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    I thought I'd share this as I know many use Solid Trust Pay with their online ventures. They have run into some server issues and here are the details of what's going on:

    Our server company of the past 18 months was bought out 6 weeks
    ago by Black Lotus. We were hosted with Black Lotus over 3 years
    ago and they totally could not handle our volume and needs so we
    left. When we received word (with no warning or chance to go
    elsewhere) that our server company had been bought out by them it
    was like waking up one morning to discover your ex in bed with
    you. A total and quite unwelcome shock. Since their takeover,
    our uptime dropped to just over 89% and we have had DdoS attacks,
    outages, issues and basically the worst service imaginable. They
    have pointed their fingers at our script, our massive database
    and whatever else they could find. Last night they moved us to a
    new mega server system that was supposed to cure all of life's
    problems. It was a complete mess up. They neglected to move the
    database which resulted in members being told that their accounts
    did n ot exist as indeed..there was no database hooked up at all.

    That was brilliant.

    They also did not move over all of the various scripting modules
    we require so when we did hook up the database, 30% of all page
    links displayed a clean, fresh, white page containing absolutely

    Brilliant again

    At 5:00am our tech came online and discovered no one had thought
    to provide him with any access information so he was locked out
    of the servers.

    A catastrophe of errors

    We are presently putting all the pieces back together one by one
    and when everything is perfectly in place, will bring the site
    back online again.

    We know the huge impact this has on members and you, as an online
    company. I can only seriously apologize for the ridiculous

    On a more positive note, SolidTrust is now fully compliant with
    the USA regulations requiring full licensing. We have partnered
    with a chartered bank in the states and are therefore under their
    licensing, which is fully allowed under federal law.

    We have also just launched a new USA domestic MasterCard
    yesterday as well. Great timing for the site to disappear.

    Again, on behalf of myself and all the staff at STPay, our
    sincere apologies for the insanity. If you could alleviate the
    panic amongst your members that we are certain this has created,
    that would be of great benefit to everyone.

    Stella Hiemstra, Accounts Manager/CEO
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    I'm not very happy with STP at the moment - they don't allow hardly any viable options for Australians to withdraw funds - I will be switching to Payza!
  3. talfighel

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    Payza is actually the old AlertPay. They are good and I am happy with them so far.
  4. JPaskie

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    I am aware of this. I'm having issues with Payza too, they won't accept my Visa! Even though I had someone on the phone from the bank confirming everything was ok. Problems with both Payza and STP at the moment, which, er... is kinda our fault. (I'm with JustBeenPaid). They can't keep up with us withdrawing so much money every day :p Sorry brah, we kinda broked them haha.
  5. mom44

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    you just need to find Australian-friendly STP exchanger, that's all. like

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