Is Free Cash Machine a good program to join?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by floridalady, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. floridalady

    floridalady New Member

    Does anyone have any information about the Free Cash Machine program? This program has several ways to make money and also residual income with a few different companies. I do know that one of the companies they use in this program is Global Domain International. What are the other companies in this program? Is anyone making money with this program?

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    I beleive freecashman is with them. I don't know anything about them but he can be reached by browsing this site.
  3. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

  4. TJamMoneyMan

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    Funny you should ask!

    I just now got some information about them.

    Apparently they are scamming folx by getting them to sign up on as many IFW (do offers) sites as possible.
    You go green, THEY (your sponsor) get paid, and you are on your own to find suckers to follow suit.

    That information definitely explains the experience I have had with them, but I'll be doing a little more research before I cast my final jury vote.

    You can make money doing offers and referring others to do the same, but for now, I'd stay away from THAT particular site.
  5. floridalady

    floridalady New Member

    I found out that you are only require to do one offer. But to get the website (so you can promote to other people) you have to join GDI for the hosting and domain name. The other companies you can make money with in this program are Clickbank, Yuwie and nine traffic exchanges. It is free to join this program, but it is $10.00 a month for the GDI hosting and domain (this is also another way to make money with GDI) I am still searching the web about this program. If anyone is in this program, please give us more information on how you make money with these companies.
  6. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    floridalady: I found out that you are only require to do one offer. But to get the website (so you can promote to other people) you have to join GDI for the hosting and domain name.
    If you want to get involved with FCM, good luck!
    I think you are going to need it!

    They are setting people up to do offers.
    They get paid - that is their only concern.
    After they get paid, they offer no help at all.

    You can look through the back office and you will see that NONE of the marketing tools are available.
    The only thing you get are pre-loaded email messages into their autoresponder and some crummy NON-converting landing pages!

    They then try to get you to join AWEBER.
    No doubt for the referral payment - why would they try to sell you on AWEBER if they already have an auto responder?

    WHY would it be a REQUIREMENT that you join GDI?
    (hint - same reason, referral PAYMENTS!)

    Ditto for the other referral links in their downline builder.

    Here's a thought:
    If it's a FREE Cash Machine - how come you MUST pay $10 per month to get a GDI account?
    Please don't fall for the tired old line that "you'll make more than enough from your referrals to cover your GDI payment".

    I have gotten the word from a number of IFW sites to STAY AWAY from FCM.

    If you noticed, there were a couple of posters to this thread who were deleted.
    One of these posters had over 20 posts on different threads - even before being validated here at WAHF.
    That sounds like a PROFESSIONAL (but dumb!) spammer/scammer to me!

    Good luck 2u if you decide to work with FCM.
  7. Gravytrain001

    Gravytrain001 New Member

    Well it's good to see that this is a recent statement.

    Personally myself I don't like anything to do with Gobal Domains International (GDI). Just for that reason alone, I would stay away.
  8. floridalady

    floridalady New Member

    Why do you not like Global Domain International? This network marketing company has been around since the 90's and it was ranked #37 as one of the fastest growing companies. Besides the .ws domain, they also have .com, .net etc. but it cost a little more then .ws. For every 5 people that sign up in a week, they pay $100.00 bonas and a $1.00 a month.
  9. floridalady

    floridalady New Member

    I did talk to someone that is in My Free Cash Machine. He said that you do not have to join Global Domain International or any of the other companies. You can use the domain name that they give you and they do have a landing page that they will also give to you. This program is free if you do not join GDI. But joining GDI would make you additional income. He said they have a lot of training and information in the back office.

    You can make $20.00 for every referral you bring into the program that does a trial offer. Payment is sent to your Paypal account everyday. He said you have to put a lot of ads online to find referrals. He is making money everyday and is very happy with this program. If anyone else is in this program, please give us your experience with this program.
  10. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    floridalady: He said they have a lot of training and information in the back office.
    There are four pages in the Action Plan:
    Advertising Co-op (newly added)
    Make Money Tools (blank)
    You Must Do This (blank)
    Your Budget. (blank)

    They just recently, yesterday or the day before, started offering the Ad Co-op - $20 per share.

    Otherwise, EACH PAGE IS BLANK.
    There is NO training.

    THIS is is a direct copy of ALL text (there is nothing else!) on that Ad Co-op page under the heading of FREE CASH MACHINE TRAINING:
    Co-op (cooperative) Advertising enables Multiple Advertisers to Get more Promotion with Fewer Dollars. It can be your most powerful ally online.
    We use bulk purchasing power to secure top quality traffic at below wholesale prices!
    - We divide this bulk purchasing power into shares.
    - One (1) Share costs $20.00
    - You can purchase up to 5 Shares at a time
    Tested and reviewed traffic sources as well as other proven methods of traffic generation drive a steady flow of visitors to your website each and every month!
    Make your payment below. You can also select how many shares you would like on the next page

    So THAT is your "training and information".
    Three blank pages and an ad co-op.

    You can call that "a lot of training and information" if you want to, but that's all you get.
    Three blank pages and an ad co-op.

    Other "training and information" resources:
    A piss poor collection of ads to post and a list of newspaper and online ad sources.

    You can waste your time with the 'free' ads, or pay anywhere up to $450 for classified ad space.

    Oh yes, there is also an affiliate link(!!) to LeadNetPro which will cost you $397.

    And THAT is your "Free" Cash Machine.
  11. mikeb916

    mikeb916 New Member

    Hey all

    I just joined and it seems to combine project payday(ZNZ) and affiliate marketing. I just joined a few days ago, I know it`s legit! The company's they are working with Are well known. As far as the program is concerned I need to work it a little more to tell for sure.

    TJamMoneyMan: The lead in program is free (ZNZ)+ 1 REFERRAL. You can sign up for one offer and cancel or keep it if you like it with ZNZ.
  12. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    mikeb916: he lead in program is free (ZNZ)+ 1 REFERRAL. You can sign up for one offer and cancel or keep it if you like it with ZNZ.
    I'll chance, on your one and only post here at WAHF, that you are not here solely for the purpose of promoting FCM.

    I am COMPLETELY familiar with the IFW concept, and FCM - where I am a member, as well.

    IFW's, while I have gotten paid on a few, are one of the most CONVOLUTED, time wasting, financial account damaging, money making schemes I have run into so far online.

    There is virtually no end to the amount of time you can waste, and unexpected damage that can be done to your financial records, trying to make a few quick bucks doing offers.

    The people that create these offers in the first place are not stupid.
    They have and continue to tweak their offers and IFW pages to make sure they are getting GOOD QUALITY LEADS.

    Those who are doing these offers and promoting IFW sites, for the sake of making money, should realize that they are doing so in direct conflict with the interests of those who make these offers available in the first place.

    They are not putting these offers out there for you to make a monthly income!
    They want genuine leads.
    People who are, or will become, interested in what they are SELLING.
    Not people who are looking to make a buck!
  13. toddwymer

    toddwymer New Member

    I signed up for FCM although I have not earned anything yet I have had 24 leads in 3 days but non converted no one has done the offers yet.. But I just joined 4-11-2011..
  14. joneagle704

    joneagle704 New Member

    Hi guys,
    I'm new here but one thing I want to say is people shouldn't post things about websites that they are not sure about. The free cash machine is a great system! Like people said above it is not necessary to purchase aweber, GDI, or any other the other tools that they promote. Those things will simply make your job easier and you will profit more. Now one comment that I do have that might be kind of negative is their conversion pages. I have received many hits, but none of them are converting. Perhaps it takes patience, and I have a lot of that. Anybody here receive hits on their pages, let me know which one you used. But besides that this thing will make you decent money from your warm market, give a shot!
  15. Oldweiser2

    Oldweiser2 New Member

    I have to jump intot his conversation, although I am new to this forum I do work at home with FCM for about three weeks now.

    The comments posted by Tjammoneyman I absolutely must address!

    If you had a bad experience with "your sponsor" I am sorry for that, however; please do not label all of us as such immoral and unscrupulous people.

    Yes, my downline is only worth $20 to take a lot of time with them individually isn't easy, but I am always there to help them. Not only will I respond to every email and phone call, I started a blog site so they have access to fresh and new ideas when it comes to marketing.

    Not only have I done this, but I also created a seven page marketing guide that includes everything from how and where to create a colorful post with links, to how to improve their SEO rankings. I send this to every new member to get them going in the right direction.

    One last thing my do not have to pay the ten dollars a month for the domain either. Yes, the video strongly suggests it....and if you can afford it I also recommend it. However, again I included how to get around this for those who have no money to invest.

    So please know that not everyone is like the person you may have dealt with....some of us actually like to sleep at night knowing we have not made our living by crushing the hopes and dreams of others.

    Since this is my first post here and I am unsure if "my signature" with links will show up I will include a link to my blog just so you know I am "for real."

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  16. OnlineGuru

    OnlineGuru New Member

    It seems that some of you are very misinformed on the freecashmachine and how it works. I make money from several sources inline and believe me, this system is one of the easiest to use. It costs nothing to get started and it works like a charm. I don't know how any of you could say that they take your money or force you to join GDI. I've made loads of cash from doing this and I never spent a dime. I chose a FREE offer and even cancelled it after I completed 80% of the required time. I was never charged by, my FREE offer. I began to market and the money started coming in. The FreeCashMachine has a separate tutorial website that walks you through everything and even gives you a list of placed to advertise along with the ad copy to use, however I write better ad copy so I use my own. There is one thing that many people seem to miss and that is the method used to get paid. You need to go to the ZNZ and move the money to PayPal by click the "place an Order" tab. Within a few hrs. the money is in PayPal. Also, it is the job of a good referral sponsor to guide the new person on what to do, I do and all of my people are making money as well. Some of them have asked me to show them the other methods that I use to make money online and I really enjoy doing that. If you want to make money with this program, send me an email at , mention that you read this post and I would be happy to walk you through it. Remember, this is only a small part of what I do to make money on the internet, but it's by far the easiest to get started with.

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  17. chickyklick

    chickyklick New Member

    Ok I have a question, I have been signed up with FreeCashMachine for about a week now. I have had one referral, which I'm not complaining about, I'm still learning. But I have a 2nd referral pending, and this may sound like a stupid question, but you stated we need to move the money to PayPal by clicking on the "place an order" tab. I understand that, and I did that - but my question is do I need to change "my prize" or do I just place an order every time I get a referral with offer requirements met??
    Any feedback is appreciated thank you!
  18. sweetslr

    sweetslr New Member

    its not a scam. i have my own business thu them and im working with ppl and im making money and so are they. You just got to work hard for it.
  19. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    Oldweiser2: The comments posted by Tjammoneyman I absolutely must address!

    If you had a bad experience with "your sponsor" I am sorry for that, however; please do not label all of us as such immoral and unscrupulous people...

    So please know that not everyone is like the person you may have dealt with....
    Actually, that was information I got from an OUR LOOT 2 BOOT support person.

    I also pointed out that there was virtually NO training and support - along with links to products that cost hundreds of dollars.

    I got THAT information directly from the FCM website.
    So I'd like to see you address THAT bit of "comment" - which is considerably more substantial...
  20. sweetslr

    sweetslr New Member

    it does work there are training site and videos, there some links if you got money to do them. that you can do. there are prewriting ads to use and do work. so i dont know what your talking you need to get your facts straiht before downing something you never put any effort into trying it.

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