Iodine for Thyriod Protection

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    With the mess happening in Japan we need to prepare for some exposure ourselves. I know I am sounding alarmist but this is serious. Radiation exposure can cause many health problems. Can you say Cancer, Birth-defects, Intestinal problems and especially our thyroid glands.

    In order to protect your thyroid, I am taking Potassium Iodide for the next 30 days. I am also going to starting using Sea Salt with iodine. By supplying your thyroid with a healthy Iodide source, this will help prevent radiated iodine from accumulating in your thyroid. I went to my nautiopath for my supply since none of the supplements in the USA are regulated and you never know what you're really getting over the counter.

    This is the suggested dosages for acute exposure from the CDC.

    Daily potassium iodide dose (mg)
    Adults over 40 yrs 130 mg
    Adults over 18 through 40 yrs 130 mg
    Pregnant or lactating women 130 mg
    Adoles. over 12 through 18 yrs* 65 mg
    Children over 3 through 12 yrs 65 mg
    Over 1 month through 3 years 32 mg
    Birth through 1 month 16 mg

    I'm not sure what the definition of acute is to the CDC but this will give an idea of maximum dosage.

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    The thyroid is your hormone control center, and is most overlooked of all health conditions, and with most not realizing they have a thyroid issue until years later, taking an iodine supplement is a wise health strategy as most do not get enough iodine in most diets these days.

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