Is Spintax the answer to Our Unique Content problem?

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    In the last few weeks I have been introduced to "Spintax" or "spyntax" depending on your preference. I believe both are acceptable.

    Well I am simply amazed at what you can achieve with spintax article writing. To the point I launched my own software product in the spintax writing market.

    For those that are not familiar, spintax is a simple set of characters that you add to an article in order for spinning programs to spin new variations. The characters are { | and } That's it just those 3 is all you need.

    Example: "Insert {spintax | spyntax} to save time." This is the most basic form it allows you to write one article that targets BOTH spellings of the word spintax.
    You can expand that so entire sentences and even paragraphs are exchanged and swapped around each time the article is spun. I have articles here that can create variations in the BILLIONS. (No I didn't believe it until I saw the math either)

    It really is cool stuff. Now when I write an original article I can add the spintax and have hundreds of variations just by spinning them out.

    Is anyone else using spintax article writing?

    Have you managed to get past 2 or 3 levels deep yet?

    Interested in hearing your experience with spintax and if you believe it is the answer to the search for the bottomless pit of unique content?

    Take care {everyone | all | people | friends | Fellow forum members}


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