Is anybody getting great results from Galvanic Spa/ ageloc

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by jo30, May 31, 2012.

  1. jo30

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    I own a successful business with excellent cash flow- We holiday overseas & own rental properties so we are comfortable. A friend has introduced me to The Ageloc Galvanic Spa- I was so pleased I purchased the product. Its not cheap but love the results- My 20 year old daughter even thought Id had "work" done.
    Is there anybody else having the same great results with this product? And if so are you able to sell the product successfully with good commissions.? I am very keen simply because I love this product but at the same time I am a network marketing skeptic.
    Can anyone advise some good network marketing techniques for this product?
    I have started purchasing other products in the company- shampoo,toothpaste, lipgloss etc and have been very very happy- Do others feel the same or am I blind sided by my new found excitement.
    Many Thanks for reading.
    Hope to get some valuable feedback

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  2. luvbodybyvi

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    jo30: Its not cheap but love the results
    I was just on the website, and you're's NOT cheap. In my opinion, you may have a difficult time selling these products to the average person. You're going to have a very limited target market. And that's what I found when I was with a skin care direct sales company about 5 years ago. No one was going to buy an $80 night cream from me. It was very difficult to get customers as well as distributors. I mean, is there a way to earn free product on the customer side?

    That's one thing I do love about my company...they do offer a very attainable way of the customer as well as distributor to get product free every month.

    I don't know...I guess because I've sold skin care in the past, I have a different opinion than someone who may not have sold it. But, here in the States, you may have a difficult time getting someone to spend $450 on a skin care package.

    I wish you luck!
  3. jo30

    jo30 New Member

    Thank you so much for the feedback. It must be hard to stand out from the rest.
    What do you sell. I am very interested.
    Appreciate your time.
    And good luck with your endeavours also.
  4. luvbodybyvi

    luvbodybyvi New Member

    The company I'm with is only in the United States, Canada and Jamaica at this time. I know they are working on getting more International, but I have not been informed as to when or where they are going next. I've heard rumors of Australia being next, but that has not been confirmed.

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