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    IMarketsLive or International Markets Live is a program that has just recently hit the networking arena. There truly is a shortage of high quality big ticket direct sales programs that also yield a great residual income out there. Education always sells in my 8 years having great success working from home. My passion of trading as I worked on the trading floors of Chicago for years is also something that is important to me.

    My review of I markets live is very positive. They have perfectly merged two burgeoning markets. The direct sales model and the multi trillion dollar a day forex market. The forex market has less barriers for the common trader to enter. Trading forex can be done with a very small budget at first as you get the hang of it. Having professional traders in a live trading room showing you the ropes can be exactly the teaching one needs to be ultra successful in trading.They have put it all together where you actually feel part of a team that is attacking the markets together.

    The compensation plan is very robust. It pays great big ticket money up front and then it pays great money in residual income in the 3x8 matrix. Being very new many of us know that being in the top like with a company like Freedom Rocks was very successful for many people. Education always sell especially in an industry like trading that creates absolute true wealth for certain people.

    I have been around the block for a while and always jump in when I find an opportunity that matches my passions. Curious to see what others think.

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