is there any legitimate work at home?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by manish, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. manish

    manish New Member

    hi vishal, I m fed up for searching for legitimate work at home, no one seems to fit... can you tell me any legitimate work at home.
  2. shun

    shun New Member

    Everyone who has went through the trials and tribulations of finding the right work at home business for them and has lost money, understands what you are going through manish.
    I personally lost over $2000 within the past year to scams and other businesses where i felt I had no training and support.

    So manish I would suggest try looking at some of the sig lines that you see under peoples post. Check those out and do your research to see if they are legit or if you want more info. If you have any questions about a home business, just post it. I'm sure someone here on the board may be able to tell you if it looks like a scam or if it seems real.[​IMG]
  3. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum manish [​IMG] First identify whether you would like to have a work at home job or business. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and only you can judge which one's best for you.

    For business opportunities, as Shun mentioned, try looking around member's sig lines and see if there's anything that interest you. If anything excites you, contact the member and ask appropriate questions - how long he has been in business, whether he'll be in a position to help you, etc.

    For jobs, you either have to keep a watch for companies that list telecommuting/work at home jobs or look out for freelance jobs on sites like and Regarding first option, there are no shortcuts though. You just will have to look out like you would for a regular job.
  4. Rashenbo

    Rashenbo New Member

    Hi Manish,

    What is it you want to do? Some people just decide they want to work from hom and they look around for something that sounds easy and promises great rewards. Unfortunately, working from home can be very difficult. It requires, patience, concentration and a plan.

    Do you want to sell? There are certainly many opportunities that a motivated, passionate person can excel from a home based office selling to residences or businesses.

    Do you have a service to provide? Could you do in home cleaning, computer support or offsite office assistance?

    Do you want to try and get a telecommute job where you are an appointment setter or other individual that is based on commissions?

    If you can think about what you would actually like to do it might be easier to find something. One thing I know - you have to be committed and you have to have passion for what you are doing. Otherwise, it will be too easy to put it off or give up.
  5. philena30

    philena30 New Member

    It's not easy, believe us. We all went through it. I was kinda lucky to find the right one for me and not lose out of alot of money, but my problem was after. Ok.. I found the business I wanna do.. now what? Don't get me wrong though, I had excellent training and support team, but I wanted more and didn't know why. That sounds kinda weird, but I was driving. I'm way ahead of my upline now because I'm no longer buying leads, so they can no longer give me advice about my business because they have not taking it as far as I have. Good Luck of your search.. If you have any questions, keep on posting.
  6. ahdsan

    ahdsan New Member

    I have the same problem. I am struggling to find an online job and have spent nearly 200$. Now I have stopped signing up sites that ask for any upfront fees. Maybe someday I will get a genuine work at home job. If you guys know any please tell me.
  7. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    There are plenty of legitimate work at home jobs available in USA and Canada. In other countries, you have limited options
  8. adriab

    adriab New Member

    I run a retail store from my home. It's fun a lot of the time, but it is very time consuming between listing items on the site, photographing, packing orders, shipping, etc. not to mention trying to attract new customers. I also do transcription work which is a steady income, but I don't make a lot considering how much time I put into it. I've been able to make a decent amount of money at get-paid-to programs like Instant Profitz and Prizebook. I don't think I can count on it to be something I can do long term but it's been great for filling in the gaps.
  9. outbackson

    outbackson New Member

    I know this is a good business to get into However you still have to know how to market the products. They do have online trainings to learn how to market them also. But they are legit and their products are very good for your health and for our enviroment.
  10. mtsouth

    mtsouth New Member

    There are some legitimate home business options out there. You have to be careful and do your research. This board and others like are great places to seek information and product reviews.
  11. Joe Russell

    Joe Russell New Member

    As someone else previously mentioned it basically depends on what you are looking for. Most online opportunities have the potential to make you alot of money if you know how to market them properly and are prepared to invest some time, effort and money, yes money...You cant start ANY business online or off without having to invest money for operating expenses and advertising if you want to remain in business and hopefully become successful but nothing is guaranteed.

    As far as business expenses this is where an online business differs a great deal. Your investment into an online business is far far less than that of traditional offline businesses. Even if you spend $300 monthly operating your own online business it would still be far less. IMO if a person is not prepared to invest financially in any business than they would be better of searching for better employment. Their are no get rich quick schemes that all take hard work to be successful.

    I have been living a very comfortable life for the past 6 years from working online and I invested an extremely small amount of money but none the less their was an initial investment and monthly operating costs.

    Joe Russell
    The Money Making Miser
    [Link removed - Admin]
  12. Benjamin Scott

    Benjamin Scott New Member

    When you search online for a work at home job, what
    you will mostly find are home businesses which mostly
    require a fee. An internet business and a work at home
    job are two different things.

    One way to find a work at home job is to actually contact
    Jobs that are not work at home jobs and see if they are
    in need of someone to do work at home.

    The deal with most real work at home jobs is that many
    of them will not advertise it. Another option would be
    to get a a job that will allow you to work at home in
    the future when they get to know you and how you work.
    First you have to find out if they actually have people
    working from home.

    Once the companies gets to know you and trust you because
    they know that you are an honest person, then they may
    take you up on your offer to work at home.
  13. webnancy

    webnancy New Member

    Im also a work from home web professional and this is a genuine work too for which I have been getting paid. The work is interesting and just the kind of work I was looking for. However, I have also had many setbacks in the past and since a friend of mine was doing this already I went for it and now Im fairly well settled in it . Its giving me good money fur sure without any investment whatsover.
  14. Eric Buck

    Eric Buck New Member

    The quest for legitimate work at home does take research and careful consideration. Do you need direction and supervision, or are you creative and self-reliant? This answer may help determine whether to search for an Internet business or work for a company at home.

  15. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Quoting: Benjamin ScottWhen you search online for a work at home job, what
    you will mostly find are home businesses which mostly
    require a fee. An internet business and a work at home
    job are two different things.

    You should search forums for genuine work at home jobs, most scam companies are very good at SEO and have top rankings in search engines. Scams are easy to spot after some time
  16. Kandace

    Kandace New Member

    I feel strongly that when searching for a work at home oppurtunity, "you get what you pay for." If someone is offering to make you thousands of dollars a day for a $29.95 fee, do you really think that seems legit? I have actually tried some of these with no success. I agree with some of the previous posts in that working at home takes, time, money and effort.

    The home business that I own did cost me money, i do work hard, and I love it!!! There is a real oppurtunity to make money with this one! But you do need to invest money to start!

    Also, I feel you can be successful with nearly any online business if you KNOW HOW TO MARKET ONLINE. Once you've been successful marketing one online business I think it will be much easier to sell nearly anything online.
  17. Kandace

    Kandace New Member

    I know just how you feel!!! About 4 months ago I was so fed up with wasted time and money on home business scams. I was about ready to give up.

    Then I found PAS. I am not advertising here. I am just letting you know how I became successful.

    I had tried online data entry, affiliate marketing, selling ebooks, paid surveys, you name it I tried it. I was so down on myself and just about broke.

    I was introduced to PAS and was absolutely not going to pay that much for another home business program. I had already wasted so much money!

    After a few weeks, I did some more research and found that many people have been successful with PAS. People have failed too, don't get me wrong. This is NOT a Magical Money Maker!

    I bought the system, worked hard and now I am reaping the rewards.

    I'm sure this is not the only way to make money online but it has been the only thing that I have had success with.
  18. ebay_addict

    ebay_addict New Member

    Affiliate marketing is the only thing that works for me!
  19. blondeys

    blondeys New Member

    I found 4 work at home jobs within a month, and all of those are legit. I found them on www.workplacelikehome. I just signed up with liveops, work for West workathomeagent, just finished training with ecallogy, and I'm a guide on cha cha..
  20. jobseeker245

    jobseeker245 New Member

    Could someone please tell me how to go about actually getting ON the site? Everytime I type in into my search engine, I get taken to some site that talks about Cha Cha, but I can never get to the ChaCha site itself. I know it exists; I saw it on "Good Morning America." I just wish I knew how to get there.[​IMG]

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