Is it possible to rank an OPT-IN page?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by John Vianny, May 17, 2016.

  1. John Vianny

    John Vianny Member

    Iti's possible or not to rank an opt in page made by only one page where the user has to insert the mail?

    I mean a domain pointing by maskin to a leadpage's opt in page. Not made in wordpress.

    How would u rank it?
  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I'd focus more on the associated main site/blog if it were me. Continue to add content to that site/blog and promote it. Also learn a bit about SEO and SMM as potential ways to get traffic.
  3. John Vianny

    John Vianny Member

    I know this is the "normal" Seo, of course rankin a blog/site it's easier, and a pop-up to lead generation would works...

    but my question is about rankin an opt-in page as a stand alone page, if it's possible or not
  4. any page can be seo optimized its how you do for an optin page I would go the blacklinks route. Getting your link on as many sites as you can. Backlinks are like votes "links"the more votes "links" you have the better your seo ranking for your page will be. He is the best part all these other sites are trying to boost their own seo and in return are boosting yours indirectly.
  5. Also don't forget to use meta tags
  6. Mike Gowans

    Mike Gowans New Member

    Ok so there's something that you can do to get your page ranked and it's asking some people over at to get you ranked. They've got a few crazy ways with link rotators and some other snazzy stuff to get your page hitting the upper pages of Google.

    But what I would do if I were you and you were trying to get your page noticed is I would go over to and write a really good helpful article and then I would hyper-link inside your medium article to your opt-in page and then I would run some targeted Facebook Ads or soloads to your medium article that has your link to your opt-in page.

    Here's why...

    You need to build a bridge first. Think of it as like a warm up or closing the gap first. If you write a quality medium article and it gives them some value they're basically more pre-framed to your value before they hit your opt-in page. Then you'll get far more conversions.

    Another way to think of it is setting the stage for your opt-in page. It's much better to run someone to a article or blog post to get them warmed up rather than just cold traffic straight to an opt-in page.

    Also remember to ask yourself what you perfect ideal customer is into and what they like. This will help you design content to "catch the type of fish you're after" if you're trying to catch catfish but your using goldfish bait it's hard impossible to get the right people in front of your message.

    Think what type of bait would attract my ideal customer? Create content for that person in medium with a link to your opt-in page and start driving traffic via soloads, forum marketing, facebook ads, or blog commenting.
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  7. John Vianny

    John Vianny Member

    So you are agree in using GSA to post as many backlinks as possible?
  8. brucekenway

    brucekenway New Member

    But how to use GSA correctly, I dont want to try with bad backlinks
  9. Muzzamil

    Muzzamil Member

    It's not possible to rank a opt-in page because google really doesn't like single-opt in pages. However you can rank a article or blog and have a opt-in form on the right side of article or blog, or have the opt-in as a pop up where where people can quickly put in their name and email. Good Luck!

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