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Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by anitashahar, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. anitashahar

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    I have just finished my website. Please give me your opinion on my website. I need a feedback especially on my product. I would like to know whether my product is competative? I want to keep my website as simple as I can and very straight forward.

    Your feedback please.

    Details check [Link removed - Admin]
  2. netjobs

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    To be in success in e-business you should have professional website that could be made by professional designers, if u r confident in ur products and sales u should invest in those things, the site must be more attractive and lucrative... in my view the current page is no more confident to the buyers to purchase online...

    your products should tell more informations for example see this site..
    you can see more details about the products on that page... ok.. its an ebay site that could be more professional, but it works, u should try this kind of stuff... so, consult with a webdesigner, talk about ur products and redesign... and I am sure, you'll get a good result...

    - Jai

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