Is a scam?

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    I asked this one before entitled has anyone used read forum rules and did not break them as far as I was aware yet it was removed and I have no idea why...I genuinely want to know as in less than an hour in total online I have so far earned $127 and this seems way too good to be true and I do not trust it...the minimum pay out is $1,000...That is a lot and very suspicious but then if your earning that fast it wont take long...They do post payment proof pictures but can these be fake?

    I would like to know if anyone has ever used this and actualy been paid the money the earned. That is all.

    Please if this post is not allowed and is removed please message me to tell me why so that I know for the future...I can't fix the problem if I don't have any idea what the prob lem may be.

    Many Thanks

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    I would also like to know if they are legitimate because I've seen them a lot on Facebook recently. They have a lot of legitimate companies attached to their ads like Virool but when I checked if they are verified by PayPal they aren't. They claim that it takes 2 months to receive payments from them so it's difficult to find anyone who can say for sure if it's fake or not. Everyone just keeps using the same payment proofs from the website but they could be fake.

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Beware, many have complained they never got paid, never mind getting terminated with no reason, and no answer as to why. I would stay far away if I was introduced to this dud.

    Good luck to all,
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    Hi YAGOOFT. Where did you see complaints of accounts being terminated? I'm doing a lot of research on this website but I'm hitting some road blocks.
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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    It was on another forum, I will see if I can find posts for you, been awhile.
  6. payment proof

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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Did a quick google using cashtasks scam and dozens of bad reviews come up now, so not a good sign, so read them for yourself.
  8. talfighel

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    It looks too fishy for me.

    I don't know about others, but I just don't trust this website.

    It does look like a traffic exchange type of site but there $1 per view is way too much.
  9. GeoffSFI

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    I earned over $1900 at cashtasks. When you go to cash out it makes you do a survey, supposedly to confirm you are not a robot. When I followed the link, the survey was actually a choice of free downloads. I clicked to download and my anti virus and spyware software went crazy. I tried contacting them via their support and of course got no reply.
    Needless to say I have never claimed my earnings and deleted the site from my history.

    If you have any sense you will do the same.
  10. mobancer

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    I had joined cash tasks based on a suggestion from a website claiming that it was a sure way to make money online. Perhaps only for those who own the site as it is impossible to cash out if you live in the USA. Why , well, when you are filling out your payment options you can select pay pal , however , in order to cash out you have to pay using EGO Pay. If you live in the USA you can't even apply for an account. They are seriously deceptive because when you go to the page to upgrade to a premium membership , which is the only way you can cash out by the way , it says " we will be adding more payment options in the next few weeks"..... I singed up six months ago and if half a year is the same as a few weeks they might as well say " refresh the screen because we are just a few seconds away from adding more payment options". There is a way to get an ego pay account in the US, however it would require a little bit of deception. It's probably not worth it due to the fact if one did manage to upgrade and try to collect , they would just completely ignore all together , much like they did the several emails I sent to them asking how I was supposed to cash out or upgrade my membership. I'm not happy with them at all especially since I had plans and spent all the time to get to 1000$ ... ugh I want to shoot that stinking pig that is there mascot, that little bastard

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Sadly, another scam which has screwed hundreds if not thousands as I see more and more complaints being posted all over the internet on forums like this. BEWARE, always to your own due diligence, don't believe anything that says you can earn fast cash, just doesn't happen with legitimate online opportunities, no such thing as get rich quick. PERIOD

    Success to all,

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