Iggy's Thoughts ASD Conference Call July 5

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  1. iggyigette

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    OK Folks...quick re-cap of this morning's Q&A Session with Robert...

    ACH (Automated Clearing House) - a method of transfering funds from bank to bank - is supposed to be Up this coming week ("supposed to")...this is going to replace Direct Deposit...

    W-9s...they are backlogged it sounds like putting them into the computer system if you just recently faxed in yours...

    Current Cash Out options - Check in the mail, Alert Pay, Solid Pay...

    Questions regarding ASD's Compliance with the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission)...for those who don't know the Attorney for ASD is a SEC Attorney who helped put ASD together to comply with all Rules/Regulations.

    Question on If Andy is a "Fly by night" guy...Andy was awarded the Medal Of Distinction by Congress...typically not awarded to "Shady Characters"

    ASD Promotional DVD coming up soon - will be announced at Miami Rally I think...DVD is supposed to be awesome and covers just about everything that a new prospect would want to know (or at least that's the current "spin")...

    ASD Office in Florida - Has 2 Buildings side by side and looking for a third office to keep up with Expansion.

    ASD's Separation from Bob Cefail pretty much complete except they are working together still with the HotProspect Project

    ASD Promo tool kit - belongs to InTouchMedia although Andy trying to buy Rights to it...

    OK...that's about it folks...

    Have a great day
  2. alasycia

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    Thanks Iggy,

    All this thinking of yours is doing us good.

    Thanks for correcting me about the promo tool kit. It was Bob himself who announced that it was at that moment being transferred onto the ASD server on one of his last calls.

    I sincerely hope that Andy does buy the rights to it - it was developed as a free tool for ALL ASD members, not just InTouch clients. If it becomes ASD propery we will know that it is ToC compliant!

  3. Caterina

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    Thank you for the recaps for BOTH days.....

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