Is the 1 step system a legitimate business?

Discussion in '1StepSystem' started by chrisc52000, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. chrisc52000

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    Hello Everyone

    Does anybody know if the 1 step system is a legitimate business because I am thinking about signing up and I just want to make sure that I am starting on the right track? Simply because I will be spending about $650.00 and I want make sure that I am not wasting my money and my time on something.


  2. clendon

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    If you truly approach the 1StepSystem as a business, you will do very well. It is not a get rich quick system.

    When considering it as a business, you will obviously know that you have to do something yourself. That's called marketing. The program states that you do not have to sell anything, cold call anyone, or make phone calls. They imply that once they listen to the phone presentation they will join. The rub is that you have to get people to listen to the call - that's the marketing.

    It also helps if you get a sponsor who will at least go a little way towards making you successful. We try to do that.

    My wife and I are in the program together and have been successful with it. We are not rich yet but there is still time.

    The Piedmont Group
  3. pcwork

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    Like every business, your income will depend on your selling skills, there are no guaranteed returns
  4. chrisc52000

    chrisc52000 New Member

    29 Mar 2007 06:24 - Attached on merging:
    I have several questions reagarding the 1 step system?

    Hello Everyone,

    1. I am just wondering, has anybody been able to make any money with the 1 step system?

    2. How many sales do people usually make OR should I say, how many 2-up sales do people make?

    3. On a scale from 1 to 10, (with 1 being terrible and 10 being excellent), what would the average person rate the 1 step system, as an overall business, in terms of a legitimate business?

    4. Where is (if there is one) the actual company located? I am just very curious.


  5. clendon

    clendon New Member


    Your questions are probably going to receive a lot of confusing results. For example to question 1 I can say that I am making money. To someone who hasn't done anything with the program you are going to get different answers.

    For question 2, if you are referring to sales you, as a sponsor make the answer can never be more than 2. When you bring someone into this program two training sales is all you will get from anyone. This is not an MLM.

    If you are asking how many sales you can make, it depends on how many streams of money you want to receive.

    For question 3, it is too subjective and will not produce any meaningful results.

    The program has been around for over a year at this point so it should be around for awhile. I consider it a legitimate business.

    I know you are probably skeptical of anything on the internet and you want to be cautious. You should be comfortable with any program you get involved with but if you have reservations, maybe you should pass. There are a lot of people making a lot of money with the 1Step System and there a a lot that are making nothing. It all depends are your marketing skills and the support of your sponsor.

    The Piedmont Group
  6. 27am_dot_com

    27am_dot_com New Member

    >>>> 1 step system is a legitimate business

    More accurately, 1 Step System is a legitimate sales system that you can use for $29.95 per month but it's their PRODUCT that you're paying for and it's YOUR BUSINESS that you would be marketing it through.

    The $597 is paid for their top notch Ultimate Marketer's Toolbox infoproduct.

    Beyond that, yes you can use their sales system to help you market/sell their product which then creates the $500 sales commissions for you.

    Is it legitimate? Absolutely. In fact, now it's not even "contraversial" seeing as they dropped the 2-UP plan which a lot of marketers get turned off by.

    >>>> 1. I am just wondering, has anybody been able to make any money with the 1 step system?

    Yes. And still do. But that has nothing to do with 1SS but instead with ME. It's my efforts, my marketing, my work ethic that created the sales not a "program".

    >>>> 2. How many sales do people usually make OR should I say, how many 2-up sales do people make?

    No more 2-ups. As of May 1st, the compensation is now a straight commission (you keep the $500 for even your very first sale).

    >>>> rate the 1 step system, as an overall business, in terms of a legitimate business?

    8 or a 9. But if you are asking legitimate, then 10. It's absolutely legitimate, ethical and effective. The customer receives the value. The marketer receives the value. The merchant (1SS) receives the value.

    The fact that their product is an extensive business building, marketing and money making course certainly can go a long way in helping a novice income seeker get to their goals faster... the trouble is, most of them never even review the content they just purchased (which is actually taught by legendary and successful businessmen).
  7. xeonkar007

    xeonkar007 New Member

    you get a course for a heavy fee....

    and learn from that .. and then sell the heavy course itself again,,

    i think i got it right..

    there are also some other top gun internet marketing courses which have their own affiliate program...
    so why then 1stepsystem...
    any way...
  8. made2prosper

    made2prosper New Member

    I was part of the 1step and it was very hefty. The customer support and interest was lacking a great deal. I have found a good business I am doing now that they say is for The Little Guy. If you are interested check out my signature. SO FAR SO GOOD!!
  9. startlivingclub

    startlivingclub New Member

    I find that all the offers of great money opportunities have a certain amount of truth. The only stumbling block the all suffer from is that they teach you how to market, but do not tell one how to build a nice email list sothat one has someone to market to.
  10. million2

    million2 New Member

    I was involved with the one step system some time ago,and I was not successsful. I did get about 100 people signing up, but no sales. I do believe if i knew what I know now It might have been different. But their support wsa not the best, I sometimes had a problem logging into my back office. Also I had about 100 people signing up ,but did not build my list.
  11. frutose

    frutose Guest

    Actually it is more like a business. You need invest some money first and do some marketing work, which is different with some other online "business". It cost you more energy but give you more profit, probably.
  12. mrslalas7

    mrslalas7 New Member

    What is this program all about anyway? Never heard of it. Isn't it some kind of 1up program?
  13. elwissgerena

    elwissgerena New Member

    Just like with any other business, it all comes down to the marketing aspect. The business has to have a solid product, good outgoing training, a way of contacting someone physically etc.

    The catch here is to refer people to listen to the presentation and the presentation will do all of the selling for you. That my friend is what you call automated sale marketing.

    Just remember these tips when you are researching a business:

    1) A legitimate good product.
    2) A physical contact information.
    3) Ongoing 'REAL' training.
    4) Sincere sponsors who are experience to help you.
    5) Stability of the company.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!
  14. antoine3000

    antoine3000 New Member

    Hi Guys !!!!!!

    I dont know anything about this 1-stepsystem but I am really curious about it. Its sounds like a good system.
    would anybody of you have the pleasantness to explain me what this is about?

    Thank you very much
  15. Adrianne

    Adrianne New Member

    I purchased 1 step a year or so ago for its video course. After purchasing it, I realized rather quickly that it did not live up to
    the hype. There was nothing in the videos that I did not already
    know about.

    If you are a beginner, then this course is for you, but you can
    find the same information elsewhere for a fraction of the cost.
    I did not attempt to market it because I felt it was way overpriced
    for the little bit of value it offered.
  16. vlint623

    vlint623 New Member

    Ok so what I am getting from this is the product they offer teaches you how to market? And then you Market that product? Do dome research online there are a lot of websites that help teach you how to market on line for free. If you are looking into a business make it a product you can be proud of. I dont think I could sleep at night with that one but just me persionally.
  17. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I think it is a very good business. Why don't you do more search on Google to see what others are saying.

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