I'm new to MLM and needing some advise

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Eric Murray, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. Eric Murray

    Eric Murray New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I joined a company by the name of Four Corners Alliance Group and not sure if getting into PPC would be worth the time or effort? I have a get response account as well and not sure if that was a good choice at the moment because I only have a couple of people signed up right now?

    I know this isn't a quick business type of deal so I'm in it for the long haul because I have to do something besides set around the house all day.

    Is anyone familiar with Four Corners and if so what do you think about it?

    Eric Murray
  2. Nicholas

    Nicholas New Member

    Hey Eric, Ive been doing networking marketing for a little over 2 years now. Ive been around a few networking marketing companies and they were all great. Good product, although i did have success but not everyone that came into my organizations had success. It takes an ambitious and out going person, with a lot of passion to sell a health and wellness product, or protein powder, knifes, vacations, events ect... In this past month i have found a company that allows you to make money from the product alone. While also having a great compensation plan for the marketing side. I'm not here to recruit members, I'm here to help fellow network marketers find something they can succeed in, while not having to rely on members in your organization to make money.
  3. KB24

    KB24 Active Member


    I have never heard of four corners. PPC do you mean (Pay Per Click Advertising)? If it is pay per click if done right it can make you a lot of money. If you don't know what you are doing you can lose money..I personally would go with affiliate marketing instead of MLM

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Welcome to the forum Eric, great place to learn from those who have been where you are, new to MLM or home business arena. I had evaluated Four Corners several years ago as I do most new programs. I didn't see anything wrong with business, did register as I do with many to really evaluate it closely, but as I saw it, just not enough value being offered for the monthly cost, but to each there own. They have been around for several years which is a good sign, so the best of luck with your new venture. Just never give up is best advice, you never know when you will recruit a winner which could push you over the top and on your way to success. Using PPC can be effective, but also expensive, so emulate what others are doing to succeed in Four Corners, search around, PPC doesn't work for every business the same.

    Happy Healthy and Wealthy New Year To All,
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  5. Taff

    Taff New Member

    Hi Eric,

    How are you ? I can relate to what your saying about in house all the time, I was like that for few years when ill so well done for taking action .

    To answer your question yes I'an familiar with Four Corners . Was in this company in 2014 for while but when they change things I left because in my eyes I couldn't promote saying For $18 as they said but then charge monthly for others things and not much value. But that's only my opinion ! But a lot of people have made money from that system.

    How long have you been Network Marketing Eric ? If your new I wouldn't try PPC without really learning it because you can lose money by doing PPC the wrong way.

    There many ways you can market without paying to start off. I like to know what ways are you using to market?

    Send me a PM or reply back .

  6. Angela Gurley

    Angela Gurley New Member

    Hey Eric,

    I am familiar with Get Response and 4Corners. There is something about building a company with a list. I know that you only have a couple of people on there now but you should still be writing to them while you build it. It gets you practice in communicating and have you ready for when your list is much larger. A small list of very loyal and targeted people can set you because you can communicate with them daily. We look at the top marketers and believe that we should be there BUT you did not see the struggle they had at the beginning. Each list begins with one doesn't it. Invite others to join and share what may help them and then you can get them to look at your opportunity. There is a great free training tomorrow night from a 16 year NM that will be discussing just this. Happy to share that with you if you are interested.

    Have a great one,
  7. Ken_Cloutier

    Ken_Cloutier New Member

    Hi Eric, PPC can work if you are willing to make the investment of learning the best methods. Outside of your warm market (friends and family), the best methods to get more people to talk to about your opportunity are to:

    1. Meet people in the cold market (ie- contact)
    2. Use attraction marketing- blogging, e-book, free training, etc.

    The bottom line, Eric is that you want to provide value in the marketplace. Decide who your target market is and then help to solve their problems, needs, and desires. In other words, what keeps them up at night? What things do they struggle with (time, money, etc)? If you help them solve their needs, wants, and desires, you will become more "attractive" to you and they will want to learn about what you do!

    Hope this helps!!
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  8. Haris Z

    Haris Z New Member

    Hello All,

    New to the network marketing sector, didn't know a things about it before my friend introduced me to it. Very excited to learn and grow, reading these forums is helping a lot too. Appreciate all the free advice members are sharing, thank you.

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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Welcome to the forum Haris, nice to see new blood join us, especially a newbie to MLM. This should be a lesson to everyone, new people who have never heard of MLM or network marketing do exist, so never give up, for all those who have tried it and failed, there are just as many who have never done MLM business.

    Success to all,
  10. snoopye1970

    snoopye1970 New Member


    I am still new in this forum and this is my first post...
    I think the right product makes a lot if you are successful or not. If you have a product you need to buy first by yourself and then store it at home....
    And if you need to refer people as well, if can't do it or don't want it, then you will fail as well.

    I found a product that earns me money, but I don't need to store it at home and it earns me money without bothering friends and relatives. But I can refer if I want to.

    Have a lovely day.
  11. Boriscro

    Boriscro New Member

    I suggest do not work with PPC advertising because people just want to view ads for money ( if we can say that is 0.01 or 0.001 $ is money ).

    I agree for affiliate marketing but there is also some good programs with MLM ( for example SFI which is combined affiliate and MLM ).

    Also good program is wealthy affiliate which increasing my online income and where you can learn a lot of things.. Also good programi is Ad2Prosper ( owners is Perotti and Francavilla - top sponsors from SFI ) which gives you some bonus and there is MLM&affiliate too...

    I work only on legit online jobs and never been scammed...
  12. Steve Bailey

    Steve Bailey New Member

    Eric, I'm not familiar with your organization but hopefully your upline gave you some basic training on how to be successful. My recommendation is always to do what your upline is telling you to do. Don't reinvent the wheel and follow the advice of those that have gone before you.

  13. SaeedKhan

    SaeedKhan New Member

    Hey Eric, with regards to PPC, in my experience, it's all about testing split testing different ad copies, banners etc and seeing which ones perform and trash the ones don't. Also bear in mind some networks like Google, i think don't allow promoting affiliate programs. I've promoted these types of offers with ad network 7 search, and got clicks at a much cheaper rate than google. You can also try bing ads, if you google something like free bing ads voucher, you can get a free ad voucher to trial their system out. PPC is one of my favourite traffic sources because, people are searching for exactly what they want and if you can match that keyword they searching for, you have laser targetted visitors to your website and potential conversions.

    As you're promoting a business opportunity such as 4 corners, I myself also promote some biz opps and i've experienced that solo ads have provided me best ROI on "make money online" biz opps. But be careful, there are loads of dodgy, scam solo dealers, who sell clicks for cheap but these clicks are robot clicks, non real humans. Heck there are even solo ads sellers where they guarantee optins to your landing page but these are actually fake optins where their employees are manually optin in to your landing page!
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  14. Judy Bonacci

    Judy Bonacci New Member

    Network Marketing is definitely "the better way!"
  15. Kass1234

    Kass1234 New Member

    I am new to network marketing as well & loving it. There is lots of great info on these forums. I'm just trying to figure out the best way to advertise?
  16. Steve Bailey

    Steve Bailey New Member

    Kass, welcome to the family! :D The best advice I can give you is to talk to your upline. They should be responsible for teaching you how to share your opportunity with others in a way that works.

    Steve Bailey
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  17. Steve Bailey

    Steve Bailey New Member

    Hey Judy, what network marketing company are you with?
  18. Ken_Cloutier

    Ken_Cloutier New Member

    Hi Kass,
    What strategies have you been using so far?
    There are many different methods that you can use to attract prospects to you.

    Feel free to reach out to me to discuss
  19. Kass1234

    Kass1234 New Member

    I have had a facebook page that I paid to run for a while, one ad on craigs list, because if I put on more they flag it and all the ads get removed. I find kiji a waste of time. I am getting lots people from word of mouth because our products work good, so I love sharing them with people. I just can\t think of any other ways to advertise?
  20. yourplanb

    yourplanb New Member

    Hello Eric

    PPC works pretty good for affiliate or referral marketing companies. You have to be careful.Some companies won't allow you to use the company name in a ppc ad. In the ad or the url. Also if you arent careful, you can blow through some money pretty fast with little or no results. I have heard of Four Corners. Personaly I prefer a company with more consumable products. JMO...

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