data, figures, numbers are thrown around by BOTH parties...it really is a futile argument back and forth that ends up essentially with Name Calling and personal attacks...a sad and humorous ending with most of these debates actually...

    If you want to know if ASD is a PONZI scheme...go straight to the Florida Regulators, SEC and ask them...the bucks stops there...not on the Internet Forums...

    ASD has made Public Statements that as of date, there are no "Regulatory Investigations" against them for the 2 years they have been in business...

    I don't care what people say on internet Forums... the truth is simply to contact the State Regulatory Agencies and find out if that's true or not...the Buck Truely stops there doesn't it?

    And you'll have peace of mind (or not) if ASD is a PONZI (or not)...
  13. nekkoddd

    nekkoddd Guest


    Please answere Jane's question. Where does the long term sustainable revenue come from, other than from ASD members?

    I am truly intersted in pursuing this oppurtunity if I can get my brain wrapped around the ASD model.

    ASD is opperating within a closed system, it appears to be funded by new add pack revenue that comes from a captive audience that are members of ASD.

    These members are all involved to make money, not look at internet ads.

    So one more time! Where does the long term income come from other than ASD members buying ad packs?

    If you do not know, please just admit that!

    Thank you.

  14. vikingfan

    vikingfan New Member

    You might want to seriously learn the program before making accusations. You clearly do not know what you are talking about. Just a warning, several lawsuits (30 million +) have been filed against people who slander the company. ASD takes these things SERIOUSLY!
  15. Vaussie

    Vaussie New Member

    Apparently, this guy does not have Andy's integrity!!!

    What is the source of his information? Did he back it up with anything? No... it's his opinion voiced as fact... all too typcial on the internet today!

    I wouldn't advertise on his sight simply because he appears to me to lack integrity! Typical tear someone else down to try to make yourself look better! This behavior is typcial of those trying to hide the fact they have little self confidence. If one is so confident their site is better, why not simply sell the benefits of that site? Why does one need to tear down the competition?

    I will not buy a car from a car salesperson who lies to me! The only way to bring back integrity in our world today is to refuse to do business with those without integrity!

    This is my opinion only - no claim to any facts!

    (Carefully stepping down off her soap box, hoping to not trip and humiliate herself! LOL)

    THE MAIN REASON I joined ASD was because of Andy's integrity! For me, that speaks volumes.
  16. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    Vaussie: THE MAIN REASON I joined ASD was because of Andy's integrity! For me, that speaks volumes.

    Could this be the reason he stepped down from Panda?
  17. pastorbob

    pastorbob New Member

    I'm a pastor and work in Quincy Fl. after much praying and talking to long time Quincy residents I too joined ASD. I have yet to hear one negative comment about Andy Bowdoin. All I have spoken with that know the gentlemen have nothing but praise for his integrity and charactor. The morning I made my decision to join I was in prayer and felt truly led by God to just drop by the office and leave a card and request a future meeting with Mr. Bowdoin. The office is not his home. As many offices are in our part of the country it was at sometime in the past someones home, it most recently in the past was a florist shop. Anyway it was jammed packed with people working like crazy, everyone was super-friendly, all sitting behind computers taking care of business. I asked for an office manager and a very nice fellow came out and said he was over this office, (they have another building next door I later found out,also packed with employees) I asked him what the chance of meeting and speaking with Mr. Bowdoin at some point in time would be ? He replyed how long would you need? I said I dont know, maybe 15 min. he asked me to wait and walked away. He returned a cpl. minutes later and said as soon as Andy got off the ph. he could see me. My wife and 11 yr. old daughter were in the vehicle outside so I asked them to come in as we both wanted to meet Mr. Bowdoin. A few minutes later we were led back to his office, just very casual and comfortable, we introduced ourselves and me, my wife and daughter sat down in this gentlemans office and began to talk. (I come from a pretty "street-wise" back ground, use to be involved things I'm not proud of. I do have a pretty good gift of discernment and I am pretty good at spotting phonies quickly.)Meeting with Mr. Bowdoin was like sitting down with your grand-father, very calm and peaceful, without much talk you could easily see this was a very "life-wise" gentlemen very personable and sincere. Not the 3 pc. fast talker or the man "puffed-up" from much knowledge. Just a genuine sincere elderly man very intrested in listening to you and your concerns... This was Thursday before the Miami rally! He was in no rush to get rid of us, just calmly answered our questions, prayed with us, told us if we needed him to let him know and we left. I have been back by the offices a couple of times since for different things (dropping off paper work etc.) always employees diligently working yet all very friendly and personable. As stated before they also have accounting offices in a building next door, same scenario, packed with workers and needing more space. ASD has bought a 4 story building just down the street ( tallest building in Quincy! [​IMG] ) They are in desperate need of more room, I heard they were considering moving to Tallahassee, but Quincy wanted to keep them local as they are so good for economy, jobs etc. I was just in the office Thursday, and found another fine Christian gentlemen I know, who works there. He said the growth has been phenomenal. They have gone from 8 employees to 60+ It definetly does not have any appearance of a get it and get gone look. They are making long term obligations and commitments, I cant imagine anyone with this mans reputation jepordizing it for a $'s. It is obvious from his previous success in business he's not desperate for a buck! A small town like Quincy, Fl. does not have many secrets, from those who dwell there... In my opinion Mr. Bowdoin is the real thing. He has no need to try to pull a fast one or even operate in some grey area of the law hoping not to get caught. If there is anything wrong I'm sure he will be the first to be sure it is made right. Ths isnt something he pieced together on a whim, I feel sure He did his homework before he launched into action.I am very aware as all ,they are being checked out by the USAG office. This I feel is a good thing, it should put to rest all the criticism, if something is wrong I feel sure it will be made right, I am very aware that success breeds envy... If I did loose all I'm still going to
    be just fine, " If God be for you, what can stand against you?" I'm very much at peace and pray all involved will be. I know it would be very difficult to live miles away and to have bought ad-paks expecting ads and rebates and the web-site being down so long and such I'm sure I would be super concerned also. Hence many complaints for sure. I am very blessed to live close by and work right down the street and see all transpiring on a daily basis. I hope this "eye-witness" report will put others at ease. thanks for letting me ramble, just felt the need to do so was now. God Bless, pastorbob
  18. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    Thank You for Sharing Pastor Bob!
  19. vikingfan

    vikingfan New Member

    Thanks Pastor Bob. Andy is an amazing individual. I, too, believe this will make ASD stronger in the future and FINALLY put the naysayers to rest.
  20. dbass2

    dbass2 New Member

    pastorbob: I'm a pastor and work in Quincy Fl

    Thanks for sharing Pastor Bob. Just wondering whats the name of the church you are associated with?

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