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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by bbray95, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. bbray95

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    Anybody Know of a program for developing digital products such as E books I here there's good money in it.
  2. ChrisPotter

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    You can create your own digital product, things like e-books, webinars, teleceminars, video/voice recordings. I would recommend starting with a digital product, due to the fact that start-up costs are fairly low.

    For you to create your own digital product, take a topic that you have atleast above average knowledge in, and teach people about it. Some examples would be; knowledge on cars, making money, teaching, etc.

    Just one thing I can ad that i should, NEVER create a product that you dont know about! People will recognize a scam, and they will also recognize an amazing product. You will feel much better about your product if it is helping people and getting you money, and it will also help with yuor reputation.

    I hope it Helps!
    Chris Potter
  3. al99

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    You do not need any expensive software to create an ebook, you can create a PDF ebook using software such as open office which I believe is made by Sun Microsystems.

    The hard part is not the technical stuff but actually researching and writing. You really need to know about what you are writing.

    If for example you are creating a guide to growing organic beans you need to provide comprehensive information otherwise no-one is going to buy your book.

    Start with something you know lots about or that you have a pasison for.

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