Is GoldBiz$ a scam?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Testin, May 30, 2009.

  1. Testin

    Testin New Member

    Hiya im new to this forum and to the world of work from home. I was after some advice on a site i came across and would like to no if its legit or not. If anyone has signed up before for a full membership or if anyone has hit the free member payout and the site has lived up to there end of the deal. Can you plz leave some info for me to read through it would b really appreciated.

    There site is and here is there free member info

    - 100% free membership.

    - We accept members from all over the world ! International members are welcome !

    - Paid emails worth $5 per every mail.

    - You can upgrade your account and earn more, faster and get payout Weekly.

    - Receive eMail on the best products.

    - Receive eMail on the best opportunities.

    - Paid to click section worth $2 per every banner.

    - You will get $50 sign-up bonus.

    - Easy and Quick Payout.

    - Minimum payout for free members is $2,999 - easy to reach.

    - Payout via: LibertyReserve, Paypal, Moneybookers, AlertPay.

    - Special bonus to members that have lots of referrals.

    - You will receive 25% earnings from your referral work. All will be credited to your account daily.

    This is the account i currently have and am trying to work my way up to the $3000 mark to see if the site is legit. But i thought if anyone had already done this and wouldn't mind sharing there findings it would be a faster way to do this.

    I am sorry if this has already been asked and if i have posted in wrong place if there are any problems with this post if i can del/remove i will sorry if i have done wrong in advance [​IMG] well plz enjoy your days and thank you for your help
  2. alibaig

    alibaig New Member

    Hi. I am working as a Free Member in and had Requested Payment of 3000$ set for a Free Member Last Five Months Ago still Not Get Paid!
    Sent many Tickets to the site Support Regarding My Payment and getting a Reply that : "your payment is in process please wait some days" that's it..........!
  3. apostle42

    apostle42 New Member

    Hello ,Im Otis. I was in formed that the upgrade members are paid out much quicker. did you request payment five moths ago or you were saying you made $3,000 from five months ago? That is important , because if you requested payment five months ago, the policy is that they make payment to you in 30-90 days, so tha would be a major problem. So thats the Big question , let me know ......Otis reach me @ edupostle@helloworld..
  4. Honest Income

    Honest Income New Member

    With a minimum payout amount of $2999. I can only imagine how long it may take before you earn enough to get paid.

    That's a lot of email reading and banner clicking to reach the payout.

    Why tie yourself down waiting on this service to pay you that amount of money? There are thousands of legitimate sites that pay higher commissions and most with a low minimum payout threshold?
  5. bosco

    bosco New Member

    Nobody pays $5 or $10 an email.

    Many of the one pennies per email don't pay.

    You need to learn some basic skills, not clicking on ads or paid surveys.

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