I'm working hard in network marketing but the result is not good,Help!

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Vampyre313, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. Vampyre313

    Vampyre313 New Member

    I finished my first year in network marketing but the result is not good at all. I presented so many people but I only have 3 people active in my team after a year... . I don't know what is wrong because I work a lot. Anyone with some experience can help me out?
  2. Sonya Coppadge

    Sonya Coppadge New Member

    Hi Vampyre313,

    I totally understand and want to tell you that you are not alone. Did you know that 97% of all network marketers fail? So, the answer is found in what the successful 3% are doing. You have to prospect every day to find people who are willing to listen to you; people who are interested in your products, services and/or opportunity. There are basically 2 ways to do that:
    1. Talk to your warm market & cold market by connecting with people and asking them to take a look at what you have to offer. This is what most MLM companies teach you to do. You can do this online or offline.
    2. Marketing using social media platforms online. You have to find out where your "target audience" hangs out and show them what you have to offer. Ask yourself each day, "how many people did I get to look at my offer today?" or "how many eyeballs did I get on my product/service/opportunity today?"
    Your goal isn't to close everyone; your goal is to find those who are interested. Once you find those who are interested and present to them, they WILL move forward and buy from you and join you in business.

    Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to talk about how you can find those people that are interested in what you have to offer. Just remember that you have to be strategic if you want to win in network marketing. Stay consistent with your prospecting every day and don't quit!
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  3. cabellocorp

    cabellocorp New Member

    I also believe that after being in the industry several years that you have to have a product or service that impacts the customer and is life changing. So much that as you run your business you get just as much customers as you do distributors. You should believe in the product to where you become the product of the product.You also have to have a system that converts and does a lot of the work for you ( tools). And last but not least you need to have a system that is duplicable. This is so important because not all people have the same experience or skills. I hope this helps.
  4. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    I wouldn't say those results are not good. I've known people who signed up ZERO people their first year building a business. The first thing I would do is stop with the negative talk and celebrate your accomplishment. When you say you are working hard what exactly are your daily activities? How many people a day are you showing your plan to? What kind of questions are you asking your prospects BEFORE showing them your deal? All of that contributes to the type of people you are going to recruit. If you start to ask the right questions you can qualify and disqualify your prospects which saves you a ton of time and headache.

    Feel free to check out my blog where I share some strategies and tips that might help you out with building your business.
  5. Joel Burrell

    Joel Burrell New Member

    I agree with both Sonya and Dereco 1000% Success first starts with what's going on between your ears. You have to get that right first or all the strategy and tools in the world won't matter. I start my day EVERY SINGLE DAY with an awesome generic MLM wake up call. If you would like the info for the call let me know.

    Secondly Sonya is right, follow the 3%, What are they doing? What they ARE NOT doing and what most MLM companies teach does NOT work in this sophisticated society anymore. You have to become the HUNTED vs being only the HUNTER. I have some great free training you can check out if you go to the link in my signature. You've worked really hard this past year, now it's time to learn how to work smarter. Your goals are accomplishable my friend. Have a fantastic evening!
  6. DallasP

    DallasP New Member

    Do you have a marketing system to help you market and prospect online.....thats what I'm using once my warm market dried up...

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