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  1. DMalloyMoney

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    The internet is the future soon thier will be robots and know jobs.Flying cars and no need for gas.You ever thought about that? ? I mean look at all the machines we have no..for instance candy making machines..clothing machines..shoes. .cars..machines make all that.I've been thinking and I've researched how to start trying to make money online.And I've found a way its awesome.I mean I don't want to work all my life I'm 19 I want to be on vaction all the time don't you?? Don't you want to be able to sit back and make money with little work.I'm just thinking what if were all jobless or cwnt compete with machines or robots? ?

    What is your input?
  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I think as technology changes and advances, there will still be jobs. But the scope of those jobs will change. Look at how many opportunities and jobs the computer industry and the Internet have created.
  3. DMalloyMoney

    DMalloyMoney Member

    True that's why I'm educating myself on computers I'm also learning how to make money online. .how do you think life will be in 10 years?
  4. Jean Givan

    Jean Givan New Member

    True, it's important to educate yourself with computer knowledge. And yes, they have replaced a lot of humans and the need for people to work in various capacities. BUT, as long as there are people, there will be needs. It's all a matter of finding out what people NEED (and WANT) and providing it. Also, it's a matter of SOLVING PROBLEMS (providing solutions and important info). As long as there are people, there are gonna be problems. People need people to help them thru this thing called life. How that happens changes through the years but there will always be a need for people to work in some capacity.
  5. whitney black

    whitney black Member

    The internet is definitely the future, it's creating more millionaires everyday than you can shake a stick at. I try to explain it to my mother all the time, but she doesn't "Get it" because she's stuck in that old-fashioned "work for someone else my whole life" mentality. Very sad but people really need to wake up and see the future and the potential!
  6. Dennis_Roeder

    Dennis_Roeder New Member

    It seems to me that there is a complete turn around happening in the way people are going to make a living. It used to be you graduated, got a job and a large firm, worked hard, advanced in rank to a higher pay and then hopefully retired to a long old age.

    Well, times are changing. More and more people are finding that they can work through the Internet, sustain a living, and do it all by working for themselves.

    We are going back to the way this country was founded. In the early days of this country almost everyone work for themselves.

    Robots will run the factories and individual contractors working for themselves will maintain them and keep them operating.
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  7. NetMecca

    NetMecca Member

    I don't think any of us can really comprehend where it is going, however I do see the future being interconnected, on every possible level. I just hope they figure out ways to protect our individuality...

  8. Eric Verde

    Eric Verde New Member


    Duuuude, I totally get where your coming from! I would love to be able to go on vacation and be able to relax while my online business makes money on its own. But just like any good game will show you, the level 1 character will always have to work the hardest before achieving all the badass spells and free bonus merchandise (yes, I am a gamer >=D).

    That's why in addition to starting and growing my online business I have to work part time. Eventually I'll be able to do it full time but for now while I have the energy and motivation Im gonna work hard and smart now so I can play and enjoy my life later.

    This is my advice to you =]
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  9. Khoa Nuyen

    Khoa Nuyen New Member

    The world is always expanding and advancing. You either keep up with it through constant study and personal development, or you'll get left behind. The good thing is that opportunities are everywhere if you look for them.
  10. swampqueen32

    swampqueen32 Member

    I think the internet is the NOW. It's going to continue to grow to monumental levels, but there will always be the need for man's labor.
    Just my 2 cents! :D
  11. STONE1985

    STONE1985 New Member

    Even the Tesco checkout machines are replacing humans.

    Imagine in 10 years time..

    Internet is defo the future, invest in your education before its too late.
  12. alex richardson

    alex richardson New Member

    Yes the internet is the future for sure.

    I have managed to go from working for someone else for a massive £90 a week, to making that in about 2 hours!
    It didnt come easy, I have had plenty of sleepless nights, arguments with the wife etc - it has all been worth it though as I now make a comfortable six figure profit per year from home.
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  13. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Just as the Industrial Age enabled us to advance from the horse and buggy to the automobile, from crudely graded roadways to the interstate, from stage lines to railroads, and contributed to an unprecedented improvement in the living standards of ordinary people, the Internet has now become the next frontier.

    It's the newest milestone we have reached along the Information Highway which has advanced from the days of the carrier pigeon. The Internet is already revolutionizing important aspects of our daily life, from medicine to education to commerce to social interaction.

    History teaches us that sweeping technological advancement inevitably results in obsolescence in some sectors. So, it's the forward thinking person who is willing to embrace the new trend and jump aboard, who will reap the benefits down the road, while others are left struggling to figure out what's going on.

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  14. andybodybyvi

    andybodybyvi New Member

    The internet and technology is definitely the future, but they way I look at it, I will exploit and use it to the fullest so that I can get the most out of it. Then when the time is right, retire to what is classed as a "poor" country where my money will go alot further and go back to basics. There will come a point due to population increases that the cost of food etc will rise so much that the money you need to earn will be alot higher. If you are growing your own food and living a simple life then you take yourself out of the loop and in effect live like a millionaire in that country but without stress, having to go to work or any of the daily routines. I might be wrong but retiring before I'm 40 seems very appealing to me.
  15. discrat

    discrat Member

    I love living in this Age of technology. I am sure in 2oo years when everyone on this Forum has passed it will be a whole different kind of technology that we could have never dreamed of before.

    As far as just going on vacation and sitting back and relaxing with an online business to do your work ?

    I do not think that will occur in our lifetime as their aint no such thing as a free lunch at least right here and now in 2013 ! :)

    P.S. In all complete honesty at 45 years old I want to continue to work until at least another 10 years.
    To me it is gratifying. Maybe I am in the minority ;)
  16. ScottCofer

    ScottCofer Member

    The internet is already changing the way everyday commerce is carried out. Just look at the huge growth in online shopping and the turn-around of Amazon (which almost went bankrupt in its infancy).

    BUT ... just remember that if you plan on sticking around long-term, there is still work involved. You need to be constantly improving your skills as an entrepereur .... and bringing value to the marketplace. Just like any other business.
  17. Fabulousmiranda

    Fabulousmiranda New Member

    I agree the internet is the way to go! According to Forbes Magazine, Internet Marketing is a $500 BILLION dollar per year industry. And according to the Dept of Labor Statistics, it'll grow by 89% by 2015....even while other industries suffer. I can't find one reason why anyone shouldn't be a part of that industry right now. You know, it's really a mindset that allows someone to sit back and work with everything on auto-pilot. It takes understanding this: "Profits are better than wages." -Jim R. Great questions you posed here!
  18. kimjoshi

    kimjoshi New Member

    I believed that it would be necessary to think about some good and bad factors of how this method effects us, what effects it has on our public behavior and what the long run will look like but there is no doubt Internet has changed our lifestyle in a beneficial way. You can use the Internet at home for personal or you at work for professional usage.It is a powerful beneficial discussion that internet does not good care time or range. Everyone can be online whenever and connect with everyone everywhere.
  19. ftrammell

    ftrammell New Member

    If you don't mind me asking what is your secret to making 6 figures from home?

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