Investigating Work at Home Business Possibilities

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by greetingsongold, May 31, 2010.

  1. greetingsongold

    greetingsongold New Member

    I am a manufacturer looking for information on Work at Home Business setups. I believe that I may have ideal products for the Work at Home industry. My question is "are most of the Work at Home Businesses built in MLM format."
    Thank You
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    greetingsongold: My question is "are most of the Work at Home Businesses built in MLM format."
    I believe if you want to promote a product using the WAH folks then the best way to do it is with mlm methods....with good front end AND back end commissions.
  3. Jim Gillum

    Jim Gillum New Member

    You can promote like any affiliate program.......they sell you pay commissions....

    You might try checking out to set up to sell or to see how they set up.....
  4. wealthbuilders

    wealthbuilders New Member

    I agree with Jim - look at the affiliate program aspect.
  5. jenni2010

    jenni2010 New Member

    affiliate program is the way to go![​IMG]
  6. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    If you have a great product and can get yourself into an MLM company for the distributors to sell and use then that will skyrocket your income.

    Sure you will need to share the sale with these people and maybe the MLM company but it is all worth it.

  7. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    A powerful mlm network will exceed affiliate marketing any day. And if set up right make more people more money collectively than affliate marketing.

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