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    Hello all,

    An Internet Search Evaluator is a pretty good work-at-home job for anyone who is reasonably Internet-savvy. Here's my experience:

    I applied at two companies: LeapForce, and LionBridge.

    LeapForce's process was fairly smooth. You are sent a link to the "General Guidelines", which you must read and comprehend. Then you take two tests: A multiple-choice, then a "practical" test. It took me about 2-and-a-half days to get thru all this. I passed the tests and officially became an Evaluator.

    When I logged in for the very first time, right off the bat I had to read and learn a DIFFERENT set of "Guidelines" for a different type of evaluation. That took a couple of hours of non-billable time.

    The NEXT time I logged in, there was a THIRD "Guidelines" document for yet ANOTHER type of evaluation I had to read and learn. That took yet ANOTHER couple of hours.

    So, after "passing" the tests, I still had a lot of stuff to wade thru before I could actually start doing real "work" for pay.

    But anyway, I got thru it all and am now evaluating Internet searches. The nice thing is that you can do it in your pajamas, at any time, day or night. The pay is $13.50 per hour. However, they do limit you to 30 hours per week.

    LionBridge paid $14.50 an hour for the same job, but they limit you to just 20 hour per week. I decided to go ahead and apply.

    For them, I had to fill out a lengthy application and send in a resume. They replied that my background was Ok, and sent me a link to the two tests, which, as it turned out, were exactly the same tests that I just aced for the other company! Well, I passed the 1st test ... then got an email saying I had FAILED the 2nd test (?!?!?) I'm still scratching my head over that one. Perhaps they didn't need any more Evaluators after all.

    Let me know your experiences.

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