Is a scam??

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by chicagostyles, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. chicagostyles

    chicagostyles New Member

    I've been working on this site for like about 2 weeks and ive been doing real good, even went beyond the 1000 dollar limit. I've been thinking about requesting payment, but i wanna know, do they really pay you??
  2. joanpeterson

    joanpeterson New Member

    I am unable to find

    I do know that many of these so called data entry sites are scams.

    But I guess if you really want to know if they will pay out, just request a pay out from them.
  3. chicagostyles

    chicagostyles New Member

    yeah its actually down today, i dont know if its like that cuz of an error or anything like that, but it says that the link is broken. I kinda got scared about it because i was like uh oh, now what lol.
  4. krazyladyplz

    krazyladyplz New Member

    Good luck. I hope this one is not a scam. The last data entry site I tried owed me $250. When I tried to cash out, they told me that the company had been sold and the new owner would be responsible for paying me. Then the new supposed owner stated that there was a problem with the data and that they were going through and verifying all the customers that requested payout and they would be resolving the problem and making payouts. That was over a year ago and I'm not holding my breath. I've become so cynical and I used to be so nice. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I hope yours was legitimate and they pay you. I'd like to hear some good news.
  5. chicagostyles

    chicagostyles New Member

    well im almost done with the assignements, ima cross my fingers and hope for the best, they even have a scam free certification on the site, is that any good?
  6. magume

    magume New Member

    I made some googling
    Article name is "Beware of"

  7. becky dy

    becky dy New Member

    I signed up with FromHomeDataEntry and requested payout before I finished the 100 jobs in the package. The payout page said that Id have to wait six to eight weeks for payment to be processed.

    Im keeping my fingers crossed.
  8. al99

    al99 New Member

    From all the information available on the net about them it does seem like a scam as they do not pay out.

    You should never have to pay a fee up front to get work.

    A more legitimate way to work would be for them to take a commission from you for all work completed.

    I see so many scam sites like this pop up and disappear with people money.

    If you don't want to get scammed don't part with your money.
  9. liveloran

    liveloran New Member

    hey it's not gonna pay you at all. I was just arguing with their support a couple of minutes ago and they won't give me a refund because they said I dont' deserve due to the violation of some terms. In my opinion, if you are really legit then you should have a money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied. Well in this case, it's not legitimate. so don't ever expect anything from them.
  10. aila laserna

    aila laserna New Member

    Hi there,

    thanks to this post I was about to join, I even made a separate bank account for this purpose only. good thing i saw this post early on. yeah your right, an employer should not solicit money first before the actual work and pay the employee later, what the f***!

    and because of this i found a site that i think is legal and good thing, their products are what i really consumed. and i got points for that.. you may try this too..

    thanks again for the info!!
  11. jeremya23

    jeremya23 New Member

    Good to know that this is a scam site. It's hard to tell which ones are actually legit. Anyone know of real data entry jobs that actually pay you?

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