Is the 1step system all its cracked up to be?

Discussion in '1StepSystem' started by cashsafe, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. cashsafe

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    Hi all

    I've had a look at the 1step system and it looks good to me.

    Is it as automated as they say it is? Is it really that easy to make sales?
    Are people really doing that well? I notice many people have their own websites advertising the program. Why is this when 1step supplies you with one?

    I notice that whenever a new program is started it is the flavour of the month until something else comes along. Is there anything with longevity?

    I would appreciate some guidence please. [​IMG]
  2. clendon

    clendon New Member


    The automation starts when you get someone to go to the 1Step website and sign up for the telephone presentation. My experience has been that when you send them there you'll know they joined because a $500 check will show up in PayPal. At that point you make contact and help them become a qualified associate.

    Most of us feel more comfortable bringing someone to a landing page on our own website than sending them directly to the 1Step site. This gives us a better handle on whether our advertising dollars and marketing concepts are effective. Also, most people who are looking for a business on the Internet have their own sites and may have other projects as well. If you do not have your own website the tools provided by 1Step are exceptional.

    As for longevity- anything that's been on the Internet for more than six months is an eternity. However, 1Step has been around about a year and it is still going so it looks like it will be around for awhile.

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  3. joyfulbiz

    joyfulbiz New Member


    i am really interested in joining 1stepsystem for a month now my concern is its too much high cost to join is there someone out there who like to give back 50% of commission they earn when i join?

    i would appreciate to hear from guys


  4. clendon

    clendon New Member


    That is illegal

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  5. Sande255

    Sande255 New Member

    I am a member of 1 step system. The product the you buy is definatly worth the $500. Bascily the automation starts once you get people to you website. You can't roll back what you paid. But Those my team I offer a free $250 advertising bonus. Meaning I with take $250 of the commision and use it for advertising towards you. This isnt returning the money but it is giving you a better chance to make more money.
  6. maelztorm

    maelztorm New Member

    Jepher there is no harming in asking... and with the high initial investment (yes $500 is a huge investment)... i don't think anyone can blame you....
    My advice to you Jepher ... since the price is such a concern that you have to ask for assistance... don't join the system.... my advice to you is take it slow and try making that money somewhere else before investing anything into 1step...

    I dare say that this system is for the more established guns of IM....
  7. WebGuru

    WebGuru New Member

    Yes I agree with maelztorm. Jepher make sure you have the money first before you join. Reason why you want to start off the right. I soon as you join advertising right away so you can make the money back right away.

    Also your sponsor my have a training site. To get you off to a first start.
  8. clendon

    clendon New Member

    I just signed up with safe pay solutions at the reqeust of a client. Here is the sccop:

    -On a $500 payment there fee was over $20 - paypal charges $18
    -For a credit card payment they place a 7 day hold on the money
    -They placed a minimum balance in my account of $33
    -To transfer he money to my bank, they charge $7 - Pay Pal charges nothing.

    Bottom line it is going to take anywhere from 10 - 15 days to get the money into my bank account. At that time I will have about $440 of the original $500 to work with.

    I will never recommend this pay system but will keep it around for those who haave no other choice

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  9. 27am_dot_com

    27am_dot_com New Member

    >> Is it as automated as they say it is?

    Much of the sales process is, yes. The marketer isn't. If you don't do the work to drive the targeted visitors to your offer, the sales system can't do it's job.

    >> Is it really that easy to make sales?

    Versus creating your own very high value product, creating the website, creating the graphics, developing the effective sales funnel, hosting your own teleconferences, dealing with all the customer service issues individually, etc... yes... with a ready made sales system such as 1SS it IS that much easier to generate $500 sales.

    >> Why is this when 1step supplies you with one?

    Smart marketing. It helps create the "pre-sell" and a bit more credibility with the target audience. Not to mention, when everyone is zigging, you'll get ahead faster by zagging.

    >> I notice that whenever a new program is started it is the flavour of the month until something else comes along. Is there anything with longevity?

    That has more to do with human "opportunistic" mentality than with a program. It's a fact of life that the majority who are looking in the "make money from home" market are opportunistic procrastinators... they're wishful thinkers. It makes sense that as soon as another attractive offer comes along, they'll jump on it. They are addicted to the pursuit of money without learning how to really generate an income for themselves.

    >> back 50% of commission they earn when i join?

    Illegal and poor business practice. If someone does take you up on that offer:
    1) they just went against 1SS TOS (ie: not respectable or trustworthy)
    2) they just acted on a desperate or lack mentality and are likely no further along than you are (ie: beginner or amateur).

    >> and with the high initial investment (yes $500 is a huge investment

    Really? How much did you pay for college? How much is a silly flower arranging class? Don't make me laugh... some of those who provide the content for 1SS' Ultimate Marketer's Toolbox charge $1000-$15,000 per day for consulting. Per day. To create the graphic work for one simple website, that's $100-$200... that's just the graphic work.

    >> My advice to you Jepher

    My advice to you is to never take flying lessons from anyone other than a qualified flight instructor. I promise you that anyone with even a moderate level of business accumen would not be heard talking about "$500 is a huge investment" and therefore are certainly not qualified to give you advice.

    The above may have come off as rude, but it's just a bit of a reality check. Please give it some thought.
  10. formvals

    formvals New Member

    [​IMG]Was in this 1 step system a couple of years ago, lost all the money I invested, might have been o.k. if I could afforded to advertise like they suggested.

    This is working much better for me, with little invested.

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