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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Franklin, May 7, 2009.

  1. Franklin

    Franklin New Member

    Not really! But the point I want to make a cross is that you cannot lead with your business. People are not looking for business; people are looking for an answer to their problems.

    How can you help the people that join your business to make money, by telling them to put the same ads and in the same places that you do. The secret to MLM success is funded proposal.

    If you have one in place you will be getting more and more prospects contacting you credit card in hand. That's how you build mlm empires. I did not learn that from my upline I taught him that! [​IMG]
  2. johnjimat

    johnjimat New Member

    wow you give a great point there.. [​IMG]
  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I saw your headline and I thought, wow, he has no idea what he is in for.. great post![​IMG]
  4. timhale

    timhale New Member

    Yes! People would always rather seek you out for the product you have - b/c it's a GOOD product - rather than the wish/hope to make $.

    Sure, MLM programs are designed to help people make money, using/selling the products they love, but the PRODUCT should always be #1.

    If you can't stand behind the product, there are plenty of other MLM programs/products out there....why pick one with a poor product??

  5. Franklin

    Franklin New Member

    Thank you johnjimat, mountainmom5 and timhale, Please keep adding more golden nuggets here, I'm sure there's lots of people that we can help here.

    Keeping coming looking forward to reading more! [​IMG]
  6. topleadersonly

    topleadersonly New Member

    Prospects care about two things in this economy. MAKING MONEY AND SAVING MONEY. They dont care about ebooks, or potions, or personal development. They just care about MONEY. If you can show them how to make it and how to save it your set. In my 7 years doing this that is the biggest thing I have learned. No one wants over priced garbage.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member


  8. 2x2Prosperity

    2x2Prosperity New Member

    More people join you, not necessarily your business.

    Everyone wants an honest leader now.
  9. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    I love the title to this thread. It is extremely eye catching for a couple reasons. One it's a good title that something truly interested in getting started might write on this forum. In addition I know that there will be a bunch of business owners in the thread posting away. I love these types of exchanges as I learn a great deal.

    In my endeavor to find other like minded businesses owners to do business with threads like this give me a good target market. The one thing ive learned is that many of us do alot of the same type of marketing and teaming up would be beneficial to all. I look forward to hearing a bit more about each of you.

    I post often in the forum and had primarily been focusing on the Coastal Vacations thread. But as im expanding ive begun to share in many other areas. Good luck to you all and see you on the threads.
  10. jeffathome

    jeffathome New Member

    Great title. Will definitely get some people looking. Everything posted here is so true. People join and buy from people they like. Of course you have to have value but this really is a people business.
  11. computerincome

    computerincome New Member

    Yep. You got me again...Good work
  12. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    Interesting title that attracts me here.

    I am still learning how to become a leader and guiding my downline to be leaders.
  13. lavendersluv

    lavendersluv New Member

    Being a leader is not a level one reaches its about the actions you take. If your downline see you recruiting and prospections they will start to do the same.

    The title caught my eye as well, very good.

  14. granny

    granny New Member

    Hats off to you with this post!!! You are absolutely on point with this and I think it is a mistake that so many people make! I too, wondered if you were somewhat suicidal in posting it until I read it! [​IMG]
  15. Banker

    Banker New Member

    The title is like a "Candid Camera" show and we are "caught" in here because it catch marketers eyes and "you've got me!.. oh gosh" [​IMG]

    Really, I learned that MLM or Network Marketing is not about YOU nor products or compesation plan either. It's about how you can help other people to achieve their dreams comes true. Only then you can achieve yours.

    Relationship is important as its about people. As Brian Tracy said, "..people's buying decision is emotional, they buy from people they trust.."
  16. choon01

    choon01 New Member

    These are really great info. Thank you you all.. I do believe in the MLM business. But it is true, people dont' just join for the $, they join you when you have gain their trust.
  17. YourRain

    YourRain New Member

    I love it! But you are so right.

    I took several years off from network marketing before I joined my current new company and the main reason why, was I wanted something that I could make money with and have PASSION for at the same time.

    When you recruit, or even help recruit, you are exposing yourself and your credibility to everyone you talk to. If they come to you, then you don't have to "sell" them on "yourself" first, before you sell them on your products.

    Just my 2 cents worth!
  18. narelleyeates

    narelleyeates New Member

    Franklin you hit the nail on the head about funded proposals. I'd say about 90% of people posting on this site have no idea what it is though. For those of you who are wondering, it is basically some kind of product or information you offer at a very cheap price or for free, that is separate to your main MLM business. The information needs to be valuable to prospects to attract them to the page. You offer this valuable information in exchange for their conctact info.

    Hope I'm not giving away too many secrets here, but for those who are brand new to internet marketing, mastering this skill truely is the key to successful internet marketing and generating tons of good quality leads.

    Kind regardss,
  19. JoelCowen

    JoelCowen New Member

    You can also create a free ebook our newletter and give it away once they optin to your site. This is a very effective way to get leads and whats great is it's all FREE. Got to love that word.

    To your freedom and success,

  20. billiebjosey

    billiebjosey New Member

    Very True....Network Marketing has changed...You have to lead with the opportunity instead of the product...People want to see the money!

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