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    Hi All!

    I would like to speak to everybody about a topic very near to my heart.


    I believe it is very important to share with others who are less fortunate at all times of the year. I make a point of routinely giving 10% of my income to charitable causes- most often anonymously. I buy double of EVERYTHING that is non perishable at the grocery store, and always dump it in the donation box- all year round. You are about to find out why.

    At Christmas time, the food banks and toy drives become more prominent in all of our communities. As someone, who just over a year ago quite literally DEPENDED on the food bank, I can't tell you- how much of a difference it made to me- to know that other nameless, faceless people cared enough to give. I remember well, Christmas 2005- my daughter was only 7 months old. I had literally lost 40% of my body weight, because I could NOT afford to eat. None of my clothes fit. I felt that I couldn't even go anywhere, participate in any community events- I was ashamed, embarrassed and inadequately dressed. I was worried about loosing my breastmilk because of such rapid and marked weight loss. If you are a parent, I am sure you can sympathize with the horror of the idea of not being able to FEED your growing child. I was fearful of what lay ahead in the New Year. No way I could afford formula. Yes, in our very wealthy North American culture- this kind of poverty exists. Its just not as obvious as when we are traveling to 2nd world countries. It is hidden, and it is shameful. You can't imagine, how absolutely embarrasing it is to be standing at a checkout counter, and not able to pay for baby tylenol for your obviously teething child because you are short .01 in your bank account, and have a quarter only in your purse- for use at a payphone in an emergency because I did not have a telephone at home. I remember choosing to purchase a snowsuit for my daughter at the Salvation Army store, which meant I could not afford the transportation to get to the food bank in my area, and literally crying for JOY when the next day- the local church brought by 2 large boxes.

    Most of the year- at least where I was at- the food banks were basically supplied by food manufacturers. Much of the food was past or at the "expiry date" for freshness of sale. Often, I was afraid to eat it for fear of getting sick. Having no choice, I ate it anyway- and often did not feel well afterwards. In fact, after one particularily bad expired tinned food episode, I had to have my stomach pumped at the ER because of food poisoning. Not fun.

    The Christmas boxes that arrived early had REAL food in them, all of it fresh. Fresh vegetables, lots of healthy soups, stews, PRECIOUS baby food (some kind person had thought enough to buy the very best quality starter food, 100% natural, no additives, organic- and that meant a lot as my daughter was ready to start solids and I wanted to be very gentle on her system at the very start), crackers, cheese, peanut butter, legumes, bread. A TURKEY!!! Believe it of not, things like laundry soap, toilet paper, kleenex, household cleaner. I considered those to be PRECIOUS. On a very low income, you really DO think about the cost of consumables. Often, you simply can't afford them because you need something nutritious to eat. I have washed my hair with bar soap more times then I care to count. I cut my waist length hair off with kitchen scissors at my neck, just because I couldn't afford a salon, and I couldn't run a brush through it after it being so dried out and damaged by soap. I didn't even care, at that point about how I looked. I've never been a vain person, but things were literally that extreme. Its very sad, that often "junk" food is much less expensive, comparitively- and also much more "filling". Normal food bank rashons, during the rest of the year- tends to be more like pop tarts, canned chef boyardee, the dreaded kraft dinner (Canadians consume more of that stuff per capita then any other nation- who knew?), fruit loops, lipton side dishes (which I did not like getting, because you are supposed to make them with butter). Fresh produce, dairy, bread- very, very limited. No meat at all. Christmas boxes- I only had the one year (thankfully) were VERY different!

    There was also gifts in those christmas boxes- a few soft and cute little NEW toys for my daughter, hats, gloves, scarves for both of us. A bottle of perfume for me- a LUXURY that I had not seen for quite literally, well over a year. Even a Christmas candle.

    I remember crying like a baby, and can tell you- looking at my new baby, feeling such gratitude and love. The world seemed to stop for that moment in time, my daughters first Christmas. I truly FELT the spirit of Christmas, and I believe I will likely remember it as the very best Christmas I've ever had for many years to come. Because I had, for the very first time- hope in the future, and the understanding that my own life did matter.

    You see, I lost my mother at Christmas time in 2002, and I associated that time of year with changing my life- for the NEGATIVE- forever. I had no family in the area I was living. I was alone, with a new baby and struggling so much that I just wanted the whole "Christmas thing" to go away.

    Now, I am not trying to tell you a sob story. Only to impress upon you, that REAL people, often hardworking families with dual incomes- still below the poverty line, earning minimum wage- but dealing with childcare, utilities and rent- use the food banks. Not only use them- but DEPEND on them.

    This business has CHANGED MY LIFE. 110%. And the lives of so many others.

    Please, share the Joy that is Coastal during this special time of year. You WILL make a difference. Consider giving all year round. Each and every one of us, can make such an impact- by giving others HOPE. Not just the prospects we speak with, and the team members we mentor- but those we do not see or know.


    Jani Teeter
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    I couldn't agree more Jani.

    Each year I pick a charitable group to give to. I make a monthly committment to that group and it's auto drafted from my checking account.

    No matter who you are or what you have or have not to give. I encourage you to do so. If you can't give money, give your time.

  3. Bill D

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    Lets never loose sight of what's important. Our actions can directly impact other peoples lives. Jani, thanks for sharing with us. As Jay said if you don't have the money you have the time. If you don't have the money and you are a Coastal member spend the $6.95 get a vacation certificate go to your church explain that you want it raffled off and the proceeds go to those truely needy. The church will gladly put it into the weekly newsletter that they pass out before and after each mass.

    I am associated with a group that allows me to print off as many copies of vacations certs as I want.(authorized and used by CV). If you know the church/synagague(sp) foodbank or anyother charitable group who could benefit from this go there and offer this to them. IF they are interested I will gladly provide the certificates. Simply send me a PM with the name and address and I will get it to them. We are in the holiday season and it is getting cold if I can say this politely, today get off your _____ and do something for someone else. Even if it only to go to the local church or place of worship and offer this to them.

    Thankfully I have never been in that position but Jani's story makes me want to do something other than the normal charities we make donations to.

    Bill Decker
  4. Judy

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    Jani, your story is very touching -and amazing that you are the success you are today. Sometimes I think I have to be at the lowest point possible in order to start making this business work. I know it needs attention and time which I cannot seem to find and yet I know that when I do it is going to be great.

    I am also a big supporter of charities year round and at Christmas even with the debtload I have -I still donate a portion of my salary. I have a World Vision child in Bolivia (just sent off her Christmas gift today) for the last three years and am teaching my children about the spirit of giving. We have been buying stuff from their Christmas catalogue for my daughter's teachers and with any extra money we have.
    As we don't have a lot of family (certainly none to spend Christmas with) we are deciding what to spend the day doing. We have the option of delivering presents to the seniors with no families (my friend runs that charity) or helping with the food bank at the Salvation Army. Although my kids are only 3 and 7 they are learning the spirit of giving from me.
    Hopefully one day we can afford to give much more as there are many charities close to my heart.

    Wow, from having nothing to giving your daughter a pony -you should feel so extremely proud of yourself and all you have accomplished. You are an inspiration to us all Jani.

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    Be sure to give all the time. Many of us give during the holidays and God bless all of you that do but dont forget to help all year round. If we dont help all year round many of the less fortunate wont make it to this season. Jesus told us to love one another as we love ourselves. So imagine yourself being the one who is in need and how much you would love for someone to lend you a hand. We all have so much to be thankful for and are all so fortunate. So give thanks to God for what you have and all the blessing he has given you and then be a blessing onto others. We are blessed so we can bless others.

    Happy Holidays to you all and God Bless!!!!

    Adam Frederick
    Platinum Coastal Director
    302 47 2753
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    Quoting: JudyJani, your story is very touching -and amazing that you are the success you are today. Sometimes I think I have to be at the lowest point possible in order to start making this business work. I know it needs attention and time which I cannot seem to find and yet I know that when I do it is going to be great.

    Hi Judy,

    Thank you for the compliments. I am proud of my acheivements, proud of what I do, proud of what I stand behind, and proud of who I work with. I am here to tell people, though- that truly ANYONE can be successful in life, and particularily in a Coastal business. We all have challenges and barriers to our success- truly what I have accomplished, while seen as remarkable by much of our culture because of the extreme and the old "rags to riches" idea- it IS not. I am just a person, I did not do anything differently then anyone else to create my success. I simply plugged in, learned, remained coachable, believed that I would DO it, and was consistent with my efforts.

    I can agree with you statement all of the time, however- about needing to be in a place of discomfort and discontent to keep going. That is our all important "why". I do not think however, that it needs to be something as dramatic as dire poverty. There HAS to be a very strong reason- so strong- that no matter what the challenge between you and success- you continue to move forward and take ACTION!

    What people often fail to realize, however in my experience- that WHY, while important- HOW is also essential. Judy, I don't know about your life circumstances but you NEED to find the time- not a lot of time-- the minimum I recommend is 12 hours a week. Prioritize that time, schedule that time and make efficient use of that time. Sit down with your director for some pointers and tips regarding the use of your system. Efficiency is important, but it must take a backseat to EFFECTIVENESS. So be time efficient, and make your actions effective. Ask your director how to be both. I can also highly recommend savingdinner dot com and flylady dot net. Really, being organized is a HUGE factor. It is very easy to get busy with a lot of activity.. but remember the 80/20 rule- and make that 20% of your time COUNT in your business.

    I think it is wonderful that you and others here to take time to give and remember others, particularily at Christmas. Seniors are particularly dear to my heart- often families seem to forget about them, their lifetime friends and spouses pass on, and they live on fixed income. Their ability to "get out" and enjoy themselves is often limited by finances and health. What I noticed while nursing, is people seemed to pass on more often right after Christmas and right after the winter, during the early spring. There is something so good for both parties when the young spend time with the aged. I am a big supporter of having daycare in seniors residences.

    What I did on Christmas day back in 2005, is invite the frail 78 year old Jamacian grandma who lived down my street in to play with my daughter. I noticed when I was out for a morning walk that she was alone on her porch. She brought over shortbread cookies (which happend to be one of my most FAVOURITE things), we made tea- and she stayed for hours, just loving someone to talk to, and telling me how proud she was of her daughter and her family in Jamaica and how she so BADLY wanted to go and see her grand daughter, about the same age- for the first time in the New Year- but she did not know how to afford a plane ticket. Guess who I sent on a carribean cruise, courtesy of Coastal with a stopover in Kingston the next year? Florence and I still talk on the telephone every week, and though I have moved to Quebec, I still have kept a Toronto phone number through Vonage, partly so that she can call me locally. I just made up a Christmas box to send to her yesterday, lots of goodies I know she likes, including money I told her to use for plane tickets. I send her pictures all of the time, and she plans to come out to see me in the summer "when the weather is tolerable in the country". She is not the worlds biggest fan of snow and ice, having broke her hip when she fell on the ice a few years ago. Toronto winters are very, very mild in comparison to quebecs. Though, I must say- winter here is sunny- if it is long, cold and snowy- it hasn't got that perpetual dampness and grey skies Toronto is famous for. She isn't interested- no matter how actually pleasant I tell her it is, even if the Christmas lights look so pretty under a snow blanket! I'll send her a picture....

    Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!

  7. Judy

    Judy New Member

    Thanks for the encouragement. I got into this business to be able to keep a steady income through the ins and outs of the home daycare business. Some months can be really great but when a child leaves it can sometimes take months to find another good fit.
    Yes, organization is one of the keys to life. I have heard of the flylady but will check out the other site you mentioned.
    Other than this forum I am alone in Coastal -my director has not been heard from in months. The directors here that can help me are asking for upfront fees which are hard to come by.
    I will however keep plugging away and learning the business and staying on the forum to keep track of news and new ideas.
  8. CoastalToday

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    Your experience made me cry - literally! I have had tough times in my life - fortunately some time ago now - but I know exactly how you felt.

    It is wonderful that you and your daughter are now free to enjoy the blessings that life truly has to offer.

    Judy, I'd like to share something with you. A few weeks back I was contacted by a young woman who was a released Level 2 director in Coastal. She was frustrated because she had not made any sales because essentially her Director had "closed both her training sales for her".

    Now, I have stepped back in Coastal for a while due to an extended personal issue within my family, which I told this woman. But we continued contact for a bit and I offered her some help - no charge. The help consisted of access to my personally created training site (which has quite a few original materials) and availability by email to answer any questions.

    To make a long story short, she visited the website just once and never downloaded any of the materials. Nor did I hear from her again.

    Because I was curious why she hadn't taken advantage of the training, I contacted her last week to ask how she was doing. She replied that she just couldn't do anything without more help. So, I reiterated that I would answer her questions and I also gave her explicit instructions on where to look in my site for training to sell at home parties.

    Again, no response or activity in the training area from her.

    To be honest, I don't really even know why I offered to help her, but I find it to be quite enlightening that she couldn't be bothered to use something that was both unique and free to give her business a boost!

    Now, this is becoming a long post, but let me ask you a question if I may? Have you USED the TRAINING that is available to you? Harold and Jeff have spoken very highly of the resources offered by WeCloseYourSales and there is training from the BOD/COA as well. Your business is really about finding an area where YOU shine and "working it" to the best of your ability!

    Pray or meditate on your goals and strengths and then step back for a day or so. Then review what came to your mind and see if you can apply it to jumpstart your business. You do have it within yourself to make it work. Embrace that reality and make it work!

    Tonya Kopp
    Platinum Director
    Coastal Vacations
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  9. rhondap

    rhondap New Member

    Awesome advice Tonya.

    There is a wealth of training available for no charge either from the group you are with or from the BOD.

    If your Director has abandoned you I am pretty sure WCYS has ongoing training and resources to plug into....don't let someone else be the author of your destiny.
  10. victorious

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    What could be better than giving the gift of travel!! We gave a cruise from our package for the St Jude's fundraiser and they got almost $3000 raised from it!!

    We praise the Lord for blessing us with a business we can use to bless others!

    Matt & Catherine Willis
    Successful Level 3 Directors
  11. rhondap

    rhondap New Member

    I donated 2 trips to my husbands military reserve unit during their Christmas party yesterday to raffle off....his Commander came over and thanked me......they people there were so excited.

    I felt good.
  12. Paulette

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    Very touching stories, and great information on giving to others. I have thought about that myself, I just need to get out there and do it.

    Thank-you for sharing you thoughts and blessings. I always find some great advice and ideas to help promote the business.

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