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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Louise, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. Louise

    Louise New Member

    Hi, I am considering starting my own ironing business from home, if anyone has already done, this any start up tips you could give me would be great, how much to charge, do you deliver, etc.


    Lou x
  2. Mommasluv

    Mommasluv New Member

    Ive never tried this but I know of people who have cleaned clothes, mostly word of mouth. People are busy and a service like this helps those who dont like launder mats or cant get there fore they close.
  3. Dragon

    Dragon New Member

    I think that there is a reasonable large demand for this type of service especially by young professionals.

    As the above post states most people who use these services are referred by friends and family.

    Printing off some leaflets and handed them out in your area or posting them through peoples doors would be a good way of letting people know about your services.
  4. twnuck

    twnuck New Member

    I think this could be a BIG hit. I read a book years ago and unfortunately the name escapes me. However, it was talking about starting a business - any business - and what separated the successful from the unsuccessful. Long story short it said that all successful businesses were meeting a need. And, typically the most profitable businesses were meeting a need that the majority of the world had, and hated to do. For example - hiring an accountant to do your taxes , lawyers to argue your case or defend you in court, etc.

    The point being is start with a need and then also find a need that a large group of people despises and you can charge anything you want within reason. I think ironing is a need that everyone has but most people would rather NOT do. Good luck!

  5. hypercybertyper

    hypercybertyper New Member

    Please do my ironing for me! I would send it to Australia if I had to. I think a simple advert in your local newspaper's classified section would be all you would require... or maybe a few business cards and flyers. I HATE IRONING... if your business does not take off... come and live at my house and I will find you some more customers from my local area. [​IMG]
  6. hypercybertyper

    hypercybertyper New Member

    Try contacting some ironing firms and asking them for a quote. The ironing companies I have seen have all picked up and delivered. Imagine paying someone to iron for you and then putting the pressed clothes in your car, only to find that they're creased when you get home. I would much prefer my 'ironer' to deliver my stuff to me, that way if it's creased, I can tell them to either refund me or do the iron again free of charge. You could double your earnings by charging for delivery too. One company I know of is Iron Out (Luton, Bedfordshire, England). Good Luck in your venture!
  7. jobinfoway

    jobinfoway Guest

    I never try about it. It better that there are lots of Ironing Company is there. Try to contact them. They will give u right suggestion.

    Best of luck!!!

    With best regards
  8. moggiesrus

    moggiesrus New Member

    Hi louise,
    I am thinking of starting up an ironing service from home over the next few days, as soon as I can get the flyers out basically. The concern I have is that there is no other company here doing this, is that a good sign or not?. I just wondered if you could let me know how you got on with your company and how you charged people. I have been onto another sight which charges 3.50 p kilo from a mixed bag and ??1.00 per shirt, other people charge per item, which do you think would be the best way to charge. Also have you come across any problems that maybe I should be wary of, people not paying or complaining for no reason. Just one last thing, do you think I should put the price on the flyers or leave it to the customer to call.

    Hope you get this message

    Thanks very much

    Susan [​IMG]
  9. Looking

    Looking New Member

    I had a friend that started her own ironing company from home and she used flyers and posted at supermarkets. Now she's making enough money that her husband quit his join and helps her. She also opened a ironing store. So it can be done. With the right marketing, you can do it. Good Luck.
  10. made2prosper

    made2prosper New Member

    This sounds like a good idea! Would you ever consider to travel to homes and do the ironing? I think this would add to the conveniance out yoru business.
  11. mr ironing

    mr ironing New Member

    I have just started up an ironing business, and is going quit well but could some one tell me any start up tips like how to advertise, the best way, were and any thing legal or not that I should know about,
    PLEASE can any one help.
    I am from Bristol
  12. Ironmaiden

    Ironmaiden New Member

    I started an ironing business at home in Aug. '05 and am doing quite well and ready to take it up a step after the holidays. I am so happy to hear there are others out there with the same Idea. In Washington state I don't believe anyone else has thought of it. Let me know how it is going. I am new to this forum site and don't quite know how it works so if I am wrong to reply please correct me, I'm learning...
  13. Ironmaiden

    Ironmaiden New Member

    I had the idea and started within the week. I started to advertise by hanging those "rip off" flyers @ community centers, Gyms, corner markets and pharmacys. and got quite a few calls. Just find any community announcement boards. I am about to enter Craig's list in the local service area to see what that will do. I don't think there is any crime it that. I haven't gotten a business licence yet because not sure if I will keep it up, but with such a successful year, I am getting one in the new year to be legal.
    Oh, I also told all my clients that if they talk to their friends and the friend calls me for service, I will give them $10 off the next bill. Or I cut the delivery fee if they hang a flyer @ their place of employment...Hope that helps. It is exciting to get your first few clients and watch the business grow. Good Luck.
  14. swill

    swill New Member

    My wife and i are considering setting up an ironing service to cater for our local village . We was wondering if anyone could give us advice on setting up.

    Advice we would require are;

    what equipment is needed ?
    Are there any legalities involved ?

    We are involved in a small family shop so day to day running and advertising/leaflets area we are already aware of .

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. torry_chick

    torry_chick New Member

    hi my name is megan ,just wanted to know how much you charge for ironing. do you charge hourly or by the basket?thankyou
  16. marytoad

    marytoad New Member

    I had a friend that did this. I think she charged like $1.50 per piece. It was so time consuming, though, to get things just right...BUT, I did see one guy making out pretty good. He was physically challenged & in a wheelchair, but that sure didn't stop him - - he just had a large van, that went all over PICKING UP people's dry cleaning. Then he sent it out to a dry cleaner. He let me in on the secret that he didn't do it at their place, but that it was sent out. Most people didn't know that, they thought it was done at their place. I delivered fliers for him & he said people loved the convenience of having it picked up & dropped off. They also had a 24 hr turnaround, I believe, so it was quick.

    Best of luck to you! I also have a website on working at home...some GPT's, but also other stuff, too...lotsa goodies! [​IMG]
  17. successnow

    successnow New Member

    Talk about a niche market! "see a need fill a need". My only question is I have a couple of cleaners that charge 1.50/item and that includes dry cleaning. Anybody cross this bridge yet.
  18. stallion

    stallion New Member

    I wear only permapress so I cant be of much help[​IMG]
  19. bustyblogger

    bustyblogger New Member

    Did you get the advice you were looking for, and how is it going.

    I started my ironing business a year ago, just for some extra cash while the kids were young. I am now considering quitting my part-time job to throw myself into my business. Are readers finding it a profitable career?
  20. homewizz

    homewizz Guest

    I think that this is a great idea (I'm planning on featuring it on my website) but until I do I would suggest this;

    Charge per piece as it's an easier option and you know where you are.

    You will need packaging items - hangers, polythene covers etc.,

    A professional ironing board and iron would be ideal but they do cost quite a bit so if you can just get the best that your budget can provide then that'll be fine. After all, we only use the domestic type and it suits us perfectly.

    Make sure you have numbered receipts for your clients

    As far as advertising is concerned - the advice given so far is great but you could also look into advertising online on free classifieds. I do have a bit of info on my site under the cleaning section on the everything else link but Gumtree is good for UK based adverts.
    You could also consider having your own site as it always adds an extra touch to your leaflets and business cards. You can get some basic free ones or budget site builders.

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