Is Global Resorts Different from other Travel Businesses??

Discussion in 'Global Resorts Network' started by mentoru2success, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. mentoru2success

    mentoru2success New Member

    Hey all,
    As you could see Global Resorts is making is causing quite a stir and is getting attention; as this new folder proves it.
    I have been fortunate enough to work at home for over 12 years and have never seen an opportunity like Global Resorts Network.
    I have learned in that time that you need a good stand alone product.
  2. mentoru2success

    mentoru2success New Member

    The product has been sold for over 21 years. The way it stands out from the rest is that this is not a voucher or coupon.

    The way it stands out in the 7 trillion dollar industry is that it literally saves people thousands the first time they use it.
    The Global Resorts Network product allows people to have a 100 year,will able, membership.
    The membership allows you and your family
    ONE WEEK at a 4-5 star resort for starting at $298 A WEEK.
    The registry has over 5000 4-5 star resorts in 70 countries.
    Who doesn't want to stay at a luxurious resort and save thousands doing it. Many come to me who are frustrated with timeshare and love this alternative. Global Resorts also has discounts on cruises, airline and hotels for your convenience. I personally own this product and love it.
  3. mentoru2success

    mentoru2success New Member

    The pay plan.
    I remember almost falling out of my chair when I saw the pay plan over 7 months ago.
    It allows you be paid $1000 for every time someone joins. Than with its perpetual leverage, you are paid $1000 for your team members efforts as well. My team members are making 6 figures with this Global.
    My mentor is making $16,000 a week! I remember hearing a story yesterday of a women who had no internet experience make $26,000
    IN ONE MONTH. I am seeing success all around me with this and seeing success myself, big time.
  4. mentoru2success

    mentoru2success New Member

    Well, obviously there are many ways to promote any product. But there are a few Global Resort systems that make it even easier to promote an already great product. Systems are great to plug into from the start and to make money right out of the gate.
    One system I use is called GRN Team Builder and it has virtual assistants who call your prospects and do all the telling and selling for you. So basically, all you need to do is send traffic to it. Which is very easy to do. I personally use and teach web 2.0, which basically uses various simple methods to send targeted traffic to your site.
    I also use personal branding which makes you stand out of the crowd and made a personally branded site with videos.

    Is there anyone else seeing success with Global Resorts.
    Thanks all
  5. Jakeduvall

    Jakeduvall New Member

    Anyone with a success story? I am looking at joining just need some reassurance.
  6. madmatz

    madmatz New Member

    Has anyone here personally had any real success (net profit example) with any type of "travel system"? Just wondering because every story I hear is the success of someone in an up-line but no one personally knows that person.
  7. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    YES, I have had success with a travel system. I am in Coastal Vacations and GRN. Before I joined GRN, I did quite well with Coastal. I worked part time while still working my fulltime job and matched my salary of my fulltime job in about 8 months. GRN will prove to be the same way and better.

    One thing people need to know when they ask the question, "who has a success story" or "How much do you make" is that each person's description of success is very different. For some, making 3 or 4 thousand extra a year is all they want and for others, they want to make millions. I want to make enough money to support my family, get out of debt and still be able to give to my church and help other people in need. How much will that require? I don't know but I intend to find out.

    You mentioned hearing success stories from upline directors but not new members. There will ALWAYS be people talking about their upline simply because there is always upline success to talk about. I did it and pretty much everyone does. When you are trying to develope your own success story you have to use your upline as a testimonial. The key is to use your upline and get them on the phone or in a house party or something to do it face to face so you can make them earn their commission that they will be making off of your sale. Hopfullly you will have a director that will do that. I have spent HOURS on the phone with my downline members and their prospects and it really does pay off.

    The GREAT thing about GRN is that it encourages everyone to help their team because you will be making matching commissions from now on. Every time they make a $500 or $1,000 you will also make the same thing so it really motivates people to help their downline if they weren't motivated to do that before.

    Let me know if I can help you in any way.
  8. gmax

    gmax New Member

    Another great way to find others who are actually using the product and not paying it lip to go on YouTube!

    You will find many Global Resorts Members who are not just promoting but actually spending time at...and having fun at various resorts!

    The best way I am seeing to promote G.R.N, is to utilize YouTube! Buy the membership, take a vacation (if it's a resort that happens to be close by--even better!) book it and go! Show others what the product is, how you actually used it and what it can do for them!

    With that first person won't need the *success* of your upline--because now you are creating your own footprint of success by showing others who you are! Become your own *Go To* guy or gal and don't concentrate on the money![​IMG] If you concentrate on *building* me--the money without a doubt will come!

    Just ask yourself--who would make more money or draw more people in..? Someone who sits in front of a monitor and just talks about GRN or someone who actually video tapes their exciting vacations using GRN? [​IMG]
  9. victorious

    victorious New Member

    madmatz: Has anyone here personally had any real success (net profit example) with any type of "travel system"? Just wondering because every story I hear is the success of someone in an up-line but no one personally knows that person.

    We made almost $300K with Coastal Vacations in our first year and a half. How's that for 'real success'? With Global we saw an even bigger opportunity and loving every minute of it!
  10. gmax

    gmax New Member

    Where is the 'lastest' remark from Escalade who states: "There is also another company called Travelencia. Apparently, they have a totally different travel program. I've reviewed their compensation plan, and quite frankly, they do have the best compensation..."

    First off, let's compare apples to apples. The closest and so far only travel-related business or company GRN can adequately be in the same class with is Coastal--since both a travel membership clubs and neither require members to book travel for others in order to qualify for travel agent related 'perks.' Even then, the difference in quality and memberships are quite unequal and vastly different, as I am a Level II Director w/Coastal but have quite happily joined the Global Resorts Network family.

    So far, there has been nothing out there that can touch GRN committment to quality, dedication and service and I couldn't be more pleased with having switched. Goooo Global!
  11. eila

    eila New Member


    I am just wondering is there anyone that is currently doing BOTH Coastal AND Global Resorts Network @ the same time?

    If so, how are you marketing both?

    I was interested in adding GRN, but want to continue with Coastal as well. Thanks, Eila
  12. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    I am still a member of Coastal and if someone insists on buying Coastal I will sell it to them as long as they understand what they are getting. I don't promote CV so to speak. I push GRN. I do know that there are some that do actively promote both. I don't know why. GRN is such a better product. I guess the commissions are the biggest draw. I just wish the product met the price.
  13. victorious

    victorious New Member

    Well, there's a new kid on the block, bigger, badder, and better. But all the details have not been revealed yet; whoever gets in first makes the big bucks. The info is at www. more-vacations . com
  14. gmax

    gmax New Member

    Nice site, Vicky! What program did you use to create it? MarketingBurst?
  15. victorious

    victorious New Member

    Was that for me, gmax? If it was, my name is Catherine, not Vicky [​IMG]. It's OK, though. I'm a web designer and I built the site myself, at your services. [​IMG]

    Matt & Cat
  16. Vibrantvision

    Vibrantvision New Member

    Like you, I believe this product it tops! One that can quickly pay for itself is really appealing, but this has the element of FUN in it! We all need more fun in life.
  17. BigCash247

    BigCash247 New Member

    Hey guys,

    Where can I see a GRN presentation?

  18. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    Hi Jamie,
    just click on the links in my signature line.
  19. WealthDelivered

    WealthDelivered New Member

    What is the difference between GRN and MOR Vacations? It gets a little confusing. I am in Coastal but no longer sell the product. I just didn't feel that there was value there.
    One of the best things I've learned is to personalize your website. If you notice, all the succesful people in any industry are not using the stock website. Mine is nothing special but I personalized it and have done well. Never before was I succesful online.
  20. exesq

    exesq New Member

    MOR and GRN are very similar products. MOR Vacation hot weeks apparently start at $100 less than GRN's. They also offer a financing option. However, what is not immediately apparent to most people is that if you choose financing, the price of their top-shelf lifetime membershp (Diamond) becomes about $5k. I can't imagine many people being able to afford this, even with the financing. When MOR first started I heard a lot of people touting (and you can still find these articles everywhere) that MOR was cheaper than GRN. If you take a look now, a lifetime membership actually costs $4000, a full $1k more than GRN. This was the deal breaker for me.

    I have been with GRN for 2 years now and at one point considered jumping to MOR. I'm glad I stayed. I think GRN's long track record, experience, reputation, and excellent customer service is what makes this product have true lasting power even in the face of direct competition from the new kid on the block.

    GRN has also listened to their affiliates' requests to change the perpetual leverage plan to allow for new affiliates to earn on their very first sale. When GRN finally implements their financing option, I expect the success of this product to grow even further to people who would have otherwise been priced out.

    Not being a member of MOR, I can only speak to the basic differences of each. It's downright impossible to find objective information on any program, especially a comparison of competing programs, on the internet. No matter which one you go with, I think the key is to find a team that has actually had success helping its members, instead of just talk about it.

    I hope that helps to answer your question.

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