Iggy's Thoughts on the ASD Conference Call July 4

Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by iggyigette, Jul 4, 2008.

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    Some news on the Conference Call this morning that I felt was relevant to relay:


    Customer Service Issues: There are currently 48 Phone Lines available. They are putting in another 48 Phone lines. There are 60 Customer Service Reps right now - they are hiring some type of "call center" to assist with the phone calls.

    If you're calling and the phone line is "always busy", realize that ASD is growing at a rate of over 1,000 members a day...and they got less than 100 Phone lines!

    If you're trying to send a Fax to ASD, realize that at any given time there are at least 500 members trying to fax in to ASD also!

    So YES...ASD has Customer Service Issues...
    and YES...these issues are due to GROWING PAINS....growing at over 1,000 members per day...

    Even when the 48 additional phone lines are up...personally I'm not sure if the customer service issues will improve significantly because only God knows how many more members ASD will have by then trying to call in and fax stuff...

    it seems like a "Catch Up" game...you expand but your membership base expands at a larger rate than your infrastructure expansion! I don't think it's a bad thing though...at least the membership expansion...


    Complaints to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) about ASD... so far there has been one completed Complaint against ASD on the BBB - and the BBB ruled in ASD's Favor.


    The maximum Cash Out per day is $12,000...so it doesn't matter if you've got 5 Million Ad Packages, the maximum Cash Out per day is $12,000 - this is a good thing (unless you're the guy who's got 5 million Ad Packages)


    30 minutes ASD infomercials planned for cable stations. Don't know where or when this will be launched. Good thing.


    Robert says Credit Cards will be accepted to purchase Ad Packages. Robert said that, not me (in case it doesn't happen).


    Will be a 2 Day Event - not just one day...probably because it is in Orange County where there are a bunch of Yuppies with Big Bucks...just my opinion...


    Debit Cards!! Don't know the launch date...But when you do a Cash Out...that Cash Out amount will be credited to your Debit Card automatically - use it like any other debit cards. This means no longer waiting for weeks for the "Check in the Mail"...liquidity instantly...real cash in your Debit Card to go buy stuff at Walmart and support the Chinese...
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    Great News! Thanks for passing it along!

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    I agree Iggy. The best news is the debit card!!! I have been waiting for that one for some time now... It will make things a lot easier!!! [​IMG]
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    Thankyou. I signed up at Tampa. The infomercials will be shown in Canada in a show called 'Opportunity America'. It is basically targeting the Canadian Market.
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    Good luck with all that, and happy 4th of July to all!

    OK, it's the 5th now on the East Coast, but I hope you
    all had a nice 4th!

    Jaime McCarley

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