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    Hi, my name is Erika Awakening. I feel a little weird posting here without introducing myself at least briefly because on most forums there are introductions. If I missed where to do that, please let me know.

    I have a successful online business already (multiple six-figure business at this point). However, it has recently come to my attention that my SEO optimization is not very strong. This is not very surprising because in the several years I've been doing online business I never paid any attention to SEO. I did not use keywords or tags or anything!! (It just goes to show that you can be successful without SEO if you are offering good quality of service and product).

    Now my intuition says this is an area I need to learn and improve. Right now my main website gets only 10% search engine traffic. I have learned a bit about keyword research in the past two weeks. Yesterday I talked to an SEO expert at one of Tony Robbins' companies. He will get back to me this coming week with some ideas.

    I really like to keep things organic so I'm not sure about how much to load up posts with keywords, and the idea of going back to edit three years of articles with this new understanding feels daunting.

    So I'll definitely be looking for easier ways to get this done and improve. I'd love to see search engine traffic at least 50% of my overall traffic.

    I'm open to ideas and will also be sharing ideas that I learn as I move through this process.

    Erika Awakening
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  3. ErikaAwakening

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    Thanks for the suggestion, loner44. It looks pretty good.

    I have learned a little bit about it. I feel a bit daunted about the idea of going back through hundreds of articles on my websites to optimize them. That could be a HUGE amount of time.

    So my style is to raise a question and then let my intuition go to work on it. Usually intuition comes up with some better approach that saves lots of time.
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    Hi Erika,

    I posted this in response to another thread and thought it might help here. Starting with the basics of SEO may help. And these are some things you may already be doing:

    Write high quality content.

    Update that content on a regular basis.

    Use good keywords and keyword phrases within your content.

    And create well placed relevant do follow backlinks.
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    Hi payment proof,

    Yeah, I've been blogging pretty consistently for about three and a half years now. Quality content has always been there. What I'm becoming more aware of now are keywords. I write about some esoteric stuff, and I have now become aware that many of my articles do not have any frequently searched keywords in them. I can correct this going forward, of course. What feels daunting is going back to 3.5 years of content on three different blogs and revising all those articles with relevant keywords and so forth.

    I'm actually considering hiring a professional high-end firm to help me do it faster.

    - Erika Awakening
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    When I was on the ski lift back in March, I had been creating my Tap for $1 Million product (when I say "tap," it's a reference to Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT tapping, which has been a very powerful tool in building my business).

    Often when I'm creating a tapping product, some pretty cool synchronicities will happen to help me accomplish the goal that I'm working toward. So last year, I created a "Tap for $50,000" product, and while I was doing so, a bunch of wild synchronicities happened that gave me a brand new car worth more than $50,000.

    This time, while I was recording Tap for $1 Million, I went skiing to get some exercise. I almost knocked a guy off the chairlift at the bottom of the slope because I didn't see him there. We laughed about it, and got in a conversation. It turns out he is one of Tony Robbins' top SEO guys! Coincidence? I don't think so. It felt like the Universe was pointing me in the direction I needed to go next.

    So I kept in touch with him, and recently I've been talking to his company about helping with my websites. I'll probably make a decision in the next day or two.
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    So far I've only optimized a few articles, and I don't know for sure the cause and effect, but in the past few days my search engine traffic is already up from 10% to about 15%.

    The SEO firm I've been talking to says they would expect to get me on the first page of Google for about 1000 keywords. I would expect that would make a huge difference in traffic. Let's see if they can deliver on that [​IMG]

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