is there a healthy way to lose weight?

Discussion in 'Health' started by JackDProvost, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. JackDProvost

    JackDProvost New Member

    I am not extremely over weight but I am a bit. I need to find a healthy way to lose weight. not massive weight either just 20lbs
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    P90X [​IMG]

    I just got a set of dvds and oh my gees - it is a workout!! I only have about 15 to lose and I can lose that in a few weeks with hcg but it wants to creep back on so I want to work out and KEEP it off. [​IMG]
  3. JackDProvost

    JackDProvost New Member

    you know I have been looking into that. Thanks for the push in the right direction [​IMG]
  4. lillianrose

    lillianrose New Member

    I used meal replacement shakes to lose weight and then have one shake a day (breakfast or lunch) to keep it off.

    They have Chocolate and Vanilla Creme. I buy the Vanilla Creme and add healthy stuff to create different flavors. One day I sliced up a plum and threw it all in the blender with ice, another day I used orange juice and had a "creamcicle", I have used almond milk, pineapple, banana etc. Not only a great, really nutritious breakfast they are DELICIOUS.

    Monavie shakes are nutrient dense so you stock up on nutrients, not calories.

    Made with A?§aVie?„?, the purest, most potent form of a?§ai available, each serving provides the antioxidant power of more than 10 servings of fruits and vegetables. In addition, it provides prebiotic fiber for digestive health and whey protein to help maintain lean muscle mass. Some distributors give shakes to their kids for a quick, easy and nutritious breakfast on the go.
  5. JackDProvost

    JackDProvost New Member

    Thanks for the advice I have actually done quite a bit of research and found a lot of really cool tips
  6. lillianrose

    lillianrose New Member

    Good for you. let us know how it goes and what you did to succeed.
  7. Dr_Boo

    Dr_Boo New Member

    Have you considered amputation? It's fast, permanent, and probably hurts less than P90X. [​IMG]
  8. lillianrose

    lillianrose New Member

    If you were trying to make a joke, it fell flat. There are millions of people all over the US struggling with their weight.

    Some of them are at risk for serious health issues. They need solutions not jokes.
  9. Dr_Boo

    Dr_Boo New Member

    At least I didn't try to sell him snake oil.

    It doesn't take miracle products or exotic berries to lose weight. Cut out sweets and fatty food. Exercise like you mean it. And most importantly have the discipline to stick to it. Its that simple.

    It's that discipline part that most people have problems with. So they look for the next fad miracle diet to do the work for them. Much to their detriment and the profit of those looking to cash in on their weakness.
  10. lillianrose

    lillianrose New Member

    There is a wealth of scientific evidence that supports meal replacement as effective for weight loss and weight maintenance.

    It is usually more complicated that "just cut out..." many times people have nutritional deficiencies that cause their bodies to crave nutrients that are missing from their regular diets. So they eat. Many times people can't exercise portion control or get busy, don't eat and then stuff themselves.

    Some are late night eaters. Wouldn't it be better to drink a shake that mixed with crushed ice in a blender tastes like a Vanilla milkshake and contains 18 grams of protein, 12 grams of fiber and the antioxidant equivalent of 10 servings of fruit and vegetables in 190 calories?
  11. JackDProvost

    JackDProvost New Member

    Thanks for the tips and the joke was pretty funny! lol
    But on a serious note yes there are several people suffering from being overweight. I am not to over weight I am just a bit. I would like to lose the weight around the midsection to give me a slender look my upper body is fine just the mid section is growing wide and my pants seem to fall off like I have no hips
  12. healthchants

    healthchants New Member

    I have been studying from courses and books how people can lose weight without spending a lot of money or no money at all. I did research on some of the old cultures such as Buddhist meditation which have very easy meditation techniques for weight loss, I was very impressed!
  13. chrisk824

    chrisk824 New Member

    I've had very good luck with P90X. I lost around 25 lbs with it. I'm about ready to start another round of it.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    A "healthy way to lose weight"? what is your definition of that? There are various ways to accomplish that. I recommend cutting out all the sugars. You'll be surprised what foods have sugar in them. There is also a way to lose weight without changing what you eat.
  15. lillianrose

    lillianrose New Member

    I am not a doctor but a healthy way to lose weight would be one that insures that you get the appropriate nutrition while you are trying to lose weight.

    Whether you are using meal replacement or taking pills to curb appetite you still need macro, microand phyto nutrients, protein, fiber etc.

    I agree, most of us eat too much sugar and if you read labels it it in just about everything but I don't think its that simple. Our bodies crave certain nutrients and it is easier to control portions etc if we are getting those nutrients.
  16. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Do this and you will be amazed.

    Drink juice only for breakfast and lunch. Also drink some green Chinese tea. Drink a lot of water.

    After 4 or 5 PM. eat a small meal.

    Eat some dark chocolate in the evening and if you are hungry, eat almonds.

    Do this for a week without exercise and not checking your weight and then see that you lost weight.

    Also write down the weight goal that you want and tell yourself a few times a day.....

    I weight XXXX pounds.

    This will help too.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    lillianrose: I am not a doctor but a healthy way to lose weight would be one that insures that you get the appropriate nutrition while you are trying to lose weight.

    Whether you are using meal replacement or taking pills to curb appetite you still need macro, microand phyto nutrients, protein, fiber etc.
  18. Speedy2011

    Speedy2011 Member

    JackDProvost, did you find a product to help you lose 20 lbs? If so, share it with us.

    If not, Melissa (GoPlexus) who just replied to this thread might have the answer for you; due to people are getting positive results from it and it is a very easy weight lose product to take once a day. People like easy.

    There are a LOT of weight lose products to look in to online. I hope all the best for anyone looking for the right product to lose weight.
  19. PeterFrosen

    PeterFrosen New Member

    P90X and Insanity!!!! [​IMG]
  20. lifemyway

    lifemyway New Member

    There are plenty pf options out there to help lose weight and also maintain the weight loss.

    The most important concepet is that you also change your lifestyle.

    There is a an old saying that I love to tell my friends and family:

    If you always do what you have always done, you always get what you have always got!!

    Proper supplementation, proper eating, and exercise will not only help you lose the weight but, also maintain a healthy lifestlye.

    Meal replacement shakes are a great way to start the day as well as mid day snacks of fruits and vegetables is a great start in this journey.

    Consider looking into the glycemic index and other healthy alternatives.

    Let us know what you find that works for you as we all have our own opinions and offerings but, in the end, you know the result you want and what is going to work for you.

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