Introducing your pet to your baby

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    No matter how much you plan ahead, the addition of a new family member may be difficult for your pet. Remember, your dog or cat was your first "baby" and is used to being the center of your attention. So it's understandable that she may experience something akin to sibling rivalry when you introduce a new human baby into your household.You can minimize this feeling by working with her before you bring home your baby. For example, because your new baby will demand a lot of your time and energy, gradually accustom your pet to spending less time with you. Drastically decreasing attention and frequently scolding, ignoring, or isolating your pet after the baby comes home will likely make your pet feel stressed
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    I'm not the pet whisperer, but I was given this advice and it worked wonders for me.
    1. While still at the hospital with the baby, send a hat or blanket home that the baby has been using to have the pet sniff at least a day or so before you come home.
    2. When you arrive home to the pet, do not greet the pet holding the baby. First, go and greet the pet, then bring the baby to meet the pet.
    The more relaxed and confident you are with your newborn and pet (they can both sense fear) the more relaxed they will be!!!
    Best Wishes and Congratulations to all the new Moms and Dads!
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    am not apet lover . but should my son decide that he wants one then we will get one
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    my cat knew it was coming before the baby even came. She was really acting strange. She wanted nothing to do with the baby at first and is just NOW coming around me if I have the baby with me. However, our cat is still spoiled like she's our other child! lol.
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    Im a pet lover and i can say my dog is my first baby...
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