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Discussion in 'Prosperity Automated System' started by interestedmarketer, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. interestedmarketer

    interestedmarketer New Member

    I would like to purchase an existing PAS website from someone who is no longer marketing and would like to sell it. If this describes you please contact me asap.
  2. Kandace

    Kandace New Member

    I am not sure that you can do that under the PAS rules. I can check it out for you if you'd like. I am not interested in selling my PAS website but I could try to find someone if you'd like. Let me know.
  3. Makeric

    Makeric New Member

    What kind of money can be made with an associate level membership?
    I dont have the money currently to invest in a higher lvl but would still like to try out this system.
  4. betteryourself

    betteryourself New Member


    The difference between the three levels in PAS has mainly to do with how much money you make from a sale and how quickly you start making it. With the associate level membership, you will have to give up the first three sales to your sponsor, which could total $9000 in profit. With the other two levels, you only have to give up 1 sale.

    Additionally, I do not think that our team leaders call you to set up the sale. You have to sign up from your sponsor's website and pay the money up fron that way. It is unfortunate that the sign up process for associates is so impersonal, but it is what it is. I urge you not to be discouraged here, but rather to immediately sign in to your new PAS system, dig around, get familiar, and find the training section. In it, there are links to all of the previous training calls and the numbers to upcoming training calls. This is where you will learn to make the most of the system and get to know plenty of people who want to help you succeed -- the real meat of the system!

    Hope this helps!

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